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Updates [Update] September 7, 2022 (Wed) Update Details
Black Desert 2022-09-07 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers.


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on September 7, 2022.

(Patch size: approx. ?.? MB)
- Please note that the update for Steam may be larger than the size listed above.


※ Please read below for details.



Event 1. Autumn Festival Login rewards

Event Period

- September 8, 2022 (Thu) 00:00 – September 21, 2022 (Wed) 23:59

[More details]

Event 2. Autumn Festival · Special Loyalty Store Event

Event Period

- September 7, 2022 (Wed) after the maintenance – September 14, 2022 (Wed) before the maintenance

[More details]

Event 3. Autumn Festival · Can’t forget about Hot Time!

Event Period

- September 7, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance – September 21, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details]


Event 4. Fall is back in focus!

Event Period

- September 7, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance – September 18, (Sun) 23:59

[More details]

Event 5. Looking to build more stacks?

Event Period

- September 7, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance – September 21, 2022 before maintenance

[More details]


MAJOR UPDATES - Traveler's Horse

With this update, we added the "Traveler's Horse," a time-limited rideable horse we previous introduced as the "Untamed Horse." If you don't have a horse taken out and/or have checked in your horse in the stable, you will be able to borrow the Traveler’s Horse by talking to a Stable Keeper NPC in town. This horse has the Start Accel, Sprint, Drift, and Instant Accel skills, and you won't have to return the horse as it will return by itself to the nearest stabel when you dismount. We hope that all of our Adventurers, both veteran and new, will find this newly added mount useful in their travels.

● The Old Moon Guild, who manages all the stables in Black Desert, has added the "Traveler's Horse" to the Stable Keepers in town for the sake of Adventurers' ease of travel.

● You can borrow a Traveler's Horse by talking to the following Stable Keepers:

Town Stable Keeper
Velia Lorenzo Murray
Heidel Vanacil
Glish Allan
Keplan Partus
Calpheon Breesman
Altinova Meisha
Tarif Muam Mant

● Traveler's Horse has the following skills:
- Start Accel, Sprint, Drift, Instant Accel (Skill Training 100%)
● Only one Traveler's Horse can be borrowed and no additional horse can be borrowed while another horse is taken out.
● Please note that Traveler's Horse will return to the nearest Stable after 5 minutes of being dismounted.
● The Traveler's Horse cannot equip horse gear, but it can still Sprint without a saddle.
● Traveler's Horse cannot use Stable Recovery / Remote Collection / Horse Market / Imperial Delivery / Sell function (but the Mount Information window can be checked).
● Traveler's Horse will return to a Stable when clicking on Disconnect, Character Selection, or Change Character.




● Improved so the character's appearance changes smoothly in the Skill Demo window.


● Frost Pillars
- Fixed the issue where combos weren't performed smoothly upon learning the Core version of the skill.


We've improved on the damage, effects, and combos for Kunai Stab in Succession. Now the Fatal Blow - Flow: Fatal Blow Combo - Kunai Stab combo will be more efficient thanks to the added Stamina recovery effect, making it more viable in PvE. In addition, we added command inputs to Prime: Shackles, making it easier to combo into the skill.

● Prime: Shadow Explosion
- Changed the damage penalties for multiple targets to now only apply in PvP.
- Improved to combo more smoothly into Shadow Clone.

● Kunai Stab
- Changed so Fatal Blow's damage will be applied to the skill damage, along with the following:
* Fatal Blow's attack damage and critical hit rate
* Fatal Blow's maximum number of targets
* Fatal Blow's Skill Add-ons (Skill no longer has Skill Add-ons)
- Improved to combo more smoothly into other skills.

● Prime: Shackles
- Changed the skill's motions, along with the following:
* Unified the skill's attack area to the widest area.
* Changed so the distance at which the skills attacks are applied has been narrowed so that all attacks are applied faster.
- Improved so you can press SHIFT + C in idle stance to activate the skill.
- Improved to combo more smoothly into Shadow Explosion and Shadow Clone.
- Improved to combo more smoothly after Prime: Ankle Cutter, Prime: Fox Claw, Prime: Shadow Explosion, or Prime: Shadow Clone.

● Prime: Shadow Brand
- Added the Assassin's Mark effect to the following skills:
* Prime: Fox Claw (I to III)
* Prime: Shackles


● Ninjutsu: Block Jump
- Fixed so the "Please try again in a few moment" message no longer pops up after using the skill.


