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Updates [Update] December 14, 2022 (Wed) Update Details
Black Desert 2022-12-14 07:00
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Hello, Adventurers.


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on December 14,, 2022.

(Patch size: approx. 3.01 GB)
- Please note that the update for Steam may be larger than the size listed above.


※ Please read below for details.



[GM Note] Specialized growth, the Winter Season starts December 14!

[More details]

[Event] Black Desert's events and coupons at a glance!

[More details]


MAJOR UPDATES - Woosa, the Enlightened Butterfly

The butterfly soaring through the skies of enlightenment.

Our new class Woosa, hailing from the Land of the Morning Light, wields a fan imbued with Do arts. Her play style isn’t aggressive with complicated controls, but is rather relaxed, so we hope that new Adventurers will be able to adjust without too much difficulty. Of course, this leisurely play style does not affect how her skills are used and expressed within the game. Her skills were meticulously designed to bring about an immersive dynamic of rolling clouds, rain, lightning, and powerful winds- all summoned by Woosa herself.

As her roots lie in the Land of the Morning Light, she takes on special movements and skills that reflect this. For example, after her basic movement (Yangban Step) or special movement (Butterfly Step), she will settle into a leisurely pose reminiscent of her home culture. Representing this as well are the Sagoonja (Plum, Orchid, Chrysanth, and Bamboo), artwork brought to life from a hanging scroll she unfurls as she attacks her enemies. These are characteristics that have never been seen before, so we hope all of you enjoy the charm that this class has to offer.

Woosa is Black Desert's 25th character, and it’s thanks to your continuous love and support that our wide assortment of characters came to be. We are forever grateful and will do our very best to make this game enjoyable for you all. Thank you.

※ Woosa's Rabam skills, 2 Prime skills, and Magnus skill are planned to be released in future updates. Her current skills have been balanced in PvE and PvP with the aforementioned skills missing from her skill list. Therefore, there may be some additional adjustments made to her existing skills when these skills are released.

▲ New Class Woosa Combat Video

◆ The new class 'Woosa', the butterfly soaring through the skies of enlightenment, has been released.
◇ Until Awakening is released for Woosa, 100% of her main weapon's AP will be applied in Succession.
◇ Succession will be available after Woosa reaches Lv. 56 via quest.
◇ Woosa cannot accept the "[The Magnus] Abyssal Revelation" quest.
- This quest will become available once the relevant skill is released at a later date.
◆ Woosa's skills in today's official update have been refined since her initial reveal.

▲ Rain's Thirst

◆ Marni's Pocket Watch, obtainable by completing Woosa's Succession questline, can be equipped to her awakening weapon slot.

Marni's Pocket Watch

※ You can reform Marni's Pocket Watch with Heart of Karanda or Inverted Heart of Garmoth to get additional effects. It is not an enhanceable item.
※ You can purchase the Mirror of Equilibrium from the Duvencrune blacksmith to extract items used for reforming from the reformed Marni's Pocket Watch.
※ Season characters cannot equip Marni's Pocket Watch.

Preparing for Woosa's Awakening Weapon

◆ Added the Tuvala Pendant to the season servers to prepare for Woosa's future awakening weapon release.
◇ The item cannot be equipped but will later be exchanged for an awakening weapon when Awakening is released.
◇ You can obtain the pertaining item with a season Woosa through a quest via Fughar ([Season] For the Future - Tuvala Pendant).
◇ You can enhance the PRI (I) Tuvala Pendant up to PEN (V) enhancement level. 

You can exchange spare PRI (I) to PEN (V) Tuvala Swallowtail Fans for Tuvala Pendants of the same enhancement level.
([Awakening Weapon EXC] PRI (I) to PEN (V) Tuvala Pendant quests)

◆ Like other Tuvala gear, you can enhance and repair the durability of the Tuvala Pendant with seasonal enhancement materials.
◇ Seasonal enhancement materials: Time-filled Black Stone, Refined Magical Black Stone, Tuvala Ore

