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Black Desert 2019-05-22 09:00
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Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2019, May 22th.

(Patch volume approx. 1,06 GB)


For the details, please refer to the contents below.



Recruiting Treasure Hunters for Drieghan!

- Event Period: May 22, 2019 after maintenance - to be announced

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The Crimson Heart - Garmoth

- Event Period: May 22, 2019 after maintenance - June 5, 2019 before maintenance

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  • Recruiting Treasure Hunters for Dreighan!

- Event Period: May 22, 2019 after maintenance - to be announced

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New region, Drieghan, has been added.

- New Nodes and NPC’s have been added to Drieghan, and new knowledge topics have been added for them.

- Drieghan is opened to all adventurers. Adventurers will be able to explore the entire area more conveniently if Kamasylvia has already been conquered.

- There are indoor and outdoor hot springs in Duvencrune, a large city within Drieghan. Your characters can receive special effects by going into the hot springs.

- Duvencrune’s indoor hot springs have a capacity of up to 5 adventurers, and the outdoor hot springs have a capacity of up to 10 adventurers.

Adventurers who enter after the maximum capacity has exceeded will not receive any of the effects from the hot springs.

- Characters Lv 58 or higher who have completed 'Heart of Kamasylve' quests can receive the ‘[Drieghan] A Message from the Queen’ quest from the Black Spirit. This quest provides you a guide for the Drieghan region.

The new pet, ‘Young Crimson Dragon’, has been added.

- You can obtain the Young Crimson Dragon by exchanging the ‘Garmoth’s Horn’ item from NPC Gerson. Garmoth’s Horn can be obtained by defeating Garmoth, the boss monster.

You can exchange it to randomly obtain one of the five items below.

> Young Crimson Dragon: Rare Monster Detection

> Young Crimson Dragon: Taunt Monster

> Young Crimson Dragon: Auto-fishing Time Reduction

> Young Crimson Dragon: Hostility detection

> Young Crimson Dragon: Heat Stroke, Hypothermia Resistance

- Just like the other pets, you can right-click on the item to register and use.

- You can only summon one Young Crimson Dragon each time.

- The Young Crimson Dragon is initially Tier 1. You can increase the tier through exchanging as you collect more Young Crimson Dragons.

- The Young Crimson Dragon has a talent of Increase Max HP, and for each tier increase it increases to 25/50/75/100.

- Young Crimson Dragon cannot even be exchanged with Wizard Gosphy.

Lakiaro content has been released.
- Lakiaro randomly appears in Drieghan and Kamasylvia region and there are 5 types. (Young, Thin, Thick, High-quality and Primitive)
- Level of difficulty depends on the type of Lakiaro and Primitive Lakiaro is the most difficult to dig.
- You can dig Lakiaro with Manos Hoe, Dostter Hoe, Dostter Steel Hoe. Manos Hoe can be manufactured and both Dostter Hoe and Dostter Steel Hoe can be purchased from Material Vendor NPC.
- A mini-game begins when you start to dig Lakiaro. The goal of this game is to dig up the dirt without disturbing the Lakiaro or pebbles, or simply dig up all the dirt and pebbles. You will be able to see the number of remaining roots, dirts and pebbles on the mini-game UI.
- Left-click your mouse to dig deeply and right-click your mouse to dig shallowly.
- Dig Deeply: you can dig up dirt and pebble, but you will damage the Lakiaro if the roots are hidden underground.
- Dig Shallowly: Dig Shallowly is limited in number. The limit depends on your hoe's enhancement level.
- Depending of the remaining value of the Lakiaro after it is dug up, you will get different rewards. If you manage to dig up an intact Primitive Lakiaro, you will get a reward worth 100 million Silver.
- You cannot be attacked while playing the Lakiaro mini-game.
- You can go to NPC Dostter in Duvencrune to do the Lakiaro tutorial quests (Burning Thirst, Lakiaro for Research) to help you understand the minigame better.
Lush Lakiaro has been added.
- There are only High-quality and Primitive grade Lakiaros for Lush. There are more number of tiles on the minigame hence it is more difficult, yet you can still expect a lot more rewards depending on the quality of the final product.

A new Rulupee's Travel Log entry has been added. It is about her travel to Drieghan.

- You can read all about brave Rulupee's travels in ESC Menu > Adventure Log > Rulupee's Travel Log.

- Every time a quest is completed, it will count towards the goal of completing a certain number of quests and you can get rewards for the completion.

- Once you complete the goal, you will not only get the reward mentioned on the travel log, but also one from the Black Spirit.

Mediah Main Quest has been revamped!

* The renewed version will broaden your view about the Black Desert World and you will be able to learn more about individuals and groups.

- You can start the new Main Quest by selecting one of crossroads in Abandoned Iron Mine in Altinova.

- The first crossroad begins with ‘Until We Meet Again’ quest. Adventurer who selected the first crossroad will be affiliated to Shroud Knights during ‘The Mediahn Royals of the Past’ after three days of darkness. In this first episode, you will learn about the history of the Mediahn Royal Family and chase the traits of Illezra.

- The second crossroad begins with ‘[Crossroad] For Altinova’. Adventurer who selected the second crossroad quest will be on Neruda Shen’s side. With Neruda Shen, you will begin to rebuild and revive Mediah region after three days of darkness.

