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Black Desert 2020-03-11 07:30
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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

These are the updates made to Black Desert on March 11, 2020.

(Patch size: approx. 693 MB)

※ Please read below for details.





  • Event 1. EXP Hot Time!

Event Period

- March 11, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance - March 25, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance

[Click here for more details]


  • Event 2. Monster Hunting Aid Arrives~!

Event Period

- March 12, 2020 (Thu) at 00:00 - March 25, 2020 (Wed) at 23:59 


  • Event 3. Listen to Toshi’s Request!

Event Period

- March 12, 2020 (Thu) at 00:00 - March 25, 2020 (Wed) at 23:59


  • Event 4. Roll on! Black Spirit’s Adventure!

Event Period

- March 11, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance - March 25, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance

[Click here for more details]



New and Improvements

  • Decreased the amount of Contribution EXP required per Contribution level. 

Contribution Points play an important role in Black Desert as they are used for production, trading, and many other contents. The required amount of contribution EXP was decreased so that new Adventurers can have an easier time settling into the world of Black Desert. It is applied across the scale so this change will affect all Adventurers. However, this will be especially helpful for new Adventurers that are just starting out.

  • Added the < Dreaming of a Full Haul > sailors.




 As initially announced in the updates notes of the Black Desert Global Lab, certain skills with 100% accuracy were adjusted to 50%.

Skills with 100% accuracy played a crucial role in PvP. We took note of the fact that changing these skills would greatly impact each skill’s characteristics and usage. Hence, only a select few were changed per class. 

Also, the changes made in this balance patch were targeted towards classes that could defeat others with high DP by using skills constantly, even if they have low AP.

  • Changed the accuracy of certain skills from 100% to 50%.






- Take Down

- Counter

- Prime: Counter

- Slash while on a mount

- Warrior's Spirit Damage from skills after learning Succession: Warrior's Spirit

* Slash

* Prime: Forward Slash

* Deep Ground Slash


- Mana Absorption

- Toxic Flood


- Shard Explosion

- Flow of Darkness

- Blade of Darkness

- Nightmare


- Mana Absorption

- Lava Field

- Flame Knot


- Spirit Binding

- Flow: Rooting

- Bow Skill while on a mount

Dark Knight

- Luscious Snare

- Imperious Command

- Succession: Imperious Command

- Kriegsmesser Training while on a mount


- Smack Down

- Undertaker

- Rock Smash

- Corpse Storm

- Lava Piercer

- Flow: Shooting Mobility

- Rooting

- Prime: Lava Piercer

- Elastic Force while on a mount


- Massive Suppression

- Hell Break

- Echo Spirit

- Flow: Bite Off

- Heavy Fist while on a mount

- Hits by Echo Spirits that appear during certain skills


- Stretch Kick

- Soaring Kick

- Cloud Stomping

- Flow: Cloud Ride


- Binding

- Dragon's Pit

- Infinite Fortitude

- Hits by the dragon that appears during certain skills


- Counter

- Punishment

- Celestial Spear

- Purificatione

- Wave of Light

- Prime: Counter

- Prime: Celestial Spear

- Valkyrie Slash while on a mount


- Soul Raid

- Moondance while on a mount


- Blooming

- Counter Assassination

- Projection Summon Hit 

- Flow: Extra Credit Summon Hit

- Prime: Blooming, Slice while on a mount


- Righteous Fire

- Extra Hit of Black Spirit: Radiant Explosion


- Blooming

- Sticky Snowflake

- Prime: Blooming

- Slice while on a mount


- Forest's Echo

- Sun's Fury

- Earth's Tremble


- Suicide Fall

- Flash Bondage

- Heart Aiming

- Wind Slash while on a mount


- Juggernaut

- Awakening: Juggernaut"


- Suicide Fall

- Ninjutsu: Sinew Cut

- Assassin's Trail

- Heart Aiming

- Delighted Blast Lunar Explosion Hit

- Wind Slash while on a mount




  • Prime: Ground Slash - Removed Critical Hit Rate from the skill effects.
  • Prime: Take Down - Increased cooldown time from 7 seconds to 13 seconds.
  • Prime: Scars of Dusk - Changed the damages of this skill to the following:

Prime: Scars of Dusk



Prime: Scars of Dusk I

1042% x 4, Max 2 Hits / 1355% x 5

938% x 4, Max 2 Hits / 1220% x 5

Prime: Scars of Dusk II

1162% x 4, Max 2 Hits / 1510% x 5

1046% x 4, Max 2 Hits / 1359% x 5

Prime: Scars of Dusk III

1282% x 4, Max 2 Hits / 1666% x 5

1154% x 4, Max 2 Hits / 1450% x 5

 We adjusted Prime: Take Down, which is a grab skill with Super Armor, for Warrior Succession. The skill ignores status effects and enemy guards. Not to mention that it had an extremely short cooldown, so even if you failed to grab, you could try again shortly after.
Prime: Take Down will keep its Super Armor effect, however, the cooldown was increased.



  • Prime: Raging Thunder - Fixed the issue where the skill duration would be shorter when used while moving.



  • Purification - Fixed the issue where damage was not being applied when the skill was used repeatedly.



  • Shrunk the area the waves shot out from the skills Projection and Flow: Extra Credit hits.

- The distance the wave travels and the distance the enemies are pushed back have also been decreased.

  • Flow: Extra Credit - Increased the combo speed of this skill after using Projection.
  • Flow: Dash Slash - Hold LMB after Below the Belt to combo with this skill.
  • Flow: Backflow - Press D or A + RMB after Below the Belt to combo with this skill.
  • ● Prime: Gale - Serene Mind buff is no longer required to activate Super Armor effect on the 3rd hit. Super Armor effect on the 3rd hit will be applied at all times.

- Prime: Gale 3rd hit area will increase when Serene Mind buff is active.

Prime: Serene Mind - Changed the buff duration from 5 seconds to 7 seconds. 

Prime: Serene Mind - Changed the skill description. 

The following skills will consume the buff from Prime: Serene Mind and will have reduced damage when activated during cooldown:

- Rising Storm: Blaze

- Prime: Blooming

- Prime: Cyclone Slash

- Prime: Gale

  • Prime: Blooming - The following changes were applied to the stun effect on the extra hit that was added when used with the Prime: Serene Mind buff:



Stun by every hit of the energy

Stun only with first hit of the energy

Prime: Blooming - Fixed the issue where the damage would be divided when hitting multiple targets.

 With Musa Succession, Serene Mind buff allowed the continuous use of powerful skills in exchange for stamina even when they are on cooldown. This made it difficult for other classes to face off against Musa as they could use skills that have guard and debuff effects constantly. So, in the Black Desert Global Lab, we tried adding a cooldown time to Serene Mind. However, this weakened the uniqueness to Musa’s Succession and his PvE and PvP capabilities. Therefore, we have changed the damage of skills used on cooldown with the Serene Mind buff instead.


Furthermore, we made skills like Projection, Flow: Extra Credit, and Flow: Backflow easier to use and combo for Musa Awakening. We reduced the distance that the hits from Projection and Flow: Backflow would push back their targets to make them easier to combo with after and to be easier to use in PvE.

● Ultimate: Musa Spirit - Fixed the issue where the Serene Mind buff was not being applied.
● Fixed the following skills where their activation speed was slow when used during cooldown with the Serene Mind buff active:
- Rising Storm: Blaze
- Prime: Gale
- Prime: Cyclone Slash
● Fixed the following skills where they would active even when toggled if the Serene Mind buff was active:
- Prime: Gale
- Prime: Cyclone Slash
- Rising Storm: Blaze
- Prime: Blooming



  • Sticky Snowflake - Added Reduce All Evasion Rate -3% upon good hit. 

Sticky Snowflake - Changed damage to better reflect the skills increased attack range.

Prime: Blooming, Maehwa: Ascension to Heaven - Fixed issue of damage being split when used against large number of enemies.

  • Fixed the skill descriptions of the following skills to add missing information on skill accuracy.

- Petal Drill

- Black Spirit: Petal Drill

- Petal Bloom

- Black Spirit: Petal Bloom

- Flow: December

- Flow: Cloud Stab

  • Flow: Moonlight Dash - Changed to be added to Quick slot.
  • Flow: Moonlight Dash - Changed skill damage to be identical to Moonlight Dash's damage.
  • Changed the following skill's damage due to their attack range being increased.

