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2 Start the game once installation is complete.


Updates Mar 24, 2021, 07:00 (UTC+3) 03/24 update details


Hello, Adventurers. 


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on March 24 2021

(Patch size: approx. 901.34MB)

※ Please read below for details.



Event 1. Unseal Sage’s Challenge Rewards!

Event Period   

- March 24, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – April 28, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance 

[More details] 


Event 2. Leveling Sage? Thyme to be Rewarded!

Event Period  

- March 24, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – April 21, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details] 


Event 3. Uncover the Secret of the Hexahedron!

Event Period  

- March 24, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – April 7, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance 

[More details] 


Event 4. Combat/Skill EXP Hot Time!

Event Period  

- Season Servers: March 24, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – March 31, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance 

- Normal Servers: March 24, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – April 7, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance  
- This Hot Time will be permanent on the new Olvia server. 

[More details] 


Event 5. The Ancient Kyve

Event Period  

- March 24, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – April 7, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance  

[More details] 


Event 6. Cherry Blossoms in the Black Desert World!

Event Period  

- March 24, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – April 7, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance  

[More details] 




● Released the new class, Sage.

- Meet Sage, the Last Ancient, now!


※ Sage cannot be created in the Winter season server.


● Created the "Hall of Adventurers: Sage" chat group for Sage characters.

●Sage, the Last Ancient, can enter the following ancient regions without restrictions by learning ""Eye of Ator"" at Lv. 60

- Aakman

- Hystria

- Kratuga

- Sycraia (Abyssal Zone)"

[Go to Sage, the Savior Awakened from Eternal Slumber GM Note]



MAJOR UPDATES - NEW Olvia server


● The Olvia (Growth) Server will be changed to NEW Olvia (Growth) Server.

You can log in to the NEW Olvia Server if you satisfy the same New, Returning Adventurer criteria that the pre-existing Olvia Server has.

The login conditions for the NEW Olvia Server are as follows.


New Adventurers 

Adventurers who have logged in within 30 days (720 hours) of creating a secondary password. 

Returning Adventurers 

Adventurers who have not logged into the game or used the Web Central Market in the last 30 days (720 hours). 

One of the NEW Olvia Servers will consist of returning adventurers whose total character level is 150 or below.

※ The requirements for the NEW Olvia server mentioned above will be applied after maintenance on March 31, 2021.

The benefits of the NEW Olvia Server are as follows:





Combat EXP 



Skill EXP 



Max Growth Level 

Lv. 60 99.999% 

Lv. 61 99.999% 

Life EXP 

(can reach up to Artisan 1 on each Life Level) 

Contribution EXP 

CP 0 ~ 99 : Contribution EXP +150% 
CP 100 ~ 199 : Contribution EXP +100% 
CP 200 ~ 249 : Contribution EXP +50% 

※ To celebrate the NEW Olvia Server, we are applying the NEW Olvia benefits to the normal servers for the next 4 weeks so that all of our Adventurers may join in on the festivities. The first 2 weeks will apply buffs for Combat, Skill, and Contribution EXP, while the last 2 weeks will grant the Life EXP buff.






● Treasure hunters have hidden treasure chests throughout the world of Black Desert once more.

- Over the passing of time, the treasure hunters have stored even more precious and rare items in the treasure chests.

- Rumor has it that the treasure hunters have packed their treasure chests with even more precious items and hidden them away. However you will need special keys to unlock and obtain their valuable contents.

- You can obtain these special keys from goblins and grave robbers who are also looking to loot these chests.

- Goblins and grave robbers will linger around treasure chests, and you won't know which you will encounter at a chest.

- When you open the treasure chest, an opportunity-seeking goblin or grave robber will appear. You will need to chase after them and make them drop the special key.


- The goblin's key will unlock more valuable and rare items than will a grave robber's key.

- Only special keys can unlock these treasure chests hidden throughout Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon, and they say you can obtain rare treasures from the past.