Adventures who have been progressing the previous version of Mediah main quest can still start the revamped version and also keep progressing the previous version.

You can accept the revamped Mediah main quest from NPC Herman Feresio in Calpheon Parliament.

●  New Black Spirit quest has been added which can help you to grow your character and progress the revamped Mediah main quest. This quest can be accepted from Black Spirit during the revamped Mediah main quest and you can complete the quest by reaching a certain AP and DP.

- Onward to New Horizons I

- Onward to New Horizons II

New story quest about the past of the 3 legendary Mediahn Black Smith, Mevo Muranan, Barattan Lancer and Dorin Morgrim has been added. Go to NPC Tulem in Altinova with a character level 52 or higher to accept the quest.

- You can learn about the story from the Altinova Black Smith Tulem after completing the Mediah main quest.

- The legendary Black Smith Dorin Morgrim who has been hiding himself in the underground cave of the Helms has appeared.

- The Three Blacksmiths

- The Master of Casting

- Barattan Lancer

- The Reclusive Blacksmith

- The Gloomy Ones

- Dorin Morgrim

- The Teachings of the Pioneer

- Exceptional Weapon

- The Pride of the Blacksmiths

- Everything Goes Better with Beer!

- The Blacksmith and the Arena

- Mevo Muranan

- Altinova, the Land of Blacksmiths

Mounts that are currently placed in Battle Arena, Red Battlefield, Aakman Temple, Hystria Ruins and Sycria Underwater Ruins, etc where the mounts can't get into by normal way will be either destroyed or killed after May 29th maintenance.

- If your mounts are currently in these places, please move it out to safe place before May 29th maintenance.

Amount of required EXP to obtain additional contribution points has been reduced when the total Contribution Points is 500 or less.



Item price for the same grade and name that the Weapon Exchange Coupon can be applied to will now have identical prices by averaging out the price difference between the most and least expensive items.

During the maintenance on May 8th, we placed purchase limit for the Weapon Exchange Coupon once per Family. This was implemented as a countermeasure against those who would attempt to use this item to make a great amount of profit by taking advantage of the flexibility of the market price within a short period of time.

With the possibility of such an exploit, we found it could lead to market manipulation and gold farming at workshops and we had to set restriction upon purchasing the exchange coupon. We would like to sincerely apologize for not anticipating the side effect when we first introduced the Weapon Exchange Coupon in Pearl Shop and for providing a possibility of abusing the Central Market system.

We are currently not only investigating cases of abusing the system but also taking all the possible scenarios into the account. Based on the result, those who are confirmed as committing exploits will be taken to strong measures.

Following changes will be applied in order to ensure all Adventurers to freely use the Weapon Exchange Coupon in the intended way and prevent the chance of abusing the system in any case.

From now on, price of the items to which the Weapon Exchange Coupon can be applied will be averaged out with the same price. This price will be average of the items with the same grade and name currently available in Central Market. In addition, the purchase limit will be removed and you can purchase the Weapon Exchange Coupon anytime you want.

We will look forward with more caution and efforts to make sure all Adventurers will no longer suffer from such an inconvenience.

Item price with the same grade and name will be unified regardless of the class.

Purchase limit for the Weapon Exchange Coupon will be removed and be back on permanent sale as of May 22nd maintenance.




Fixed an issue where the character would move awkwardly when trying to swim by pressing RMB while underwater.

Optimized the visual and sound effects of other Adventurers.

- The effects of other Adventurers will not be as intense as before.

Changed that a new character during the tutorial stage at Lv.5 or lower will now be able to see other adventurers. Also, this new character can now be seen by other adventurers on the field.



Added information in the skill description for "Protected Area" about the number of allies affected by the skill.



Fixed an issue where the twister effect would not be displayed when using the Absolute: Nemesis Slash skill.



Fixed an issue where the character's facial expression was unnatural when using the social actions below.

- Narcissist

- Flirt

- Fighting Spirit

- Confident

Visual effect has been added for Archer when engaging and firing a matchlock.

- Hunting Matchlock, Trina Matchlock



The Black Spirit: Luthraghon's Call I, II, and IV skills will not cast when each skill is locked.

Black Spirit's Rage can now be used for Full Bloom, Ultimate: Zephyr Leap, and Righteous Smite.

- Each skill can be used by pressing additional buttons such as "F", "LMB", "RMB" depending on the situation while 10%, 25%, or 50% of Black Spirit's Rage has been charged. These allow you to control the characters more dynamically.

- Each skill has its own special effect such as adding additional hits, increasing attack range, or increasing damage.



Fixed the issue where Lahn's eyes are displayed abnormally after selecting 2nd or 3rd preset on customization (F4).




New ways to reform Nouver/Kutum Sub-weapons have been added.

- The Fiery Nouver/Kutum Sub-weapon can be obtained by upgrading the Inverted Heart of Garmoth as a material from the Black Spirit’s Item Reform menu.

- Reform can be done regardless of the Enhancement Level, and the durability and equipped crystal will be maintained.

- The Inverted Heart of Garmoth can be obtained by heating an Inverted Energy and Garmoth's Heart.

- The Fiery Nouver/Kutum Sub-weapon cannot be registered in Central Market.