◆ You can also use Heating on an unenhanced an Tuvala Pendant to obtain one Tuvala Ore.
◆ The Tuvala Pendant will automatically be exchanged for Woosa's Tuvala awakening weapon when her Awakening is released.
◆ You can obtain the Tuvala Pendant either as a quest reward or by exchanging one Tuvala Ore for a Tuvala Awakening Weapon Box containing the Tuvala Pendant at a blacksmith in any major city

◆ Added the following quests to exchange Tuvala Swallowtail Fans for a Tuvala Pendant of the same enhancement level.
◇ [Awakening Weapon EXC] PRI (I) Tuvala Pendant
◇ [Awakening Weapon EXC] DUO (II) Tuvala Pendant
◇ [Awakening Weapon EXC] TRI (III) Tuvala Pendant
◇ [Awakening Weapon EXC] TET (IV) Tuvala Pendant
◇ [Awakening Weapon EXC] PEN (V) Tuvala Pendant

◆ Added the following quests for Woosa.
◇ [Enhancement] Even Sharper Tuvala Awakening Weapon I
◇ [Enhancement] Even Sharper Tuvala Awakening Weapon II
※ You can accept the above quests with the appropriately enhanced Tuvala Pendant in your Inventory and talking to Fughar.

◆ Added Hall of Adventurers: Woosa, a group chat to talk about the new class, Woosa.

◆ You can now increase your characters slots to a maximum of 29 slots with Character Slot Expansion Coupons.

Butterfly Dream (Family AP +1 and DP +1)
◆ Added a Family-shared buff, "Butterfly Dream," to celebrate the release of the new class "Woosa."
◇ Period: Dec 14, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance - one month after the new class "Maegu" is released
◇ Applied effects: Family AP +1, DP +1

[GM Note] Woosa, the Butterfly who Brings Forth the Storms!

MAJOR UPDATES - Winter Season Begins!

◆ Winte Season has begun. (Dec 14, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance - Feb 15, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance)
◇ You gain boosted EXP when playing on a season server, where you can equip "Tuvala gear" to quickly level up your season character while completing the season pass.
◇ Select "Season Character" in the Character Creation menu when creating a new character to access the season servers.
◇ Season characters can access both season servers and normal servers. Normal characters cannot access the season servers.
◇ Season characters can only equip seasonal gear issued by completing the main questline and cannot mount up on Dream Horses.
◇ For more information, please refer to the Adventurer's Guide - [Season Servers & Characters].
◇ With the start of a new season, Rulupee-1 servers have been changed to Season-1, Season Arsha servers.

Life Skill and Leveling Buffs for the Winter Season!

◆ For the 2022 Winter Season, along with the usual seasonal benefits, the following changes have been added.
◇ For more information on the usual seasonal benefits, please refer to the [Adventurer's Guide - Season Servers & Characters].
◇ The following items guarantee the enhancement of TET (IV) Tuvala gear and accessories to PEN (V) enhancement level during the Winter Season.
- Boiling Tides Black Stone, Frozen Tides Black Stone

1. Life Skill EXP +30%

◆ Season Servers grant Life EXP +30% (excludes Trading)
※ Life EXP Boost will be applied after Dec 28 (Wed) maintenance.

2. Increased Gathering Resource when Gathering

◆ When collecting items from the season server with the gathering tool, you can obtain an additional +100% of the basic ingredients below.
Examples of extra obtainable gathering resource

Lumbering Fluid Collector Hoe Gathering Butchering Tanning Mining


Blood & Fluids

Wild Grass


( 1st Crafting Material like Sheep Hide and others)

Rough Stone
1. Will not apply to scooping water, shoveling, milking and bare-handed gathering.
2. Increase in obtainable amount in season servers will be affected by the Pet Hedgehog's skill.
3. Items related to Life EXP cannot be worn by season characters (excluding artifacts and lightstones).


3. Tuvala Enhancement Materials and Season Items from Gathering
◆ When Gathering items in season servers, you can obtain Tuvala enhancement materials and 5 types of season items, listed below.

1. Will not apply to scooping water, shoveling, milking, or bare-handed gathering.
2. The following items are rare ingredients, thus are not affected by the Pet Hedgehog's skill.
- Time-filled Black Stone, Refined Magical Black Stone, Tuvala Ore, [Season] Rift's Butterfly, Rift's Fragment


4. Violet Fan Charms and Rift's Butterflies
◆ You can obtain "[Season] Violet Fan Charm" and "[Season] Rift's Butterfly" during the Winter Season.