- Frost Pillars (when not on cooldown)

- Flow: Tip of an Iceberg

The Maehwa's Awakening skills had the potential to be affected the most by the recent adjustments to accuracy. Thus, although the accuracy numbers were changed, we adjusted the attack range and damage of certain skills accordingly to best maintain the style of Maehwa's Awakening.

Also, to maintain the flavor of Sticky Snowflake, we added a Reduce All Evasion Rate effect.




  • Smokescreen - Changed the Increase Evasion Rate effect as follows.




Smokescreen I

All Evasion Rate +6% for 10 sec

All Evasion Rate +6% for 10 sec

Smokescreen II

All Evasion Rate +9% for 10 sec

All Evasion Rate +6% for 10 sec

Smokescreen III

All Evasion Rate +12% for 10 sec

All Evasion Rate +6% for 10 sec

Smokescreen IV

All Evasion Rate +15% for 10 sec

All Evasion Rate +9% for 10 sec

Smokescreen V

All Evasion Rate +18% for 10 sec

All Evasion Rate +9% for 10 sec

  • Sudden Decapitation - Improved skill to change from Shortsword to Sura Katana state upon use.
  • Drastic Measure - Improved to be comboed into after using Vacuum Slash's or Sudden Decapitation's 2nd hit.
  • Flow: Execution - Improved to combo into Serpent Ascension's transition stance hit after use.
  • Prime: Fatal Blow - Changed Melee Attack Power Increase to All AP Increase.
  • Changed Succession flame, poison and bleed damage effects from 18 sec to 9 sec.
  • Changed the following skills' PvP damage.


PvP Damage

Prime: Blade Spin

Reduced PvP Damage -23%

Prime: Black Moonlight

Reduced PvP Damage -23%

Prime: Fox Claw

Reduced PvP Damage -22%

Prime: Beheading the Dead

Reduced PvP Damage -22%

  • Reduced extra hits and extra attack range of Prime: Shuriken Flight and Succession: Crescent Slash, respectively.
  • Reduced move distance when using Alert stance skills after using Prime: Smokescreen, Prime: Evasive Shuriken Malice.
  • Changed the increased evasion rate effect of the following skills.

- Ninjitsu: Oni Shadow

- Shuriken: Moon Dive

- Prime: Smokescreen



All Evasion Rate +18% for 10 sec

All Evasion Rate +9% for 10 sec

Serpent Ascension - Fixed typo of actual number of extra hits during transition stance in skill description.

 When comparing Ninja's Succession to the Kunoichi, who possesses similar skills, Ninja displayed a wider attack range and could deal high damage in an instant through fast combos. Due to high damage of each skill, even Ninja with low AP could take down an opponent of higher DP in an instant. Therefore, we adjusted the PvP Damage of certain skills accordingly. Also, the Ninja could apply and maintain continuous damage effects such as poison, flame and bleeding to the point of negating the HP recovery effects of potions. To address this, we adjusted the duration of such skills to change the actual damage dealt over time in real combat.

To improve Ninja's Awakening's ability to transition from Main to Awakening Weapon only being viable with Awakening: Narusawa's Sura Katana, we allowed for Sudden Decapitation to transition from Shortsword to Sura Katana stance.



  • Danse Macabre - Improved to be comboed into after using Lunatic Discus and Chain Crash: Sah Chakram.
  • Chain Crash: Sah Chakram - Increased Critical Hit Rate +50% against monsters only.
  • Chain Crash: Sah Chakram - Changed to be used even during cooldown.
  • Chain Crash: Sah Chakram - Improved to combo even faster after using Halfmoon Slash, Flow: Indignation.
  • Lunatic Discus - Reduced cooldown from 15 sec to 12 sec.
  • Lethal Spin Spree - Reduced PvP Damage -17%.
  • Prime: Tendon Cutter - Changed for extra hits to occur only after the 3rd hit.
  • Changed the PvP damage of the following skills.