- The following effects will be added by reforming the Fiery Nouver/Kutum Sub-weapon.

> Max HP +150

> Max Stamina +100

> Special Attack Evasion Rate +10%

Added a feature which allows you to extract materials used when crafting the Fiery Nouver and Fiery Kutum Sub-weapon.

- The Mirror of Equilibrium is required in order to use the extraction feature.

- You can obtain the Inverted Heart of Garmoth and Nouver/Kutum Sub-weapon when extracting the Fiery Nouver and Fiery Kutum Sub-weapon.

- The Inverted Heart of Garmoth can be registered at the Central Market.

- The Mirror of Equilibrium can be purchased from NPC Hughol at Duvencrune.

- The Extraction feature is available through the Blacksmith NPC's of each town.

- Extracting the materials from Fiery Nouver and Fiery Kutum Sub-weapon doesn’t recover the weapon’s durability.

A new boss armor, ‘Leebur’s Gloves’ has been added.

- It can be obtained by defeating Leebur who is summoned through the Blood Wolf Boss Summon Scroll.

New crafting weapons Hughol’s Awakening Weapon and Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapon have been added.

- Hughol’s Awakening Weapon and Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapon can be crafted from the Duvencrune Weapon Workshop at Duvencrune 5.

- You can obtain the Blueprint used as material through a daily quest reward from Duvencrune’s Blacksmith Hughol. (Can be accepted with a Lv. 16 or higher character)

- Materials other than the Blueprint can be obtained through crafting. You can use the Crafting Notes in the menu after pressing ESC to view details on how to craft.

The following Marni's Stones have been added.

- Marni's Stone (Kagtum)

- Marni's Stone (Sherekhan Necropolis - Day)

- Marni's Stone (Sherekhan Necropolis - Night)

- Marni's Stone (Tshira Ruins)

New blue grade armor, Akum armor, has been added.

- Akum armor can be obtained by defeating monsters throughout the Drieghan region, and it has similar defensive effectiveness as Grunil and Rocaba armor.

- 2 set effect: All Evasion +5

- 3 set effect: Max HP +150, Damage Reduction +5

- 4 set effect: All AP +7

- Akum armor can be reformed with the Ultimate Armor Reform Stone.

New item ‘Dragon Scale Fossil' has been added.

- The Dragon Scale Fossil can be obtained at Monster Zones throughout the Drieghan region.

- You can trade 30 Dragon Scale Fossils for Advice of Valks (+20) from Valks NPC at Calpheon City.

  • A new gathering tool, Manos Hoe, has been added.

- Manos Hoe can be used to dig up Lakiaro roots.

- Manos Hoe can be manufactured with Shining Steel Hoe x1, Magical Shard x50, Metal Solvent x15 and Manos x5 through Processing (L).

- Manos Hoe can be enhanced with Black Stone (Weapon) and Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) to PEN (V) level.

- As a Manos Hoe is enhanced, it will: cause less damage to the Lakiaro when digging deeply; be able to dig shallowly more times; have a greater Max Durability; dig up more area per each deep dig.

  • New gathering tool, Dostter Steel Hoe, has been added.

- Dostter Steel Hoe can be enhanced and you can buy this from Material Vendor at 15,000,000 silvers.

The higher ranked version of the Adventurer's Tome item has been added. The item is called 'Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom'.

- You can obtain Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom through Simple Alchemy of Adventurer's Tome and Chenga Crystal of Wisdom.

- Chenga Crystal of Wisdom can be obtained by completing the new suggested quest of Drieghan called ‘Hoom's Song’, which is a consecutive quest.

- The Hoom's Song consecutive quest can be obtained from Aljai NPC located at Macalod Hill, which is on top of Khimut Lumber Camp. It can be obtained once you complete the ‘Black Spirit's Gift (Adventurer's Tome)’ quest which is obtainable upon reaching Lv. 53.

- When equipping Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom, the following effects will be applied: Combat EXP Gain from performing quests +30%, Prognyl Silver Bar Gain +20%, Vision Range +150M.

Combined Magic Crystal has been added.

- The Combined Magic Crystals can be applied onto all sockets, and a set effect will be applied when equipping 2 or 4 Combined Magic Crystals. (2 set and 4 set effects can all be applied, just like the other set effects.)


Item Name

Effects of 2 Crystals

Effects of 4 Crystals

Where to Obtain

Combined Magic Crystal - Gervish

Critical Hit +1

Movement Speed +1,

Weight Limit +75LT

Critical Hit +1

Movement Speed +1, Weight Limit +75LT, Combat EXP Gain +5%,

Skill EXP Gain +3%

Blood Wolf Settlement,

Khalk Canyon,

Tshira Ruins


Combined Magic Crystal - Macalod

All AP +5,

Max Stamina +100,

All Accuracy +4

All AP +5, Max Stamina +100,

All Accuracy +4, Combat EXP Gain +5%,

Ignore all Resistance +3%

Sherekhan Necropolis

Combined Magic Crystal - Hoom

All Damage Reduction +5,

Max HP +150,

All Evasion +4

All Damage Reduction +5,

Max HP +150,

All Evasion +4,

All Accuracy +8,

All Resistance +3%


Sherekhan Necropolis


- HAN Magic Crystal can be obtained through Simple Alchemy of JIN/BON/WON Magic Crystal x1, Combined Magic Crystal x1, and Garmoth's Scale x3.