Obtainable Item 


Fallen Royal Family's Treasure 


Timeworn Golden Pendant 


Chalice of Faded Bloodstains 

- Once you've used the special keys to unlock the chests and obtained the precious treasures within, go to certain NPCs in town to accept and complete the quests. The conditions to complete said quests and their rewards are as follows:


Quest NPC 



Igor Bartali in Velia 

Hand over the Fallen Royal Family's Treasure 

Gold Bar 100G x2  
 300 Contribution EXP 

Charlotte Penwood in Heidel 

Hand over the Timeworn Golden Pendant 

Theophil Batian in Calpheon 

Hand over the Chalice of Faded Bloodstains 

 - After you complete the quest and receive the quest rewards for the first time, you can exchange additional treasures for Gold Bar 10G x2.


● Reset the number of Total Successful Rounds Finished for Black Spirit's Adventure.

- Moved the Black Spirit piece back to the START square of the first board.

● Added the Black Spirit's Adventure Bundle I, the reward for successfully finishing 75 rounds in Black Spirit's Adventure.

- Right-click the Black Spirit's Adventure Bundle I to obtain Arcana of Fate Box x1 and Black Spirit Special Dice Box x1.


● Added a "Guild Gear Rental Storage" where guild members can rent items from each other.

※ For details on the event's purpose and intention, please refer to [Renting Items With Your Guild!].

- The guild gear rental event will be held from Mar. 24, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - Apr. 7, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance.


 - You can only register items you can put onto the Central Market in the gear rental storage.

※ You cannot register items that are enhanced with Caphras Stones and/or transfused with crystals into the guild gear rental storage.




- Any guild member with a total character level of 150 or below can register gear in the guild gear rental storage. If another guild member requests to rent, the owner will see a rental approval window for a short period of time. Once approved, the guild member can use the gear during the event period.

- You can freely transfuse crystals into the rented item, but once the event ends, any changes will disappear, and the rented item will be returned to the guild member who originally registered it.

※ If a guild member leaves a guild while having rented an item from the guild, the rented item will not be returned until the event ends.


● The following gear can/cannot be rented.

- You cannot place Tagged gear into the storage.

- You can rent TRI (III), TET (IV) gear that can be placed on the Central Market.

* You can rent all levels of Fallen God's Armor.

- You can rent TRI (III), TET (IV) accessories that can be placed on the Central Market.

* You cannot rent TRI (III) Blue Coral Wall.

- You cannot rent Life Skill-related gear, tools, and accessories.


● The following are precautions for rented gear:

- You can only request to rent an item if the owner is online. You must also be on the same server as the owner of the item you wish to rent.

- You can rent gear regardless of your Karma, but you cannot equip the rented gear if your Karma drops below 0.

You can enhance it with Caphras Stones.

You can tranfuse crystals on it.

You can dye it.

You cannot enahnce it.

You cannot reform it.

You cannot tag it.

You cannot use Black Stone Extraction on it.

You cannot register it on the Central Market.

You cannot sell it to shop vendors.

You cannot give it to NPCs as quest by hand-ins/talking/exchanging.

You cannot feed it to your fairy.

You cannot use a Weapon Exchange Coupon on it.

※ After the event ends, the rented item will disappear and automatically be returned to the owner's inventory.


● Lowered the challenge conditions to obtain Capotia accessories.




Capotia Ring 

Reach Lv. 61 

Reach Lv. 58 

Capotia Earring 

Reach Lv. 62 

Reach Lv. 59 

Capotia Belt 

Reach Lv. 63 

Reach Lv. 60 

Capotia Necklace 

Reach Lv. 64 

Reach Lv. 61 


● Added leveling challenges to obtain enhanced Capotia accessories.

- You can complete these challenges once per family.

Item Reach Level
TRI: Capotia Ring 62
TRI: Capotia Earring 63
TRI: Capotia Belt 64
TRI: Capotia Necklace 65


● Changed the minimum level requirement of the Manufacture formula for crafting Capotia accessories to Lv. 61.

-The minimum level requirement for crafting a Capotia ring has not been changed and remains at Lv. 61

Item Name 

Before Update 

After Update 

Capotia Earring 

Lv. 62 

Lv. 61 

Capotia Belt 

Lv. 63 

Lv. 61 

Capotia Necklace 

Lv. 64 

Lv. 61 


● We have added [Special Aid] Fughar's Letter, a special quest that provides you with Narchillan gear.

