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Hello, Adventurers. 


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on August 26, 2020. 

(Patch size: approx. 696.85MB) 

※ Please read below for details.



Event 1. Go Fish(ing) at Terrmian Beach! 

Event Period   

- August 26, 2020 (Wed.) after maintenance - September 9, 2020 (Wed.) before maintenance 

[Click for Details] 


Event 2. Delex, Who Are You Waiting For? 

Event Period  

- August 26, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance - September 2, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance 

[Click for Details] 


Event 3. Pre-Creation Event for Hashashin, Wielder of the Sands! 

Event Period  

- August 26, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance - September 2, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance 

[Click for Details] 


Event 4. Prepare for Autumn with Fughar’s Lost Crystal! 

Event Period   

- August 26, 2020 (After Maintenance) - September 2, 2020 (Before Maintenance) 

[Click for Details] 



MAJOR UPDATES- Hashashin Pre-Creation


- You can now pre-create and customize the new class Hashashin.

- Increased characters slots to be expanded up to 21 by Character Slot Expansion Coupons with the addition of the new class.

[Click here for GM Note: “The Blackstar shall lead us all to Paradise”]


MAJOR UPDATES- Pre-Creation for Autumn Season!

  • Black Desert's 2nd Season Server, the Autumn Season is now open for Pre-Creation.

- Pre-create an Autumn Season character by selecting "Season Character" in Character Creation window.       



[Click here for the Autumn Season GM Notes]                        


MAJOR UPDATES-Summer Season Ends

  • Ended Summer Season Graduation Deferment.
  • Black Desert's first season event has come to an end. Despite room for improvement, we've had fruitful results thanks to participation from many enthusiastic adventurers. We thank you for your contribution. In the end, we were able to collect many valuable information on what the new adventurers enjoyed and where they felt they needed help. We promise to keep up our efforts in the seasons to come to create a better environment for the adventurers. Congratulations to all the adventurers who graduated from our first Season! We hope that your exciting journey with us will continue.          

 - All season characters that haven't been transferred before regular maintenance on August 26th, have been automatically transferred to a normal server.           

- Adventurers that have been automatically transferred can receive quest "[Season] Fughar's Special Gift" from Fughar and get "Gift Box Full of Memories" as a reward.           

- [Daily EXC] Your Time, My Time    

- [Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World    

- [Season Server] First Step to Greatness, Balenos 

- [Season] Rabam's Gift   

- [Season Server] Into the Tangled World, Serendia     

- [Season] Sahazad's Gift 

- [Season Server] Fate, Justice, and Power, Calpheon

- [Season] Weekly Monster Quests     

- [Season Server] Fixer of Turbulent Times, Mediah    

- [Season] Brolina's Gift     

- [Enhancement] Even Harder Tuvala Defense Gear I, II    

- [Season] Durgeff's Gift

- [Enhancement] Even Harder Tuvala Weapon I, II     

- [Season] Hughol's Gift

- [Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad     

- [Season] Arethel's Gift     

※ However, adventurers who have not completed the "[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World" can receive the quest again from Fughar.           

  • Following quests have been changed:

- You cannot receive "[Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad" anymore.           

- Quest summary and dialogues have been changed in "[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World".           

  • Fughar will no longer introduce himself to Season Characters that have already graduated.

- In the next season, you will not be able to receive quest "[Getting Settled] Adjusting to the World" until end of the season (before character is transferred). If you complete quest "[Getting Settled] Adjusting to the World" before the next season begins, you may continue the rest of the quest regardless of season.           

※ However, the 40 day journey with Fughar can be still continued after August 26. The exact end date will be released later as notices.        


MAJOR UPDATES- Composition Improvements and a Mystery Instrument Shop


  • Someone is setting up instrument shops in various locations throughout the continent mentioned below. They're not open yet, but many Shais believe it to be the store of none other than Artina, the famous Wandering Musician and teacher who awakened many Shais' Talent.

- Kaia Pier, Calpheon           

- Ancado Inner Harbor, Valencia            

- Lake Flonder, Kamasylvia              


  • Music grades visible in the My Info window have been unified and are now shared across the entire Family.

- For players with one character at grade C-, all of their characters in their Family will start with the unified grade of C-.           

- If there are multiple characters in the same Family with different grades, their Family grade will combine all existing grades.           

- However, you will need to have completed at least one music daily quest and received Music EXP on each character, and the total combined Music EXP may not exceed grade C-.           

- With music grades being unified into a Family grade, the playable notes and bars of those characters who couldn't play before were also adjusted, easing the limitations the Compose feature used to have.           


  • Added an option that allows or restricts the editing of the music score.

- You can restrict the editing of a music score You have composed when sharing it.           

- You can set this option when you are sharing a music score after composing it.           

- When you download a music score for which editing is not allowed, You cannot reshare or edit it, but only play it.           

- However, those music scores that were registered on the Music Album before this feature was applied can be edited.            