● Trembling Thunder
- Fixed the description regarding the Bound on hits effect.


● Breath of the Spirit
- Fixed the issue where pressing ↓ after using the skill with your greatbow to switch to Breath: Stun would apply Movement and Attack Speed reduction instead of the Stun debuff.
- Fixed the issue where pressing ↓ after using the skill while mounted to switch to Breath: Stun would apply Movement and Attack Speed reduction instead of the Stun debuff.

● Sunfall
- Fixed the issue of the skill demo not playing.


● God Incinerator
- Fixed the issue of the AP Increase buff being applied slowly after comboing into Fireborne Rupture.


● Lightning Prison
- III: Fixed the description regarding the attack 1 damage.

Just as Awakening Drakania's uniqueness becomes more apparent the better you become at utilizing the correct skill at the right moment, we decided to implement both big and small improvements to her combos. Also, to reduce some of her clunkiness, we increased the activation speed and attack area of certain Dragonblood skills.
● Prime: Dragon's Fury
- Fixed the skill description.

● Prime: Dragonborn Constitution and Ceaseless Vengeance - Fixed the skill descriptions.

● Storm Maul
- Improved attack 1 to now combo more smoothly into Doombringer.
- Improved attack 1 to now combo into Impale
- Added "Recover 40 WP on hits."

● Hexeblood: Sundering Roar
- Improved so the character attacks in the direction the camera is facing when comboing with another skill.

● Legacy
- Slightly increased the skill's attack speed.
- Improved so Legacy activates faster when using the following skills:
* Flow: Cloud's Strife, Flow: Extinction, Savage Decree (in Dragonblood) attack 2, Flow: Obliterate

● Dragonblood: Crackling Flame
- Changed "Stiffness on hits" to "Knockdown on hits."

● Flow: Dragon Flight
- Changed Stamina cost from 250 to 100 and consumes 150 Stamina (up to 450) when continuing the skill.
* With these changes, it will cost the same amount of Stamina as before to travel the maximum distance with the skill, but will cost less Stamina if you stop before you hit the max distance.

● Dragonblood: Tip of the Scale
- Slightly increased attack 2's attack area.

● Dragonblodd: Storm Piercer
- Slightly increased the attack areas of attacks 1 and 3.

● Flow: Obliterate
- Improved to now combo more smoothly into Doombringer.

● Hexeblood: Tip of the Scale
- Changed attack 3 to activate faster when continuing the skill.

● Hexeblood: Tectonic Slam
- Fixed so the skill activates when comboing into Doombringer during the Core version of the skill in Hexeblood.

● Dragonblood: Savage Decree
- Improved so your character will now combo in the same direction as the camera.

● Improved the following skill motions to activate more smoothly:
- Dragonblood: Spiteful Soul
- Dragonblood: Tectonic Slam
- Dragonblood: Crackling Flame
- Dragonblood: Tip of the Scale
- Dragonblood: Storm Piercer

● Legacy: Fixed the issue of the skill not activating after switching to your trion.


● Applied the following improvements to Arena of Solare.
- Fixed the issue where your character would fall through certain structures in the Ruins of Tzol.
- Fixed the issue where player hits weren't registering in certain terrain of the Jade Starlight Forest.
- Slightly moved the Black Sun team's starting position to the center of the hill at the Jade Starlight Forest battlefield.
- Changed so your party won't be disbanded even after leaving your Practice Mode match.
- Fixed the issue where only the three most recent matches were appearing in the Arena of Solare Rankings window.

● Extended the following events to Sep 21, 2022 (Wed):
- It’s Time to Push the Limit for a +230 Stack
- Vanquish the Aberrant Dark Rifts
- Patrigio’s Night Market Madness

● Extended certain items obtained from the Sand Castle Crashers event to be exchangeable until Sept 21, 2022 (Wed) maintenance.
- [Event] Otter's Surf Die, [Event] Papu's Turf Die, [Event] Sweet n' Sour Strawberry Banana Sherbet, [Event] Sweet n' Savory Starfish Sherbet, [Event] Terrmian Special Coin