PvP Damage

Prime: Flash Slash

Reduced PvP Damage -15%

Black Spirit: Prime: Flash Slash

Reduced PvP Damage -18%

  • Changed the Increased Evasion Rate effect of the following skills.

- Ninjutsu: Oni Shadow

- Ninjutsu: Tendon Cutter



All Evasion Rate +18% for 10 sec

All Evasion Rate +9% for 10 sec

- Assassin's Trail



All Evasion Rate +15% for 10 sec

All Evasion Rate +9% for 10 sec

 Kunoichi's Succession's Prime: Flash Slash and Black Spirit: Prime: Flash Slash are known to deal high amounts of damage, leaves her temporarily invulnerable and also allows for free movement. Due to being used in countless battles with bare minimum of risk while dealing potent damage, we adjusted the PvP damage of Prime: Flash Slash and Black Spirit: Prime: Flash Slash accordingly.

For Kunoichi's Awakening, we've allowed her to combo into Danse Macabre after using Lunatic Discus and Chain Crash: Sah Chakram so she can combat certain dangerous situations with the additional evasion effect. Also, we've changed it so she can use Chain Crash: Sah Chakram even on cooldown so she consistently has main skills to use in-between skills besides just Wheel of Wrath.

  • Prime: Skull Crusher - Improved to be comboed even faster after Twisted Collision.
  • Prime: Skull Crusher - Changed to only activate while having landed on the ground after Flow: Fatal Smash.
  • Succession: Flash Step - Improved effects as follows.

- Can use continuously up to 3 times.

- Uses stamina when using continuously.

  • Succession: Ankle Hook - Changed skill effects as follows.



Bound on good hit

Bound on good hit (only monsters)

Push on good hit (only monsters)

  • Flow: Bombardment - Changed LMB after use to connect into Combo: Venom Fang.
  • Discharge Energy - Improved to combo more easily into next skill.
  • Discharge Energy - Improved temporary slow effect of characters hit by skill.
  • Prime: Rampaging Predator - Improved to combo into following skills.

- Knee Hammer

- Wolf's Hunger

- Rage Hammer

- Roaring Tiger

- Hidden Claw

  • Prime: Rampaging Predator - Improved to connect faster when used after the following skills.

- Flash Step

- Knee Hammer

  • Somersault - Improved to combo into Prime: Skull Crusher by pressing F after use.
  • Mass Destruction - Improved to combo after use into Prime: Crimson Fang, Prime: Roaring Tiger.
  • Prime: Wolf's Fang - Improved Stun effect to apply to monsters and enemy adventurers nearby after either Charging is complete or Flow: Prey Hunt's Energy Explosion.
  • Adjusted Vigor to be appropriately consumed when using Prime: Wolf's Fang instead of Discharge Energy.

 The Striker's Succession concept focuses on the additional hits from Discharge Energy. However, during Discharge Energy, there occurred a momentary "Reverse-Stiffness" that frustrated many Adventurers. 

To correct the focus on the style of discharging energy, we reduced this "reverse-stiffness" during Discharge Energy and made it easier to combo more smoothly into successive skills. In addition, to address the inconvenience in moving while using main skills, we enhanced Flash Step during Succession.

  • Hidden Claw - Fixed issue of debuffs being applied to all damage when used right after Dash Buster.
  • Succession: Flash Step - Improved effects as follows.

- Can use continuously up to 3 times.

- Uses stamina when using continuously.

  • Prime: Sea Burial - Improved to be comboed into Flow: Sky Rammer, Flow: Strikethrough.
  • Somersault - Fixed issue of Q+F not activating when used after Scissor Kick.
  • Hidden Claw - Added missing skill description of "Pushes the target on good hits”.
  • Prime: Hidden Claw - Fixed issue of final hit not activating when skill was on cooldown.

- Added description of knockback effect not applying with final hit if skill on cooldown.

  • Rage Hammer - Fixed issue of Shift + Q incorrectly activating Enhanced Nature's Wrath/Unbridled Wrath in certain situations.
  • Fixed issue of the following skills being unable to enhance skills due to consuming Martial Spirit Shards even when there were 30 shards.