- The composers themselves can always share and edit their music scores. If the composer shares his or her music score without allowing its editing, other people who download this music score will not be able to edit it.           




|  CONTENTS            

  • Fixed the following issues when the Compose window is set to 100% zoom.

- Notes activate incorrectly           

- Can't place the Playback bar at desired location           

- Can't select or move notes in Select Mode           

- Slightly increased the chance of seagull spots for porgys to appear during the Secret Quest event.

|  ALL CLASSES            

  • Improved all classes to now be able to add Awakening conversion skills to Quick Slots.



  • Flow: Reckless Blow - Fixed the issue where the player would slow down momentarily when the skill hit.
  • Guard - Using the skill in Longsword stance excluding Succession has greater defensive efficiency.



  • Kamasylven Sword Training I ~ V - Changed the skill's AP increase to long range attacks as follows:

- Ranged AP +10 for 10 seconds on 3 hits → Ranged AP +10 for 10 seconds on 2, 3 hits           

  • Wind Step- Improved the skill to combo more smoothly when used while moving forward.
  • Evasive Explosion Shot - Improved the skill movements to appear more natural when comboing from Charging Wind I ~ IV, Absolute: Charging Wind, Prime: Charging Wind I ~ III.
  • Blasting Gust - Fixed the issue where the skill's cooldown wasn't being applied when used after Flow: Pinpointing Gust I, II.
  • Reduced or removed the Push effect applied to monsters when using the following skills:

- Dash Kick I ~ III, Absolute: Dash Kick           

- Crescent Kick I ~ IV, Absolute: Crescent Kick           

- Will of the Wind I ~ V, Absolute: Will of the Wind           

- Prime: Nature's Tremble           

- Wailing Wind I ~ IV           

- Flow: Tempest           

- Elven Rage I ~ IV           

- Vine Knot           

- Nature's Tremble I ~ III           

- Black Spirit: Wailing Wind I ~ IV           



  • Beastly Wind Slash - Changed the skill's attack range to a circular one when in Beast Form.
  • Fierce Strike - Changed the skill to activate as Beast Form Fierce Strike when used in Beast Form.
  • Fearsome Tyrant - Changed the skill input to S + E while mounted.
  • Raging Thunder - Fixed some of the wording in the skill description on how to use the skill.
  • Shake Off - Fixed the issue where the skill's Invincible effect wasn't being applied in Awakening stance.


|  TAMER            

  • Heilang I ~ X - Fixed the issue where using Surging Tide would see Heilang attack 1 hit less when the skill was at levels I to X.


|  WITCH            

  • Magical Evasion I ~ V, Flow: Magical Evasion - Increased the distance traveled when using the skill forward by approximately 20%.


|  WIZARD            

  • Magical Evasion I ~ V, Flow: Magical Evasion - Increased the distance traveled when using the skill forward by approximately 20%.


|  VALKYRIE            

  • Sanctitas de Enslar I ~ III - Changed the maximum distance traveled when using the skill to be the same as when using Prime: Sanctitas de Enslar.
  • Shining Dash, Absolute: Shining Dash, Prime: Shining Dash - Increased the skill's initial movement speed.
  • Black Spirit: Sanctitas de Enslar I ~ III - Fixed the issue where the skills were activating even when each skills' Black Spirit's Rage version was individually locked.



  • Flow: Dash Slash - Added the Super Armor effect when attacking with the skill.
  • Musa's Resolve - Increased the skill's activation speed.
  • One Step Back - Changed the skill's Stiffness effect to only apply to monsters, and added the Super Armor effect when using the skill.
  • Fiery Angel, Flow: Dash Slash - Improved the skills to now be addible to Quick Slot even in Main Weapon stance.
  • Chase - Improved the skill to combo faster into One Step Back after the using the skill in Awakening stance.


|  NINJA            

  • Fixed the issue where Super Armor effect was not being applied during the extra hits of Succession: Crescent Slash.


|  STRIKER            

  • Flow: Bite Off - Increased the attack speed of Echo Spirit when using the skill.
  • Infernal Destruction - Added the Down Smash effect to the skill.
  • Black Spirit: Prime: Wolf's Hunger - Changed the skill to attack according to where the camera is facing at the skill's final hit.



  • Wave Orb, Prime: Wave Orb - Added a charging bar when charging with the skill.
  • Wave Orb, Prime: Wave Orb - Added a HP Recovery +200 effect to the skill upon completed charge.
  • Scissor Kick, Prime: Scissor Kick - Changed the skill to require holding down W + F during the skill to activate the 2nd hit.
  • Sweeping Kick, Prime: Sweeping Kick - Changed the skill to require holding down S + F during the skill to activate the 2nd hit.
  • Prime: Somersault - Increased the activation speed of the skill.
  • Prime: Somersault - Improved the skill to combo faster into Prime: Tornado Kick, Dash Buster after using the skill.
  • Flash Step - Improved the skill when used forward to combo faster into Roaring Tiger, Prime: Roaring Tiger after using the skill.
  • Hidden Claw - Improved the skill to activate even in Cestus stance.