● Added the following items to the item list that can be automatically used via Radiant Fairy's Continuous Care.
Aloe Yogurt
Aloe Cookie
Teff Bread
Stir-Fried Vegetables
Grain Soup
Fried Vegetables
Fruit Juice
Fruit Pudding
Soft Bread
Exotic Herbal Wine
Spirit Essence of Wind
Spirit Essence of Earth
Spirit Essence of Water
Boiled Bird Eggs
Lizard Kebab
Fried Fish
Steamed Fish
Meat Stew
Seafood Mushroom Salad
Stir-Fried Seafood
Seafood Grilled with Butter
Meat Soup
Grilled Sausage
Hunter's Salad
Hard-boiled Gargoyle Leg
[Battlefield] Giant's Draught
[Battlefield] Perfume of Courage

● Changed the items icon of Advice of Valks that can be obtained from Season Special Reward and purchased from Patrigio Shop to a chest icon.
- Applies to: Advice of Valks (+100) Box, Advice of Valks (+90) Box, Advice of Valks (+80) Box, Advice of Valks (+70) Box, Advice of Valks (+60) Box, Advice of Valks (+50) Box, Advice of Valks (+40) Box, Advice of Valks (+30) Box, Advice of Valks (+20) Box.


● Changed Old Moon Combat Seal, Old Moon Life Seal, and Essence of Fury to [Guild] Old Moon Combat Seal, [Guild] Old Moon Life Seal, and [Guild] Essence of Fury, respectively.

● Added text to the [Event] Essence of Limits description that you can purchase [Event] Essence of Devouring from the arms dealer Alfredo in Velia.

● Changed the following transformation scrolls so that you cannot attack but be struck by other Adventurers while transformed.
- [Crasher] Fierce Pine Blader Transformation Scroll, [Crasher] Noble Sea Urchin Shaman Transformation Scroll, [Crasher] Holy Date Priest Transformation Scroll, [Crasher] Solitary Conch Blader Transformation Scroll, [Crasher] Dreaded Scales Shaman Transformation Scroll, [Crasher] Aloof Sea Cucumber Priest Transformation Scroll

● Changed the following transformation scrolls so you cannot recover health while transformed.
- [Crasher] Holy Date Priest Transformation Scroll, [Crasher] Aloof Sea Cucumber Priest Transformation Scroll


● Applied the following changes to better discern the "Enraged, Denial, Resolve" statues in Gyfin Rhasia Temple Underground.
- Improved the statues by adding special patterns so you can identify the nature of each statue before they become awakened.
- Changed the icon of the buff that can be obtained after defeating Enraged, Denial, or Resolve statues.

- Changed the icon of the Lost Civilization's Ruin buff that can be obtained after defeating the Butcher of Gyfin Rhasia.

● Fixed the issue of Incarnation of Corruption monster not spawning again sometimes after it disappears.

● Fixed the issue of a specific monster of [Eliva] Quint Hill spawning in a weird spot.



● Improved so you can proceed with "[Balenos] Out of One's Senses," even if you are joined in a party.
- However, no more than 2 players of the same party can proceed with the quest.

● Improved the quest requirement for "Abelin's Secret Fishing."
Abelin in Velia says there's no better way to test the performance of a fishing rod than by comparing it to any other rod in action. Equip any fishing rod of your choice and catch some rare fish.
* Before: Equip Terrmian Fishing Rod. After: Equip any of the following +0 to +10 enhanced fishing rods.
Fishing Rod
Thick Fishing Rod
Old Fishing Rod
Steel Fishing Rod
Golden Fishing Rod
Triple-Float Fishing Rod
Balenos Fishing Rod
Epheria Fishing Rod
Calpheon Fishing Rod
Mediah Fishing Rod
Florin Fishing Rod
Terrmian Fishing Rod
* However, Lando's Fishing Rod Quest/Event fishing rods are exempt.

● Changed quest requirement for "[Sights of Mediah] Traces Left Behind in the Castle," to the following:
- Before: Summon the Black Spirit (/) to accept the quest and complete it by having consecutive conversations.
- After: Accept the quest through the Black Spirit (/) then complete the quest by resummoning it.

● Fixed the issue where "The Jovial Dwarf," a quest unavailable for certain characters, would remain unaccepted in the Quest window.

● Fixed so the knowledge image for "Chimera" and "Horn" items match the actual monster's appearance.


