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Black Desert 2020-06-03 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers.
This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.
These are the updates made to Black Desert on June 3, 2020.
(Patch size: approx. 354.9MB)

※ Please read below for details.




Event 1. Get Ready for the Summer Season! Pre-Create Now! 

Event Period  

- June 3, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – June 10, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance  

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Event 2. Let's Get You Enhancing! 

Event Period  

- June 3, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – June 10, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance   

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● Pre-creation for Season Server Characters now open.

- You can create Season Server Characters from Character Creation in the Character Selection window. 

※ While you can create Season Server Characters during the Pre-creation period regardless of your server, you will only be able to connect to Season Servers after the official update.


- Season Server Characters will be marked as Season Server Only in the Character Selection window.


- Please refer to the GM Note that will be revealed soon regarding the Season Servers.

● Increased the total number of character slots to 20.

※ Please refer to the GM Note [Season Server?! What's a Season Server?] for more details on Black Desert Season Servers!




● Changed Agris Fever points so adventurers can choose to consume them when defeating monsters.

- You can now RMB the Agris Fever buff icon if you have 1 or more points to choose whether or not to use the points when on characters of a Family that has completed "Adventure Log: Agris, the Ancient Secret."

- When Agris Fever points are being consumed, the buff icon will display a spinning effect.


  • AddedObsidian Abyssal weapons. 

- Possessing even greater power than Black Abyssal weapons, Obsidian Abyssal weapons can be crafted by Heating ""Black Abyssal weapons"" with the new material the ""Obsidian Alloy.""             

  • Addedthe following new Awakening and Sub-weapons obtainable in the Valencia region. 

- Ultimate Katan Awakening Weapon 

- Sandstorm Sub-weapon 

※ You can enhance both types of weapons and they possess a high enhancement success rate. 

※ You cannot register both types of weapons on the Central Market.             

  • Youcan obtain the above 3 types of new weapons as rewards for completing the Mediah and Valencia Main Quests. 
  • Characterswho've already completed these questlines can retrieve these weapons from the NPCs below once more per Family.             





Bareeds III 

Apocalyptic Prophecy 

Obsidian Alloy 

Atui Balacs 

The Founding Legend 

Ultimate Katan Awakening Weapon Box 

Atui Balacs 

Taphtar Plain 

Sandstorm Sub-weapon Box 


● Improved the following ore and minerals to be affected by the Hedgehog's pet talent.

- Rainbow Stone, Strange Rock

- Coal, Opal

- Clear, Muddy, Red, Green, Black Quartz

- Blue Crystal, Violet Crystal"

● Added to the Scorched Fragment's item description that it is used for crafting "Manos Accessories.



● Added 6 types of Gathering Tools made by the Leight Family that can be rented with Contribution Points.
- Use 50 Contribution Points to rent Leight Family Gathering Tools from Norma Leight.
- Leight Family Gathering Tools have the following effects.
* Increase Collection Rate +30% per each specific Gathering type
* Reduce Gathering Time -11 seconds
* Increase each specific Gathering Mastery +200
* Increase Gathering EXP +10%
● Changed the method of summoning Khan with Leanar's Celestial Map as follows.
- Changed Leanar's Celestial Map to no longer summon Khan.
- You can exchange Leanar's Celestial Map in your possession with ""[Guild] Emperor of the Great Ocean Khan Summon Scroll"" by talking with Curio in Oquilla's Eye.
- Using "[Guild] Emperor of the Great Ocean Khan Summon Scroll" will increase your Khan Summon Count by 1.
※ Only Guild Masters may use "[Guild] Emperor of the Great Ocean Khan Summon Scroll" and subsequent uses require summoning Khan at least once through a Guild Mission.
● Changed the following Life Clothes and Gathering Tools to include more specific details regarding enhancement methods in their item descriptions.
- Loggia Life Clothes, Gathering Tools
- Dostter Life Gathering Tools
- Izaro Trainer's Clothes, Riding Crop
- Carta Life Clothes
- Gorgath Alchemist's Clothes
- Crio's Fisher's Clothes
- Srulk's Sailor's Clothes
- Robeau Hunter's Clothes
- Roroju Cook's Clothes"
● Added how to craft [Guild] Sea Monster's Neidan x10 to the item descriptions of Young Sea Monster's Neidan and Sea Monster's Neidan.