- You can accept this quest from the Black Spirit if you are over Lv. 50, have completed the Calpheon main quest, or are playing with a character over Lv. 56.

- The quest is set to navigate you to Fughar in Mediah, but you can complete this quest with Fughar located in any town. So remember that you can carry out this quest with the closest Fughar near you.

- You may only exchange up to 1 per gear type, and the quest list is as follows:

[Special Aid] Narchillan's Sturdy Helmet

[Special Aid] Narchillan's Strong Armor

[Special Aid] Narchillan's Quick Shoes

[Special Aid] Narchillan's Fine Gloves

[Special Aid] Narchillan's Sharp Main Weapon

[Special Aid] Narchillan's Delicate Sub-weapon

[Special Aid] Narchillan's Powerful Awakening Weapon"

* You can exchange PEN (V) Naru gear with Narchillan gear through this quest.

* You can accept this quest through the Black Spirit (,) once per family. So please complete this quest with the character you wish to equip Narchillan gear on.


● Added Narchillan gear.

- You can exchange Narchillan gear for the corresponding PEN (V) Naru gear and Canon awakening weapons, which you can obtain by completing each class's awakening questline, available once per family.

- The stats for each piece of gear are as follows.


※ Each piece of Narchillan defense gear will activate the set effects of boss and/or Blackstar defense gear when they're equipped together.

For example, if you equip the Blackstar Helmet + Blackstar Armor + Narchillan Gloves + Narchillan Shoes, you will gain the "Blackstar Armor 4-set effect".

- Narchillan Gear cannot be enhanced, including Caphras Enhancement.

- Season characters cannot equip Narchillan gear.

- The effects of Narchillan gear do not apply when your character's Karma is below 0.

- You cannot sell Narchillan gear to vendors nor register them onto the Central Market.


● Added Combatant's Stone (Weapon) and Combatant's Stone (Armor), which you can use to reform Tuvala gear.

- Use Heating on 1 piece of Narchillan gear (regardless of type) to obtain a Spirit's First Breath, which you can bring to Maery at Atanis Pond to exchange for 1 Combatant's Stone (Weapon) and Combatant's Stone (Armor) each.

- This quest is available once per family.

- You can reform only 1 Tuvala weapon with the Combatant's Stone (Weapon) and only 1 Tuvala defense gear with the Combatant's Stone (Armor).

- You cannot reform a Tuvala Sol.

- You can purchase Combatant's Restoration Stones from blacksmiths and armor vendors in town and use them to extract Combatant's Stones from reformed gear.

- Reform the Tuvala gear with the Combatant's Stone to gain the following effects.



Main, Awakening Weapons 

Extra Damage to Monsters +7 


Extra Damage to Monsters +3, Monster Damage Reduction +3 

Helmet, Armor, Gloves, Shoes 

Monster Damage Reduction +7 




● Added 6 types of Demihar Life Tools.

- Demihar Life Tools all have the Gathering EXP +50% effect.



- You can equip Demihar Life Tools from Gathering Apprentice Lv. 1.

- Season characters can also equip Demihar Life Tools.

- Upon obtaining, Demihar Life Tools will last for 14 days, and you won't be able to use them after they expire.

- Demihar Life Tools all have 300 durability, and cannot be repaired.


● Removed the step of choosing your Family Name when you log into Black Desert for the first time. Instead, you can now choose your Family Name after entering the game.

- These New Adventurers will have their Family Name displayed as "Rookie Adventurer" upon entering the game for the first time.

- Your Family Name will initially be randomly-generated as the word Adventurer combined with four random lowercase letters & numbers. ex) Adventurer8aw2

- You can choose your Family Name in-game by entering the chat window (press Enter).

※ You cannot join a guild if you do not change your randomly-generated Family Name.



● Fixed the issue where using a movement skill while in full screen mode, then switching between displays, would increase the distance traveled.




● [Hashashin] Karlstein - Added to the outfit's description that the top, shoes, and gloves are all together.