- Garmoth's Scale can be obtained from Monster Zones in Drieghan.

- HAN Magic Crystal is a special crystal which provides its own item effects in addition to the set effects obtained through regular Combined Magic Crystals.


Item Name

(Can be crafted through Processing - Simple Alchemy)

Item Effect

HAN Magic Crystal - Gervish

JIN/BON/WON Magic Crystal x1 + Garmoth's Scale x3 +

Combined Magic Crystal - Gervish x1

Combat/Skill EXP Gain +1%,

Weight Limit +15LT

HAN Magic Crystal - Macalod

JIN/BON/WON Magic Crystal x1 + Garmoth's Scale x3 +

Combined Magic Crystal – Macalod x1

Combat EXP Gain +1%,

Max Stamina +20,

Ignore All Resistance +1%

HAN Magic Crystal - Hoom

JIN/BON/WON Magic Crystal x1 + Garmoth's Scale x3 +

Combined Magic Crystal - Hoom x1

All Accuracy +2, All Resistance +1%,

Max HP +30


3 new Accessories have been added.


Item Name

Basic Stats

Item Effect

Enhancement Effect

Where to Obtain

Kagtum's Ring of Submission

AP +5,

Accuracy +2

Extra AP Against Monsters +1

AP +2, Accuracy +2,

Extra AP Against Monsters +1

Blood Wolf Settlement

Eye of the Ruins Ring

AP +5,

Accuracy +2



AP +3, Accuracy +2,

Max HP +25


Tshira Ruins, Blood Wolf Settlement

Orkinrad's Belt

AP +7,

Accuracy +2

Weight Limit +80LT

AP +2, Accuracy +2, DP +1,

Max HP +25

Sherekhan Necropolis


The new crystal, Dark Red Fang Crystal has been added.

- The Dark Red Fang Crystal - Armor/Valor can be obtained through Simple Alchemy of Kagtunak and Black Magic Crystal - Armor/Valor.

- Kagtunak can be obtained from the Monster Zone of Drieghan, and can also be crafted through Alchemy. However, you must have knowledge of Kagtunak for the Alchemy.


Item Name

Crafting Material

(Can be crafted through Processing - Simple Alchemy)

Item Effect

Dark Red Fang Crystal - Armor

Black Magic Crystal - Armor x1 + Kagtunak x1

Damage Reduction +7,

All Debuff Resistance +2%

Dark Red Fang Crystal - Valor

Black Magic Crystal - Valor x1 + Kagtunak x1

Critical Hit Rate +2, AP +5


Food, Elixir, and Draught which can be crafted with Drieghanese materials or ingredient have been added.

- Cron Meal and Draught can be crafted through Processing - Simple Cooking/Simple Alchemy.

Item Name


Item Effect

Minimum Level

Stir-Fried Bracken (or Savory Stir-Fried Bracken)

Bracken x5 + Garlic x5 + Salt x2 + Mineral Water x5 + Olive Oil x2

Chance to Gain Knowledge +5% for 60 min (or 75 min)

Cooking Professional 1 (or Master 1)

Ghormeh Sabzi (or Thick Ghormeh Sabzi)

Yak Meat x5 + Grain x2 + Milk x1 + Garlic x5 + Salt x2

Down Attack Damage +5% for 60 min (or 75 min)

Cooking Professional 1 (or Master 1)

Roast Marmot (or Golden Roast Marmot)

Marmot Meat x5 + Hot Pepper x3 + Salt x2 + Red Sauce x1 + Cooking Wine x3

Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +2% for 60 min (or 75 min)

Cooking Professional 1 (or Master 1)

Skewered Llama Cheese Melt (or Spicy Skewered Llama Cheese Melt)

Llama Meat x5 + Cheese x4 + Hot Pepper x3 + Pepper x1 + White Sauce x1

Weight Limit +100 LT for 60 min (or 75 min)

Cooking Master 1

Special Drieghanese Meal

Skewered Llama Cheese Melt x1 + Stir-Fried Bracken x1 + Roast Marmot x1 + Ghormeh Sabzi x1 + Honey Wine x2

Chance to Gain Knowledge +5%, Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +2%, Down Attack Damage +5%, and Weight Limit +100 LT for 90 min

Cooking Master 1

Energizing Cron Meal

Special Drieghanese Meal x1 + Serendia Meal x3 + Mediah Meal x3 + Ancient Cron Spice x1

Extra AP against Monsters +13, Attack Speed +2, Casting Speed +2, Critical Hit +2, Chance to Gain Knowledge +5%, Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +2%, Weight Limit +100 LT, and Down Attack Damage +5% for 120 min


Helix Elixir (or Splendid Helix Elixir)

Thuja Sap x6 + Monk's Branch x3 + Clown's Blood x2 + Powder of Flame x2 + Purified Water x3

All Evasion +8 for 5 min (or All Evasion +12 for 8 min)

Alchemy Professional 1

Savage Draught

Weenie Elixir x3, Looney Elixir x3, Helix Elixir x3, Tears of the Falling Moon x1

Extra AP against Monsters +15, Chance to Gain Knowledge +12%, Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +7%, Recover HP +1 on Attack, Damage from Monsters -10%, Critical Hit +3, Weight Limit +100 LT



The following types of hide can be gathered using a Tanning Knife in Drieghan.