● Improved Dark Rift Muskan's sound effects.


● Added the button to "Shepherd Ron" of Epheria Valley to discover Epheria Gathering Nodes.



● Added the buff Light of Illezra to certain classes when carrying out their Succession quest in Glutoni Cave.

- Completing ""[Succession] A Strange Reunion"" will administer the buff, which brightens one's surroundings for 10 minutes.


| UI

● Changed the loading screen when moving to Change Character or Character Selection to also display a background image.

● Removed the BDO Wiki button from the Guild House window.

● Changed the design of the menu that appears when right-clicking ingredients and exchange items in the Inventory (I) window.

● Fixed the issue of price being displayed multiple times in the World Map (M) after upgrading one's Residence level.

● Made the Bartering Information window to stay open even when set to Sticker UI mode and using Supply on ships.

● Made the Bartering Information window to instantly refresh if remaining open after a successful Barter.

● Fixed the Beauty Album's Gallery/Download Ranking window to select the currently logged-in character as default.

● Fixed the issue of the Bid button overlapping with the description text of the Guild House details window.

● Fixed the issue of Patrigio's secret shop window closing if you attempted to purchase an item without having the appropriate amount of silver in your possession.

● Fixed the issue of the Trashcan highlighting effect in the Inventory (I) window that would remain even after opening and closing the World Map (M) or Beauty (F4) UI.

● Fixed the Redeem button so it does not appear in the ESC menu if not launched from the Steam client.

● Fixed the issue of certain items' icons not displaying in Crafting Notes (F2).


● Fixed the issue of irregular Navigation in certain areas of Port Ratt.

● Added the function to auto-login to the official website after pressing the Recharge button in the Pearl Shop (F3).


Changes and Fixes

● [Guardian] Fixed graphical issues with the Shudad Black Outfit.

● [Witch] Fixed graphical issues with the Shudad Black Outfit.

● [Dark Knight] Fixed graphical issues with the Shudad Black Outfit.

● [Kunoichi, Ninja] Fixed graphical issues with the Sub-weapon when removing an outfit that changes the appearance of the Shuriken and Sub-weapon.

● Fixed the issue of 5-man parties being unable to join in an Ensemble.

● Fixed the issue of Title colors appearing irregularly when dragging the mouse across the Title list in the My Info (P) window.

● Fixed the issue of the camera focus not moving to the right in certain resolutions.

● Fixed the issue of the game window appearing irregularly when having minimized the screen during the loading screen.

● Fixed the issue of being unable to move your character at certain locations on Iliya Island's wharf.

● Fixed the issue of being able to walk through tree roots of certain parts of southern Kamasylvia.

● Fixed the issue of certain gatherable materials not appearing correctly in parts of Oquilla's Eye.

● Fixed the issue of the region's fish not being caught when attempting to fish close to inaccessible areas of coastal Al Halam, Tuir Valley in Drieghan.

● Fixed the issue of certain text not appearing when using the translation report function.

● Fixed the "The Flute Boy" knowledge title for being displayed incorrectly.

● Removed details on how to obtain the no-longer-obtainable "Sealed Accessory" quest from the Black Spirit Guide.

● Fixed the issue of ships halting when attempting to continuously use BreezySail while equipping Ebenruth's Nol without meeting the requirements.

● Fixed the issue of not being able to Commune with certain Tier 7 horses.

● Fixed the issue of character models' hair or outfit's fur to move irregularly.


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,
Thank you.

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