Black Desert | PEARL ABYSS

Season Server Update Season Server Update

Leveling Focused Servers Open!
Summer Season Begins!


PEN (V) Capotia

Exchange for up to TET (IV) Boss Gear

Gift Box


PEN (V) Tuvala


Leveling Roadmap Leveling Roadmap

Best Route from Start to Finish

Create a Season Character

Follow the Main Quest with the Black Spirit

Rulers of Valencia, Tuvala Warriors!

Play on the Season Servers for amazing rewards!

Black Spirit Pass grants you even greater Challenge Rewards.

Fughar's 40-day Quest Completion Reward: PEN (V) Capotia Accessory

Really Start Leveling!

Recommended for Season Characters

  • Only for Season Characters

    Summer Season Challenges

    Complete Challenges for 
    tons of season rewards!

  • Set Off on Your Journey

    Main Quest

    Get better items as you 
    uncover the story and world map.

  • Season Character's Companion

    NPC Fughar

    Fughar's 40-day Quest
    Gear Enhancement Aid Items
    Plenty of Skill EXP Aid

Awakening and Succession

Get Stronger with Tuvala Gear
Special Gear for Season Characters
  • Higher enhancement rates than normal gear!
  • Enhanced with exclusive enhancement items!
  • Usable even after the season ends!
  • Exchangeable for Boss Gear after graduation!
Check out the map
of recommended zones

Gift for Level 60

Tuvala Ring

Gift for Level 61

Tuvala Ring

Your Journey Continues

Once the Summer Season comes to an end,
Season Characters graduate from the Season Servers and continue their adventures on normal servers.

Season Graduation

  • Character and Equipment transferred to normal servers
  • Receive the Graduation Gift Box
  • Secret gift prepared by Fughar, PEN (V) Capotia Accessory
  • Exchange Tuvala Gear for Boss Gear (Uses Diploma)