- Yak Hide (Same category as Dinosaur Hide, Lizard Hide, Worm)

- Goat Hide (Same category as Rhino Hide, Pig Hide, Ox Hide, Belladonna Elephant Hide)

- Llama Hide (Same category as Deer Hide, Sheep Hide, Fox Hide, Black Leopard Hide, Gazelle Hide)

- Marmot Hide (Same category as Raccoon Hide, Monkey Hide, Weasel Hide)

- Yak Blood (Same category as Troll Blood, Ogre Blood, Dinosaur Blood, Bear Blood, Lion Blood)

- Goat Blood, Llama Blood (Same category as Deer Blood, Sheep Blood, Ox Blood, Waragon Blood, Pig Blood)

- Marmot Blood (Same category as Raccoon Blood, Monkey Blood, Weasel Blood, Fox Blood, Scorpion Blood)

The following furniture can be gathered from Butchering.

- Stuffed Drieghan Male Goat Head

- Stuffed Drieghan Female Goat Head

- Stuffed Yak Head

- Stuffed Llama

The following furniture can be crafted at the 2nd floor of Duvencrune 9-2.

- Duvencrune Antique Bench

- Duvencrune Wide Bench

- Duvencrune Vertical Bench

- Duvencrune Vintage Wooden Bench

- Duvencrune Wooden Memorial Chair

- Duvencrune Interlocking Chair

- Duvencrune Wooden Anvil Chair

- Duvencrune Wooden Square Chair

- Duvencrune Three Wood Display Stand

- Duvencrune Beam Stand

- Duvencrune Multipurpose Toolbox

- Duvencrune Fabric Holder

- Duvencrune Decoration Holder

- Duvencrune Rhomboid Holder

- Duvencrune Small Thuja Bookshelf

- Duvencrune Large Thuja Bookshelf

- Duvencrune Fragrant Bedside Table

- Duvencrune Hardwood Bedside Table

- Duvencrune Lamp Bedside Table

- Duvencrune Leaf Bedside Table

- Duvencrune Giant Wood Wardrobe

- Duvencrune Target Dining Table

- Duvencrune Wooden Dining Table

- Duvencrune Crescent Lamp

- Duvencrune Sunset Chandelier

- Duvencrune Bronk Lamp

- Duvencrune Sunrise Chandelier

Fiery Nouver and Fiery Kutum Sub-weapon can be enhanced with Caphras stone.

Enhanced the ways metallic items look for certain cash shop items.

The accuracy for certain Dim Magical Sub-weapons and Concentrated Magical Sub-weapons (Dagger, Trinket, Talisman) have been changed to be the same as other class Sub-weapons.

Added descriptions descriptions of certain Life Clothes explaining that they can be exchanged in the item description by the Equipment Tailoring Coupon.

You can now obtain the "Trace of Wave" items from the following Elite monsters at Pirate Island.

- Cox Pirates

- Cox Elite Warrior

- Deck Elite Combatant

- Cox Elite Gladiator

- Elite Sentine

Changed inaccurate information from the item descriptions for Trace of Wave items.

Fixed an issue where an exploration node from which you cannot obtain the Dried Dolphinfish was displayed in the Crafting Notes (F2) for Dried Dolphinfish.

The listing price of Pearl Items in the Central Market has been increased.
Fixed an issue where there was incorrect information about certain Exchange NPC's in the item descriptions for the Horse Race Seal item.

You can now register green grade items of certain enhancement levels at the Central Market, after you obtain them while defeating monsters in a party.

The set prices for the Main/Sub/Awakening weapons at the Central Market will now be adjusted together.

Ex) The set prices for the equipment with the same type of names such as Azwell Longsword, Staff, and Kriegsmesser will be adjusted together.  

Ex) The set prices for the equipment of the same grades will be adjusted together (Kite Shield, Parrying Dagger, etc.)

Fixed an issue where the descriptions for the Lahr Arcien Classic Set would say that certain classes could obtain the items when they actually could not.
Crimson Shadow Outfit A/B have been re-named as below.

 - Crimson Shadow Outfit A -> Crimson Shadow Knight

 - Crimson Shadow Outfit B -> Crimson Knight



< New World Boss Garmoth >

World Boss Time Table has been updated with the addition of Garmoth the new World Boss.

   [Go to the Time Table]
Due to the addition of Garmoth, World Boss Schedule has changed.

- When the notification message for the appearance of Garmoth, the Crimson Dragon appears, Kagtum Tribe monsters (worshippers of Garmoth) will appear along with sculptures. Garmoth will appear as you begin to destroy the big sculpture at the center.

- When 15 minutes passes after you begin fighting Garmoth, Garmoth will despawn.

- Whenever Garmoth’s HP decreases lower than a certain point, it will fly up to the sky and it cannot be attacked for a moment. Also, a system message will appear and two random sculptures will be activated among the remaining sculptures.

- Once the activated sculptures are all destroyed, Garmoth comes down to the ground and you can proceed attack Garmoth.

- Garmoth utilizes various aerial pattern attacks and deals powerful area damage, so adventurers must be well prepared.