- After Prime: Rage Hammer

- Locked Black Spirit: Roaring Tiger

- Locked Black Spirit: Prime: Roaring Tiger

  • Black Spirit: Prime: Roaring Tiger - Fixed issue of locked skills activating in certain situations.
  • Fixed issue of Succession skills using up gear durability at incorrect levels.

 The concept of Mystic's Succession lies in following up each skill with the next to form a continuous chain of combos. However, there were cases where the cooldown timers of certain skills weren't activating their continuing hits and making further skill combos difficult. 

Thus, we changed such skills to allow for continuous hits regardless of cooldowns and reduce any confusion or slowdown. Also, to improve Mystic Succession's movement especially when compared to her Awakening, we improved Succession: Flash Step to be used up to 3 times continuously..



  • Changed so while pressing RMB to move in non-combat state, you can now press LMB to jump.

|  ITEM 

  • Added the following items available for Guardians to open.

- [Event] Premium Outfit Box

* Open the above box with the Guardian to obtain [Guardian] Ynixtra Premium Set.

  • Added information on Red grade gear to the Memory Fragment item description.
  • Changed Assorted Side Dishes' Knowledge Description and 1 ingredient.

Originally Dried Squid x2  => Squid x1

  • Edited the item effect of Golden Pig's Blessing.




  • Fixed issue of the following Co-op recommended monsters allowing other adventurers to collect items after they've been defeated.

 - Sea Monster Habitat


  • Improved BreezySail to allow for Cannon Fire even when Continuously using BreezySail on an appropriate vessel.

* You can use BreezySail on the following vessels.

- Improved Epheria Sailboat

- Improved Epheria Frigate

- Epheria Caravel

- Epheria Galleass

- Epheria Carrack


  • Changed "[Lv.58] Valtarra Altar of Training" to be visible in the suggested quest window even when following the renewed Kamasylvia main quest line.

| UI

  • Improved the following UI.

- Find NPC

- Conquest Status

  • Divided Navigation Path Setting by Water and Land.

- Can adjust in General Settings → Misc. window.

  • Improved the message that appears while installing furniture or crops when unable to install more due to placement limits regardless of the type or placement.
  • Improved Node/Conquest War and Red Battlefield to show Kill Notifications even when killed and/or forcefully slaughtered.
  • Improved Enhancement window to reveal necessary items for Enhancement even if they are not in possession.

● Changed the placement of certain active Guild Skills to the top of the Guild Skills Information window in order to be a bit more accessible.

  • Changed so respective Storage Keepers need be met first to activate Storage per Territory function in the Find NPC window.
  • Fixed issue of certain guilds being displayed with a line across their names in the Guild Rank window.
  • Fixed issue of Storage UI opening outside the upper screen when opened through NPCs.
  • Added quick buy function for Storage space in Illiya Island.
  • Adjusted View Other Character's Inventory function's default setting to Auto-Arrange in the End Game window.

Changed the Change Server UI so the View Server Details window's default setting is to be closed.

Changed for New/Returning Adventurers so the View Server Details window's default is to be open.

Reduced font size of View Server Details window.

Trimmed details on Node/Conquest Wars by Territory in the View Server Details window.

  • Added information about Trial Characters when selecting the Trial Character tab in the Character Selection menu.



Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed issue of various plants floating in mid-air in some parts of South Kaia Mountain and Balenos Mountain Range.
  • Fixed issue of Alchemy cooldown occurring even when attempting and failing to use Alchemy while in bodies of water.
  • [Sorceress] Fixed issue of Shared Explosion sometimes not inflicting damage when character was customized to the shortest height setting.
  • [Kunoichi] Fixed graphical glitch of weapons appearing transparent for a while when using Danse Macabre after Lunatic Discus.
  • [Shai] Fixed graphical glitch with effects not appearing correctly while idle in talent stance.
  • Fixed typos for the following skills.

- [Striker] Succession: Martial Deva

- [Striker] Striker's Vigor

- [Striker] Discharge Energy

  • ● Fixed issue of the minimap not appearing in certain seas.
  • Fixed issue where Adding Friend by Character's Name to a friend already on one's Friend's List would send an additional friend request.
  • Fixed graphical glitches in certain situations when wearing the following outfits:

- [Mystic] Gloomy Fox Outfit

We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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