● Improved the [Combat] Trina Demolition Axe available during Node/Conquest Wars as follows.
- [Combat] Trina Demolition Axe attacks are now more effective against Annex buildings, Medium/Large Siege Towers, and Cannons.
- You can now sprint and move faster with the Trina Demolition Axe equipped.
- The LMB and RMB attack motion with the Trina Demolition Axe equipped has been changed along with its damage, as follows.
* [LMB] to attack 3 times, max 1 hit each.
* [RMB] to attack 2 times, max 4 hits each.
* [Q] changed to now grant Forward Guard.
* Added a forward smashing motion by pressing [RMB] while sprinting with your axe.

● Added a new skill to Big Hwachas available in 3 to 4 Tier Node Wars and Conquest Wars.
- You can now rapidly fire arrows over a large area four times.
* This will consume 4 Big Hwacha arrows.
- The cooldown lasts for approx. 10 seconds.

● Improved the Dark Contract: Trolls and Ogres available during Conquest Wars as follows.
- Dark Contract: Troll's stomps now apply the Knockback debuff on attack 1 hits.
- Dark Contract: Ogre's jump attacks now deal 10% more damage against Adventurers.
- Dark Contract: Ogre's last charge attacks now deal 10% more damage against Adventurers.

● Increased the durability of Ancient Chariots available in Conquest Wars by 100% and the damage dealt to horses by 500%.
● Fixed the issue where the tooltip that appears when hovering your mouse over a Node in the World Map (M) would display overlapping text regarding War Days and War Heroes.
● Fixed the issue where you could see the number of constructed forts in the World Map (M) territory info window even after a Conquest War had concluded.
● Fixed the issue where reconnecting after applying a guild name color change would reset the applied settings.


● Decreased the overall number of rabbits scattered in Drieghan.

● Improved some lines of NPC Rao in the Blood Wolf Settlement.

● Fixed the issue of the screen being too bright for a specific effect during the prologue.

● Fixed the issue of the character moving where you couldn't pass in Gyfin Rhasia Temple Underground.


We decided to clean up the buff icon UI by unifying certain buffs, like "church buffs" which displayed 2 or more buff icons, in a similar manner as we did with campsite buffs. We will continue looking at ways to improve the buff icon UI, particularly the feedback given to us by many Adventurers on unifying buffs that grant similar effects. Additionally, we improved the buff icons of buffs, like the one for "Book of Combat", to be more intuitive.
● Improved buffs that took up 2 or more icons to now only take up 1.
- Added new buff icons and tooltip descriptions.

Changed and improved Buff Icons
Birthday Cake
Combat & Skill EXP 530% Scroll (60 min)
Combat & Skill EXP 530% Scroll (180 min)
Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min)
Blessed Message Scroll (120 min)
Book of Combat
Book of Life
AP, DP, EXP buffs purchased with Silver
"Conqueror's Might" buffs from completing bonus quests
- Improved the buff description and changed the buff icon that can be obtained by using Book of Combat/Book of Life to an item icon.

● Improved so that description regarding Contribution Lv. / Points displays the same in My Information.

● Applied the following improvements to Storage items in the Transport UI:
- Improved so the Destination list shows 10 destinations in the Sent tab.
- Improved so Transportation list shows at once in the Sent tab.

● Improved the auto-navigation (T) UI to now display a button you can press to toggle auto-Sprint.
- You can press this button to turn the auto-use Sprint feature ON/OFF while using auto-navigation.
- The following UI is displayed when auto-using Sprint during auto-navigation:

● Fixed the issue where your Chat Group would change from "Hall of Adventurers: Drakania" to "Heidel's Street" when reconnecting to the game.


● Added a button to hide Maids/Butlers from your residence.

● Improved the inventory to now display a detailed message when you aren't able to move certain items from their current inventory slot.
- The notification will appear in instances when using Processing (L), the Pet UI, the Auto Arrange function in your Inventory, etc.


● Fixed items exclusively available to New and Returning Adventurers to now display the time remaining of their status as New/Returning Adventurers instead of the sales availability of the item.
● Fixed items with permanent discounts to no longer display other information regarding the period of the sale.