- When defeated, Garmoth flies away into the sky and leaves behind loot. Adventurers who provide significant contribution during the battle will be able to obtain various items such as Garmoth’s Heart, which gives you a chance to reform Nouver or Kutum’s Sub-weapon.


< Garmoth which randomly appears to attack >

Garmoth sometimes appears in Sherekhan Necropolis, Blood Wolf Settlement, and Tshira Ruins of Drighan regions.

- After the system message “Garmoth has appeared!” is displayed, Garmoth’s terror will begin.

- This Garmoth will breathe out flames to attack 2 to 3 times then disappear.

- The first flame breath attack contains Knockdown CC status effect so be aware.

- This Garmoth is invincible and you cannot kill it. If you get killed from this Garmoth, you will not receive any death penalty.

- From the ground where Garmoth’s flame breath has scorched, there may be an Old Drieghanese Crate that can appear at a chance. The number of flame breaths from Garmoth is not related to the number of Crates that will spawn.

- Old Drieghanese Crate will disappear 1 minute after it shows up so hurry to destroy the create and randomly obtain 1 of the items below.

  • Leebur's Gloves

  • Sturdy Alchemy Stone of Destruction

  • Eye of the Ruins Ring

  • Orkinrad's Belt

  • Kagtunak

  • Combined Magic Crystal - Hoom

  • Combined Magic Crystal - Gervish

  • Combined Magic Crystal - Macalod

  • Kagtum's Ring of Submission

  • Akum Helmet

  • Akum Armor

  • Akum Gloves

  • Akum Shoes

  • Golden Dagger

  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard

  • Hard Black Crystal Shard

  • Black Energy Residue

  • Dragon Scale Fossil

  • Gold Bar 10G

  • Old Artifact Pot

*Please keep in mind Item Drop Rate buffs will not influence this item.

The new field boss monster Katzvariak has been added.

- Katzvariak appears from the hills north of Tshira Ruins at Drieghan.

- Katzvariak randomly appears within ten servers. (Does not appear in Olvia and Arsha.)

- The monster disappears if there is no battle for 2 hours after its appearance.

- Once defeated, you can obtain various loot such as Eye of the Ruins Ring and 3 types of Combined Magic Crystals.

A new gatekeeper monster, Kvariak, has been added to Tshira Ruins in Drieghan.

- Kvariak is a very dangerous and strong. It is highly recommended to make a party and maximum 5 party members can loot the items.

New monsters for Hunting have been added to areas of Drieghan.

- South side of Khimut Lumber Camp: Drieghan Male Goat, Drieghan Female Goat

- West side of Dormann Lumber Camp: Yak, Llama

- When you butcher these monsters after defeating them, you will have a chance to obtain a taxidermy decoration.

New monsters have been added to the Drieghan region.

- The main Monster Zones are Sherekhan Necropolis, Tshira Ruins, and Blood Wolf Settlement.

- The difficulty level for each Monster Zone is different, and you can enjoy various combat situations, from small scale to large scale.

There is a Traitor's Jail located at the Blood Wolf Settlement area of Drieghan.

- When you destroy Traitor's Jail, the Kagtum Prisoner escaping from the jail will give a random buff for 30 seconds to the adventurer, and will follow and participate in combat for 1 minute.

- If there are already 10 or more Kagtum Prisoners following, then no more Kagtum Prisoners will appear even when the jail has been destroyed.

There is a Kagtum Guard located at the Blood Wolf Settlement of Drieghan.

- There will be a chance for the Katgum Guard to appear along with a notification message when there are more than 5 Kagtum Prisoners following around the adventurer.

- There’s a chance to obtain more valuable item upon defeating Katgum Guard than normal monsters.

- Katgum Guard would appear at a certain chance if there are more prisoners escaped from jail.

- Adventurers will fight the Katgum Guard once all the 15 Warders summoned by the Katgum Guard have been defeated. If the Warders are not defeated within a certain amount of time, the Katgum Guard will disappear without fighting the adventurer.

Black Energy Residue will be obtainable when defeating monsters throughout all of the Black Desert world.

- There will be a slightly higher chance to obtain the Black Energy Residue within the Drieghan region.

- The Black Energy Residue can be crafted into the Refined Black Energy Residue from the Duvencrune Weapon Workshop at Duvencrune 5.

- The Refined Black Energy Residue is used as a material for crafting Hesed's Crystal or as a material for restoring the Max Durability of a Dragon Slayer weapon.

Following monster's name has been changed.

- Before: Rhutum Chief Priest

- After: Rhutum Chief Shaman\



The movement speed for Wagons when Power has been completely consumed has been increased by 200%.

Fixed an issue where the "Commune" button would not be displayed on certain Tier 1-8 horses.


NPC, Background, Sound

Following NPC name has been changed as below.

- Imperial Trade -> Imperial Guild Trade

Fixed the issue where the character would fall in certain areas of the Manshaum Forest.

NPC Zawoon at Zagam Island has been fixed to act more naturally.

Fixed the issue where characters were unable to go up a ladder at the roads of the Eastern Border.


Quest, Knowledge

If your character is at least Lv. 58 and Cooking Skilled 6, and have completed the Drieghan main quests and [Co-op] Defeat the Weakened Belmorn! you can go to Jordine Ducas at the Fountain of Origin for the following quests.