  • Increased movement speed by approximately 18% when moving forward in main weapon stance while in combat.
  • Trap of Vedir - Removed the skill's explosion hit and added Forward Guard effect while using the skill.
  • Cluster of Despair - Changed the skill's activation method as follows:

- RMB / Hold RMB to attack successively → LMB + RMB / Hold RMB to attack successively           

  • Succession: Wrath of Vedir - Fixed the issue where the skill's icon was incorrectly being displayed.



  • Wind Orchid I ~ IV, Absolute: Wind Orchid - Added the following to the skill descriptions:

- Press RMB or S + RMB after using certain skills to activate 2nd hit           

- Forward Guard during 2nd hit after using certain skills           

  • Wind Orchid I ~ IV, Absolute: Wind Orchid - Fixed the issue where the Forward Guard effect that was applied when comboing with the skill after using other skills would be maintained longer than intended.
  • Wind Orchid I ~ IV, Absolute: Wind Orchid - Increased the skill's 1st hit activation speed.
  • Wind Orchid I ~ IV, Absolute: Wind Orchid - Improved the skills to now be added to Quick Slots even in the Crimson Glaives stance.
  • Prime: Crescent Barrage I ~ III - Increased the amount of HP recovered by the skill per hit:

- HP Recovery +20/25/30 per hit → HP Recovery +40/50/60 per hit           

  • Wind Orchid - Fixed the issue where the skill's effects weren't displayed when comboing with the skill after certain skills.
  • Added a new 14th voice option, "Shadow Arena," for the Lahn.



  • Adjusted the following Shai skill cooldowns to 10 seconds.

- Sun, Moon, Stars           

- Shout to the Sky           

- Time to Shine!           

- Summer Rain           



  • Improved the 4-set effect descriptions to be more detailed for Desert and Treant Camouflage Outfits.

- Hides your character, family, and guild name.           



  • Fughar, Chief Manager of the Crow Merchants Guild, is now offering his services in Trent, Ancado Inner Harbor and Abun.


| QUEST & KNOWLEDGE           

  • Added the quest "Dawn of a New Age" where you can obtain a Pearl outfit (7 Days) per class.

- You can start this quest after having completed one of [Valencia] [Crossroad] Sahazad's Worth, [Valencia] [Crossroad] Barhan's Authority, [Valencia] [Crossroad] Manmehan's Passion, [Valencia] [Crossroad] Saya's Interest, and adventurers who've already completed these quests can talk to the Black Spirit to immediately accept the quest.           

  • Changed [Boss] The Mastermind of the Catfishmen to summon bosses through the Dark Portal instead of a summon scroll.
  • Fixed typos in Blackstar Weapon/Armor crafting quest objectives.

- [Blackstar Armor] Remnants of the Rift           

- [Blackstar Armor] Prohibited Area           

- [Blackstar Weapon] Remnants of the Rift           

- [Blackstar Weapon] Prohibited Area           




  • Adjusted so when talking to NPCs with the item count window open, quickly typing with the keyboard will no longer activate hotkeys in the lower portion of the menu.
  • Added effects to mark newly acquired items in the Pearl inventory tab.
  • Improved the Skill Enhancement tab in the Skill (K) window to allow for resetting skills by pressing Shift + RMB.

The Item Loot window can now display up to 24 items.

Revamped the Quest Settings window.



Changed the secondary password window eye icon to be closed when the password is visible, and open when the password is hidden.

  • Improved the Miraculous Cheer skill when set to Auto-use Potions in the Fairy Information UI to reset if all of the registered potions are consumed.
  • Improved character sounds to travel more naturally based on distance.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't use Quick Slots if you typed numbers too quickly in the chat window with NPCs.




  • [Lahn] Fixed the issue where the Lahn's basic idle stance was set to her special action stance in the Pearl Shop (F3).
  • [Lahn] Fixed the issue where the camera would not move to the selected part of the outfit while the Lahn was in basic idle stance in the Pearl Shop (F3).



Changes and Fixes


Search entries in the Central Market are no longer case sensitive.           

  • Fixed the issue with the sharing function not working as intended in the Adventurer's Board.
  • Added the ability to Skill Reset by pressing Shift + RMB in the Skill Enhancement tab of the Skill (K) window.

● [Sorceress] Fixed the graphical glitch that occured when wearing the Epheria Marine Outfit of low durability.

● Fixed [Shai] Processing (L) → Simple Alchemy/Simple Cooking Time to be identical to other classes.

We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,
Thank you.

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Please change striker's black spirit rage to something more useful, the skill has weak dmg small AOE, practically lock must for any striker player, doing worst than good to keep it active.
2020-08-27 17:41 0