● Mandolf, the armor vendor in Trent, has begun selling 2 new accessories. He's restocked his wares to now include "Kaia Necklace" and "Chimera's Pupil Gem", which were briefly out-of-stock.



Kaia Necklace 

1,000,000 Silver 

Chimera's Pupil Gem 

100,000 Silver 


● Added Elvia Marni's Stones.

- Purchase Elvia Marni's Stones and defeat the required number of enemies to exchange the stone with 1 of the possible items.

※ You can exchange Elvia Marni's Stones with Wacky Toshi when you're Lv. 61 or higher.


Marni's Stone 


Exchange List 

Elvia Marni's Stone (Northern Plain of Serendia) 

Elvia Northern Plain of Serendia enemy x1,100 

Shard of the Tearful Night 

Okiara's Tide 

Elvia Marni's Stone (Biraghi Den) 

Elvia Biraghi Den enemy x1,700 

Shard of the Drained Night 

Narc's Lightning 

Elvia Marni's Stone (Southern Cienaga - Swamp Fogan) 

Elvia Southern Cienaga's Swamp Fogan enemy x1,100 

Shard of the Tearful Night 

Okiara's Tide 

Elvia Marni's Stone (Glish Swamp - Swamp Naga) 

Elvia Glish Swamp's Swamp Naga enemy x1,400 

Shard of the Drained Night 

Narc's Lightning 

Elvia Marni's Stone (Castle Ruins) 

Elvia Castle Ruins enemy x1,500 

Heart of the Parched Forest 

Shard of the Furious Night 

Valtarra's Flame 

Elvia Marni's Stone (Orc Camp) 

Elvia Orc Camp enemy x1,300 

Heart of the Parched Forest 

Shard of the Furious Night 

Valtarra's Flame 

Elvia Marni's Stone (Bloody Monastery) 

Elvia Bloody Monastery enemy x1,300 

Narc's Lightning 

Shard of the Drained Night 



● Reduced Poisonous Swamp Plant's damage dealt to Adventurers in Elvia - Swamp Naga Habitat by approximately 50%.

● Reduced Chief Titium's AP increase when frenzied in Elvia - Swamp Naga Habitat by approx. 20%.

● Changed the recommended AP for Elvia - Biraghi Den to 250 AP.

- Reduced normal monster AP in Biraghi Den by approx. 10%.

- Reduced normal monster HP in Biraghi Den by approx. 20%.

● Fixed the issue where alert levels in Elvia - Biraghi Den would sometimes not increase.

● Changed the recommended AP for Elvia - Altar Imp Habitat to 250 AP.

- Reduced normal monster HP in Altar Imp Habitat by approx. 20%.

- Reduced normal monster AP in Altar Imp Habitat by approx. 2%.

● Fixed the issue where Dastard Bheg would sometimes refuse to appear in Elvia - Altar Imp Habitat.

● Adjusted the HP of monsters in Elvia - Orc Camp.

- Reduced normal monster HP in the Orc Camp by approx. 20%.

- Reduced the Red Orc Wizard's HP in the Orc Camp by approx. 30%.

- The loot obtained by defeating the [Chief of Flames] Org, which appears in the Orc Camp, will now be affected by Item Drop Rate effects.

● Changed Elvia - Bloody Monastery as follows:

- Reduced Muskan's HP in the Bloody Monastery by approx. 30%.

- Fixed the issue where you couldn't use the Crimson Bell item that drops from the Bloody Monastery in certain areas of the region.

- Spread out the location of Cultist Shamans in the Bloody Monastery so they aren't too densely packed in certain areas.

● Added the following items to the item drop list information for the Elvia hunting grounds.

- Shard of the Furious Night

- Shard of the Tearful Night

- Shard of the Drained Night




● Added Wacky Toshi to now appear in Glish.

● Spring brings a burst of cherry blossoms all throughout the world of Black Desert.

- Cherry blossoms will be available up until maintenance on Apr 7th (Wed).



● Fixed the available Active Effects window to no longer display unnecessary text while Use Gamepad is toggled on.

● Added the Title Obtained notification.