- I Miss You, My Dear

- For Dear Jordine

If you have learned all the 13 knowledges under the category Foreigners of Drieghan, your max Energy will increase by 2.

If you have learned all the 17 knowledges under the category Drieghan Mythology: Chenga Sherekhan, your max Energy will increase by 1.

A new quest in which you can obtain information about processing the Caphras Stone has been added. Characters who complete the [Boss] Witch-Hunting quest can obtain it from the following NPC (only once per Family):

- Duvencrune: Hughol

'About the Crimson Dragon Garmoth' quest has been added from which you can obtain Garmoth knowledge.

- To gain knowledge on Garmoth, you can accept the quest About the Crimson Dragon Garmoth from NPC Odelphin, the Head of the Mercenary Office at Duvencrune.

A quest has been added from which you can get back the money swindled from adventurers who completed Adorable Outsider at Duvencrune.

- Adventurers who completed Recruiting Drieghan Expedition quest.

If your character is at least Lv. 58 and has completed the Drieghan main quests, complete the following series of quests to get Inventory +2 Expansion as the final reward. The first quest of the series can be accepted from NPC Odelphin in Duvencrune. This quest series can be done once per character.

- The Lying Father

- Back in My Days

- Mercenary's Diary - Ogre

- Mercenary's Diary - Forest Ronaros

- Mercenary's Diary - Shultz Guard

- Dear Comrade

- I Want to Be Like Father!

Guild subjugation quest has been added in Drieghan region.

- One of the quests from Tshira Ruins, Blood Wolf Settlement or Sherekhan Necropolis will be randomly selected if you accept Protect the Villagers mission.  

If your character is at least Lv. 56, NPC Durgeff the Chief of Duvencrune will give out Dragon Slayer Weapon Blueprint Bundle x7 once per Family.

- [Event] Thank You For Helping Drieghan  

If you possess a Garmoth's Heart item, you can go to NPC Hughol of Duvencrune to accept the following weekly quest to process Garmoth's Heart.

- Inverting the Energy

Special quest has been added to Drieghan.

- [Special] Confronting Leebur (1/W)

- This special quest can be done in Drieghan with characters Lv. 58 or up that have done the Drieghan main quest Collecting Samples. The quest can be accepted from the Black Spirit.

The following story quests about Drieghan after the Great Battle can be done after completing the Drieghan main quest ‘A Gift for a Hero’.

- The first quest of the series can be accepted from A Curious Child

- Curiously Curious

- Causality of History

- Rinta’s Story

- About a Particular Book

- Torn History Book

- Earning Bamam’s Trust

- The Rowdy Black Spirit

- Story about the Wanderers

- Resolving Curiosity

The following series of quests can be accepted by characters at least Lv. 58 and have completed the quest A Trustworthy Friend. The first quest of the series can be accepted from NPC Odelphin in Duvencrune.

- Looking for Nerman

- A Fiery Temper

- Cleaning up the Streets

- Back to the Mercenary Office

- A Father Looking for His Daughter

- Kindred Spirit

- Looking for Hylva

- Frenzied Kagtum

- Art of Sharing

The following series of quests can be accepted by characters that have completed the following quest series: Hoom's Song, An Archaeologist at Tshira Ruins, Drieghan main quests.

Go to the office of Durgeff, Chief of Duvencrune, and interact with an old book there.

- Myth of Azunak

- Flying Wings

- Azunak’s Biography

- Collecting Secret Information

- Unseen Hand

- Trace of Azunak

- Endless Pursuit

- Patterns on the Egg

- Repeating Canyon

- The Memorial Stone of Time

- Azunak's Underwater Artifact

- Father of Yaks

- Azunak's Land Artifact

- The Waiting Illusive Spirit

- How to Control Sound

- Heavenly Floating Stone

- Azunak’s Test: Memory

- Azunak’s Test: Discouragement

- Azunak’s Test: Hope

- Azunak’s Test: Death

- Door of Truth

Go to Quests (O) > Recurring to see the repeatable Duvencrune Contribution and Drieghan Contribution quests.

New daily quests have been added and they can be repeated once per family.

- You can accept the following quests if you have specific knowledge.

- [Repeat] Special Meal for Yak (Need knowledge of Yak)

- [Repeat] Fish Lover (Need knowledge of Stickleback)

- [Repeat] The Golden Recipe (Need to have completed the quest A Gift for a Hero)

- [Repeat] Catching Crow (Need knowledge of Night Crow Post)

The following series of quests can be accepted by characters at least Lv. 58 The first quest of the series can be accepted from NPC Melana, an archeologist at Tshira Ruins.

- An Archaeologist at Tshira Ruins

- Bronk Huts

- An Intervention from the Black Spirit

- Story of Baumim

- How Many Sheep?

If your character is at least Lv. 58, the following series of quests can be accepted from NPC Nerman in Duvencrune. The quest series can be done once per Family.

- Bad Drinking Habit

- Nerman's Necklace

- Get Us a Drink!

- Cobra Liquor

- Especially For You

- To the Windy Peak

- Reveal Yourself!

- A Black Leopard Shrouded in Darkness

- A Trustworthy Friend

If your character is at least Lv. 58 and has completed the Drieghan main quests (including A Gift for a Hero), you can do the following repeatable quests. The quests can be accepted from NPCs at the Night Crow Post.