● Changed and unified the following terms in English:
- Box of 1 Advice of Valks (+n) → Advice of Valks (+n) Box

● Changed and unified the following terms in Turkish:
- Komuta Karakolu → Komuta Merkezi
- [Balenos] Surprise totale / Pris de panique → Panique totale


● [Lahn] Fixed the issue where the chest in your character's hands appeared awkward during the Cheer social action.
● [Shai] Fixed the issue where the character's neck appeared abnormal when equipping the Hop Hop Troupe Helmet.
● [Corsair, Drakania] Fixed the issue where other Adventurers equipped with the Sun's Resolve outfit appeared abnormal.
● [Drakania] Changed the length of the Sun's Resolve outfit's cape.
● Fixed the issue where the Season Pass banner text appeared awkward.

Recent Major Updates

To help newer or returning Adventurers keep up with the latest updates, we’ve compiled a list of some of our recent major updates.


Henüz maceralara alışkın olmayan ve gelişmekte olan Maceracılar için başlıca güncellemeler!

Eşya Ara Fonksiyonu

O eşyayı nereye koymuştum?


ESC - Karakter - Eşya Ara fonksiyonu ile istediğiniz eşyayı hızlıca bulabilirsiniz.

Av Sahası Bilgileri Arayüzü Yenilemesi

Benim potansiyelime uygun av sahası neresi acaba?
Diye düşünüyorsanız, Menü (ESC) - Macera (F5) üzerinden "Av Sahası Bilgisi"ne tıklayın.

Balenos Ana Görevleri Yenilemesi

Maceracıların memleketi olan Balenos'un ana görevleri yenilendi.
Seslendirme ve ara sahnelerle yepyeni bir yüze kavuşan Balenos'ta maceraya atılın.


Eserler & Işık Taşları

Eserler ve Işık Taşları eklendi. Black Desert dünyasındaki maceracılarınızdan elde edebileceğiniz Eserler ve Işık Taşları ile karakterinizi özelleştirin!

Artık Geçebilirsiniz! Sonsuz Kış Dağı'na!

Sonsuz Kış Dağı kapılarını Maceracılara açtı.

Ana görev serisi için hemen yeni veya favori karakterinizi açın.

Yeni eklenen eşyalar ve canavar bölgeleriyle yeni bölgede maceraya atılın!

Yeni Maceracılar için Gelişim Pasosu

Black Desert dünyasını öğrenirken ödüller kazanmak ister misiniz? Gelişim Pasosu ile Black Desert'ın uçsuz bucaksız dünyasını adım adım keşfedin! 

Narchillan Ekipmanı

Yolculuğunuzda yeni Maceracılara yardımcı olacak ekipman!

Yükseltme Yaşam Kalitesi İyileştirmeleri!

Yükseltme yapmak için artık sıkıcı hazırlıklar yok!

Artık yükseltme şansını doğrudan artırmak için Kara Taşları kullanabilirsiniz.

Garantili PEN (V) Boss Ekipmanı Görev Serisi

EN YÜKSEK yükseltme seviyesi olan PEN (Vseviyesinde Boss ekipmanı elde etmek için "Eski Ay Klanı'nın Ticaret Önerisigörev serisini tamamlayın! 

Garantili PEN (V) Aksesuar Görev Serisi

Her Aile için bir kez tamamlayabileceğiniz görev serisinde EN YÜKSEK yükseltme seviyesine sahip bir aksesuar edinin!


Savaşmaktan hoşlanan Maceracılar için başlıca güncellemeler!

Buff Kolaylığı İyileştirmesi

Saldırı/Savunma/EXP buffı alırken, artık Altın Külçe hazır etmeksizin, Gümüş Para ile buff alabileceğiniz şekilde iyileştirme yapıldı.


Okyanus Av Sahası İyileştirmeleri ve Gemi Geliştirme Zorluk Seviyelerinin Düşürülmesi

Okyanus av sahalarındaki ganimet ödülleri ve düşürme oranları iyileştirildi. Av sahasına göre özellikler eklendi.


Ayrıca gemi geliştirme zorluk seviyeleri de düşürülerek, okyanusa biraz daha kolay şekilde giriş yapılabilmesi sağlandı.

Solare Arenası Sezon Öncesi

Ekipman farkı olmaksızın, eşit şekilde oynanabilen 3'e karşı 3 PvP!
Solare Arenası'nda özgürce yeteneklerinizi sergileyin.

Calpheon Elvia Diyarı

Calpheon'daki Saunil Kampı, Rhutum Karakolu, Gehaku Ovası, Cadı Tapınağı ve Quint Tepesi av sahaları, Hadum'un enerjisine teslim oldu.
Calpheon Elvia Diyarı'nda Godr-Ayed Silah malzemesi ile Kimya Taşı yapılandırma eşyalarını elde edebilirsiniz.


