Adventurer's Guide

This Week's Update


Hello, Adventurers.
This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.
These are the updates made to Black Desert on June 3, 2020.
(Patch size: approx. 354.9MB)

※ Please read below for details.




Event 1. Get Ready for the Summer Season! Pre-Create Now! 

Event Period  

- June 3, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – June 10, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance  

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Event 2. Let's Get You Enhancing! 

Event Period  

- June 3, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance – June 10, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance   

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● Pre-creation for Season Server Characters now open.

- You can create Season Server Characters from Character Creation in the Character Selection window. 

※ While you can create Season Server Characters during the Pre-creation period regardless of your server, you will only be able to connect to Season Servers after the official update.


- Season Server Characters will be marked as Season Server Only in the Character Selection window.


- Please refer to the GM Note that will be revealed soon regarding the Season Servers.

● Increased the total number of character slots to 20.

※ Please refer to the GM Note [Season Server?! What's a Season Server?] for more details on Black Desert Season Servers!




● Changed Agris Fever points so adventurers can choose to consume them when defeating monsters.

- You can now RMB the Agris Fever buff icon if you have 1 or more points to choose whether or not to use the points when on characters of a Family that has completed "Adventure Log: Agris, the Ancient Secret."

- When Agris Fever points are being consumed, the buff icon will display a spinning effect.

● Improved the following ore and minerals to be affected by the Hedgehog's pet talent.

- Rainbow Stone, Strange Rock

- Coal, Opal

- Clear, Muddy, Red, Green, Black Quartz

- Blue Crystal, Violet Crystal"

● Added to the Scorched Fragment's item description that it is used for crafting "Manos Accessories.



● Added 6 types of Gathering Tools made by the Leight Family that can be rented with Contribution Points.
- Use 50 Contribution Points to rent Leight Family Gathering Tools from Norma Leight.
- Leight Family Gathering Tools have the following effects.
* Increase Collection Rate +30% per each specific Gathering type
* Reduce Gathering Time -11 seconds
* Increase each specific Gathering Mastery +200
* Increase Gathering EXP +10%
● Changed the method of summoning Khan with Leanar's Celestial Map as follows.
- Changed Leanar's Celestial Map to no longer summon Khan.
- You can exchange Leanar's Celestial Map in your possession with ""[Guild] Emperor of the Great Ocean Khan Summon Scroll"" by talking with Curio in Oquilla's Eye.
- Using "[Guild] Emperor of the Great Ocean Khan Summon Scroll" will increase your Khan Summon Count by 1.
※ Only Guild Masters may use "[Guild] Emperor of the Great Ocean Khan Summon Scroll" and subsequent uses require summoning Khan at least once through a Guild Mission.
● Changed the following Life Clothes and Gathering Tools to include more specific details regarding enhancement methods in their item descriptions.
- Loggia Life Clothes, Gathering Tools
- Dostter Life Gathering Tools
- Izaro Trainer's Clothes, Riding Crop
- Carta Life Clothes
- Gorgath Alchemist's Clothes
- Crio's Fisher's Clothes
- Srulk's Sailor's Clothes
- Robeau Hunter's Clothes
- Roroju Cook's Clothes"
● Added how to craft [Guild] Sea Monster's Neidan x10 to the item descriptions of Young Sea Monster's Neidan and Sea Monster's Neidan.



● Improved Dark Rift Muskan's sound effects.


● Added the button to "Shepherd Ron" of Epheria Valley to discover Epheria Gathering Nodes.



● Added the buff Light of Illezra to certain classes when carrying out their Succession quest in Glutoni Cave.

- Completing ""[Succession] A Strange Reunion"" will administer the buff, which brightens one's surroundings for 10 minutes.


| UI

● Changed the loading screen when moving to Change Character or Character Selection to also display a background image.

● Removed the BDO Wiki button from the Guild House window.

● Changed the design of the menu that appears when right-clicking ingredients and exchange items in the Inventory (I) window.

● Fixed the issue of price being displayed multiple times in the World Map (M) after upgrading one's Residence level.

● Made the Bartering Information window to stay open even when set to Sticker UI mode and using Supply on ships.

● Made the Bartering Information window to instantly refresh if remaining open after a successful Barter.

● Fixed the Beauty Album's Gallery/Download Ranking window to select the currently logged-in character as default.

● Fixed the issue of the Bid button overlapping with the description text of the Guild House details window.

● Fixed the issue of Patrigio's secret shop window closing if you attempted to purchase an item without having the appropriate amount of silver in your possession.

● Fixed the issue of the Trashcan highlighting effect in the Inventory (I) window that would remain even after opening and closing the World Map (M) or Beauty (F4) UI.

● Fixed the Redeem button so it does not appear in the ESC menu if not launched from the Steam client.

● Fixed the issue of certain items' icons not displaying in Crafting Notes (F2).


● Fixed the issue of irregular Navigation in certain areas of Port Ratt.

● Added the function to auto-login to the official website after pressing the Recharge button in the Pearl Shop (F3).


Changes and Fixes

● [Guardian] Fixed graphical issues with the Shudad Black Outfit.

● [Witch] Fixed graphical issues with the Shudad Black Outfit.

● [Dark Knight] Fixed graphical issues with the Shudad Black Outfit.

● [Kunoichi, Ninja] Fixed graphical issues with the Sub-weapon when removing an outfit that changes the appearance of the Shuriken and Sub-weapon.

● Fixed the issue of 5-man parties being unable to join in an Ensemble.

● Fixed the issue of Title colors appearing irregularly when dragging the mouse across the Title list in the My Info (P) window.

● Fixed the issue of the camera focus not moving to the right in certain resolutions.

● Fixed the issue of the game window appearing irregularly when having minimized the screen during the loading screen.

● Fixed the issue of being unable to move your character at certain locations on Iliya Island's wharf.

● Fixed the issue of being able to walk through tree roots of certain parts of southern Kamasylvia.

● Fixed the issue of certain gatherable materials not appearing correctly in parts of Oquilla's Eye.

● Fixed the issue of the region's fish not being caught when attempting to fish close to inaccessible areas of coastal Al Halam, Tuir Valley in Drieghan.

● Fixed the issue of certain text not appearing when using the translation report function.

● Fixed the "The Flute Boy" knowledge title for being displayed incorrectly.

● Removed details on how to obtain the no-longer-obtainable "Sealed Accessory" quest from the Black Spirit Guide.

● Fixed the issue of ships halting when attempting to continuously use BreezySail while equipping Ebenruth's Nol without meeting the requirements.

● Fixed the issue of not being able to Commune with certain Tier 7 horses.

● Fixed the issue of character models' hair or outfit's fur to move irregularly.


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,
Thank you.