- [Repeat] Enormous Blood Wolf

- [Repeat] Kagtum’s Faith

- [Repeat] Defeat Main Forces

- [Repeat] Before Gaining Strength

- [Repeat] Wipe out the Blood Wolf

The following knowledges can be learned by doing quests in Drieghan.

- Glory of the Sherekhans

- History of Drieghanese Nomads

The following knowledges can be learned by doing the Seiri’s Dilemma quest series.

- They fall under the category Drieghan Adventure Journal II.

- Seiri's Past I

- Seiri's Past II

- Story of the Bigmouth

- Duvencrune Observation Log I

- Duvencrune Observation Log II

- Duvencrune Observation Log III

You can gain knowledge for defeating Kvariak at the Tshira Ruins.

You can earn the following titles in Drieghan.

- Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

- Unwelcome Guest

- Guardian of the Environment

- A Mother's Love

- Seasoned Veteran

- Wisdom of the Founders

- Drieghan Chef

- Breaker of Legends

- Dragon Slayer

- A Deadly Delight

- Jackpot!

- You're Mine!

- Scary

- Come at Me!

- Usurper

- Wipe ‘em All Out!

- Bulldozer

- The Final Resting Place

- Commissioned Officer

- The Crimson Reaper

- Military

- The Legendary Dig

- Infinite Growth

- A Different Me

- Researchers

- Hater of Khalks

- Khalk Hunter

- Shadow of the Ahibs

- Ganelle's Friend

- The Resolver

- Dragon's Choice

When going through the quests below, these quests will now properly reflect changes made to the Hotkeys.

- The quest summary for the "Do as Ordered" quest will reflect the correct Hotkeys.

- The quest summary for the "Gathering Sunrise Herb" quest will reflect the correct Hotkeys.

- The quest completion conditions for the "Lovers' Secret" quest will reflect the correct Hotkeys.

- The quest completion conditions for the "What Are They Talking About?" quest will reflect the correct Hotkeys.

- The quest summary and completion conditions for the "Late King's Desire for Eternity" quest will reflect the correct Hotkeys.

Fixed an issue where the Dim Magical Ra'ghon was displayed as a Noble Sword in dialogues.

The hint for obtaining the "Caphras' Seal" knowledge had been revised to show accurate information.
Fixed an issue where the sound volume would change to 0 when you exit a dungeon due to failure to complete the “The Ritual” quest (Calpheon main quest) while a cut scene was playing.



Drieghan Node has been added to the World Map’s Production Node filter.

Drieghan region information has been added when looking at the Market Price from the Trade Shop.

A new feature that you can extract Garmoth’s Heart through the Blacksmith NPC has been added.

When you change the hair or face type in the customization window (F4), there will now be a warning message which warns that your hair or face type will reset.

You can now control the scroll button in the chat window even when the chat options window is open.

Fixed the issue where the mount information's weight was incorrect when searching for ships at the Wharf.

Fixed the issue where the Quest Summary text would overlap in the situations below.

- When you bring the mouse cursor on top of the quest icon in the World Map.

- When you bring the mouse cursor over the Complete Quest area in the minimap.

The information you save for Combat Focus Mode will now be displayed properly when loading the information.

Fixed an issue where the outlines of items at the Pearl Shop (F3) would look unnatural when viewing their previews.

Fixed the issue where the creator name for items would be incorrectly displayed (or disappear) when equipping PEN items.

When you enter an outfit and then remove it from the Outfit Extraction feature, the slot from where you removed the item from will no longer display the item information.

When you are successful in a Fishing minigame, the minigame UI will disappear now.

Fixed the issue where the Node Management button would not be displayed when you select the Trade button on a Trade NPC while nodes are not connected.

The "Sell All" button which appears when a bargain is successful in the Bargain window for Trading has been changed to the Remastered design.

The button for calling boat mounts will no longer be displayed in the guild mount list.

Fixed the issue where the list button on the bottom of the Item Drop Information window would look unnatural.

Fixed an issue where certain video clips and situations (or UI) occasionally did not close normally (Lv. 1 introduction clip, Beauty Album, Black Spirit's Adventure, skill video clips).

The mount UI will now refresh on the Guild Wharf.

Enhanced the legibility of the quest list's order and titles displayed on the Recommended tab within the Quest window (O).

The tooltip which shows the time remaining for cash item buffs have been revised to be consistent, and added buff descriptions to the Appearance Change Coupon.

Fixed the issue where pressing the "ESC" or "F4" key while the Save File/Load File window was activated (for customizations) would close the customization window.

The quantity displayed on the top right of the Sell window's "Sell" button, and on the top right of the Status window's "Items Listed" button at the Central Market will now display the proper amount.

When extracting Reform Stones, you can no longer select within your inventory the equipment which have been enhanced with Caphras Stones.

The Reward Log will be displayed by default within the Black Spirit's Safe.

When you go on another adventurer's Ship, there was an issue where the UI for the ship would not disappear even when the Ship is not in view. This issue has been fixed.

Fixed the issue where a notification would appear on the garden icon on the top left of the screen even when only a Scarecrow was installed on the garden.



Fixed the issue where certain screens were displayed abnormally when logging in game.


We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,

Thank you.

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