Marni'nin Gizli Diyarı - Kişisel Av Sahası

Diğer Maceracılarla karşı karşıya gelmediğin, sadece sana ait olan kişisel bir av sahası!
Marni'nin Gizli Diyarı'nda endişe etmeksizin avlanın.

Aşama 5 Pet

Maceranın sadık yoldaşı! Alfa Pet kendini gösterdi.
Aşama 4 Pet'i eğiterek Aşama 5 yaptıktan sonra Alfa Pet olarak atama yaparsanız, tüm Petlerin ganimet toplama hızları artar.

Yeni Kızıl Arena - Valencia Şehri

Kızıl Arena PvP içeriğine yeni bir savaş alanı eklendi.
Valencia Şehri'nin kalbindeki bu yepyeni arena modunda ele geçirme noktaları uğruna mücadele etmek için ekibinizle birlikte strateji oluşturun!

Valencia Canavar Ganmet İyileştirmesi

Valencia bölgesindeki önemsiz canavar bölgeleri daha kazançlı olacak şekilde yenilendi!

Ornette ve Odore'nin Ruh Özü Elde Etmenin Yeni Yolu

Ornette ve Odore'nin Ruh Özü için yeni alt malzemeler oyuna eklendi

Yükseltilmiş Caphras Taşı Düşürme Oranı

Çeşitli canavar bölgelerinde artan Caphras Taşı düşürme oranlarıyla gelişiminizi hızlandırın!

Elvia Diyarı

Hadum karanlık etkisini Serendia'ya yayar. Serendia Elvia Diyarı'nın korkunç ve güçlü canavarlarıyla savaşın!


Rahatlatıcı bir oyun arayan Maceracılar için başlıca güncellemeler!

Düşlem Tüyü / Kraliyet Eğreltisi Kökü Görevi İyileştirmeleri

Düşlem Tüyü elde etme haftalık görevinin zorluk seviyesi düşürüldü ve Kraliyet Eğreltisi Kökü günlük görevinin ödül miktarı arttırıldı.


Müzik, maceraların ayrılmaz bir parçasıdır.


Marniwave aracılığıyla istediğiniz yer ve zamanda istediğiniz müzikleri kolayca dinleyebilirsiniz.

Perinin Nefesi / Gömülü İz

Toplama yaparken ortaya çıkan Perinin Nefesi ve Gömülü İz!


Keskin ve Sert Kara Kristal Parçalarını ek olarak elde edebilirsiniz.


Gömülü İz'den çıkan Gizemli Kutu'yu açmak için "Altın Anahtar" gereklidir!

Fotoğraf Modu Yenilemesi

Size özel bir anın ekran görüntüsünü rahatça alın!


Fotoğraf Modu yenilemesiyle, çeşitli sahneleme özelliklerini rahatça kullanabilirsiniz.

Marni'nin Enstrümanları / Florkestra Kontrbas

Sıcacık tonlara sahip yeni enstrüman Florkestra Kontrbas ve tıpkı elektronik enstrümanlar gibi benzersiz tonlar barındıran Marni'nin enstrümanlarıyla tanışın.

umuşacık Alpaka


Liana'nın Toplama Aleti Çantası

Kazma, Çapa, Kasap Bıçağı, Sıvı Toplayıcı vb... Her türlü toplama aletini Liana'nın Toplama Aleti Çantası'na koyarak rahatça kullanabilirsiniz.

Beste Kolaylık İyileştirmeleri

Besteci Maceracıların, şaheserlerini biraz daha rahat bir şekilde besteleyebilmeleri için, Beste fonksiyonunun kullanım kolaylığında geniş kapsamlı iyileştirmeler yapıldı.

  Yumuşacık Alpaka

Shai'nin sevimli arkadaşı Alpaka'ya binerek maceraya atılalım!

Alpaka'nın hayallerini ve sevgisini içeren 7 çeşit beceriyi öğrenebilirsiniz.

Yeni Mini Oyun Yar!

Herkesin keyifle oynayabileceği yeni bir kart oyunu eklendi! Yeni mini oyun Yar!'da NPC'lere ve diğer Maceracılara karşı oynayın!
We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,
Thank you.
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