- Click the notification that appears on the bottom right-hand portion of the screen to open the Title menu.

● Improved your residence to now display active buffs when interacting with installed tools.



● Improved the Use Gamepad mode by adding the Skill Add-on UI for gamepads.

● Added a slightly more celebratory display to appear whenever you reach a certain Life Skill level.




Pearl Shop

● Improved the Pearl Shop for the default search setting to be set to search all categories.




● Changed the Beauty Album and Photo Gallery default display settings from 7 days to 100 days.

● Fixed the issue of the Adventurer (NA/EU) / Search Friends (ID, TR) page to sometimes display ALL Adventurers as a search result.

● Improved the Adventurer (NA/EU) / Search Friends (ID, TR) page to allow Adventurers to now search for themselves.

● Removed the brown gradient color scheme from the Pearl Shop introduction banner on the official website's main page when viewed on mobile.

● Improved the order of the Adventurer (NA/EU) / Search Friends (ID, TR)/Guild (NA/EU) / Search Guilds (ID, TR) page search listing when viewed on mobile.

● Fixed the issue of awkward transitions when moving between pages in the Photo Gallery.




Changes and Fixes

● Changed the game to no longer take screenshots if shut down due to an abnormal error.

● Fixed the issue of [Event] Big Black Feather's item description displaying the incorrect exchangeable item list.

● Fixed the issue of being unable to pass through a certain region in Caduil Forest and being relocated by Escape instead.

● Fixed the issue of an incompatible character alert showing after accepting the [Event] Queek? No Fish... for the Festivities?! quest.

● Fixed the issue of characters getting stuck on wooden fences that were installed during Conquest Wars.

● [Maehwa] Flow: Moonlight Dash - Fixed the issue of Petal Bloom's skill add-on being applied to this skill.

● Fixed the issue with the top portion of the ESC menu randomly changing the sequence of menu items displayed.

● Changed nodes to now display the required CP for Node Investment when hovering the mouse over a node on the World Map.

● Fixed the issue of the LMB/RMB tooltips overlapping with the node icon when hovering the mouse over a node on the World Map.

● Fixed the issue of the UI appearing abnormal when using "Go to Target" with the Track Target feature.

● Fixed the issue of your screen flickering while in Observe Mode for Arena of Arsha.

● Updated the mounted silhouettes of certain outfits.

● Fixed the issue of the Black Spirit appearing unnatural when it's summoned during Horseback Combat.

● Fixed the issue with your aiming reticle appearing awkward after summoning and dismissing the Black Spirit during Horseback Combat.

● Fixed the issue of no sound after adjusting the Velocity in the Composition Note.

● Fixed the issue of irregular colors displayed in the Composition Note after emptying the Velocity slot on the top right of the window.

● Changed the Guild Skill UI layout.

● Fixed the issue where the Pet Command information wouldn't load previously saved settings.

● Fixed the issue where you couldn't connect to a chat group after it was optimized.

● [Shai] Fixed the issue where using Misty Haze, Delusive Light, Summer Rain, Time to Shine!, Shout to the Sky, Sun, Moon, Stars, or Do it Better! after using We're Gonna Win! would only apply the skill's effects to 1 target.

● Fixed the issue where Guild Emblems disappeared in the Node War information on the World Map (M) with the Gamepad UI toggled on.

● Fixed the issue where the Dark Rift UI appeared when viewing the Node War information on the World Map (M) with the Gamepad UI toggled on.

● Fixed the issue where the loading page image appeared stretched-out in certain resolutions.

● Fixed the issue where items that are no longer on sale wouldn't appear in the Pearl Shop search results.

● Fixed the issue where text would bleed out of the Boss Notification UI.

● Changed the Pearl Shop so that you can view search results for all categories.

● Fixed the issue where the cooldown for the "[Event] A Toast to the Flavors of Life" item would reset after using a skill preset.

● Changed "[Event] A Toast to the Flavors of Life" so that its cooldown will reset even when you're not logged into the game.

● Fixed the issue with songs composed with 2 or more instruments not playing smoothly for certain durations.



We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert, thank you.