5. Winter Season Pass
◆ You can start the Winter Season Pass.
◇ Check the season pass through the season pass icon on the top right of the screen.

※ Now you no longer need dig through your Inventory (I) for the Leveling Aid Boxes!
From this Winter Season, you can obtain the rewards directly from the Season Pass! 
The items contained in each Leveling Aid Box have been added to the respective Season Pass objectives!

Tip! Guide for Adventurers starting the season!
※ Details regarding the season server can be found in [Adventurer's Guide - Season Server & Characters].
- You can find more information and guides through the table of contents located on the left side of the Adventurer's Guide.




Compared to other classes, Succession Ninja requires a higher proficiency in controls to rapidly connect the class' fast-paced skills.
Taking this into consideration, the PVE performance of skills that are primarily used for monster zones has been increased. These skills include Prime: Black Moonlight, Prime: Blade Spin, Prime: Red Rain, Prime: Beheading the Dead, and more.
However factors that can affect PvP performance have not been changed, such as the movement speed of these skills.
The cooldown time for skills widely used in PvP such as Ninjutsu: Oni Shadow, Shuriken: Moon Dive, and Ninjutsu: Decapitation, have been reduced for increased efficiency. In addition, the descriptions of some skills have been updated to be understood more intuitively, as they were somewhat ambiguous before.

Shuriken: Moon Dive
◆ Changed the skill cooldown from 20 sec → 12 sec.

Ninjutsu: Decapitation
◆ Changed the skill cooldown from 20 sec → 12 sec.
◆ Changed the number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But the total PvP damage remains the same.)
◇ Attack damage 1533% x 4 → 1533% x 7
◇ Additional attack damage 1533% x 5 → 1533% x 7
◇ Hits in PvP: -2 → -4.
◇ Extra attack hits in PvP: -0 → -3.

Ghost Claw
◆ Changed the number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But, the total PvP damage remains the same.)
◇ Attack 1 damage 650% x 4 → 1035% x 4
◇ Attack 2 damage 875% x 4 → 1035% x 6
◇ Damage reduction for PvP 52% → 64.3%

Main Weapon, Succession
Prime: Dark Frenzy
◆ Changed so the timing of the hit matches the actual skill motion.
◆ Changed the skill's Stun effect to the following:
◇ Stun on attacks 1 and 3 (PvE only) → Stun on explosion attack hits (PvE only)
◆ Changed number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But, the total PvP damage remains the same.)

Before After


Prime: Shuriken Flight
◆ Added backward attack descriptions to the extra attack damage description.
◆ Changed number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But, the total PvP damage remains the same.)

Before After

Prime: Black Moonlight
◆ Added shuriken attack effect descriptions which are applied upon connecting into combo after certain skills.
◆ Changed number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But, the total PvP damage remains the same.)
◇ Attack damage 1416% x 3 → Upward strike attack damage 1416% x 1
◇ Extra attack damage 1416% x 8 → Shuriken attack damage 1416% x 12
- Thus, shuriken hits were reduced by 2 for PvP.

Prime: Blade Spin
◆ Changed number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But, the total PvP damage remains the same.)
◇ Attack 1711% x 7 → Spin attack damage 1711% x 10
◇ Extra attack damage 1350% x 4 → 1711% x 4
- Thus, spin attack hits will be decreased by 2 for PvP.

Prime: Red Rain
◆ Changed number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But, the total PvP damage remains the same.)
◇ Attack 1 damage 1512% x 1 → Upward strike attack damage 1512% x 1
◇ Attack 2 damage 1512% x 7 → Shuriken attack damage 1512% x 14
◇ Attack 3 damage 1693% x 2 → Explosion attack damage 1693% x 2
- Thus, the number of shuriken attacks will be reduced to half.

Prime: Beheading the Dead
◆ Changed number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But, the total PvP damage remains the same.)
◇ Attack damage 1620% x 5 → 1620% x 7
◇ Additional attack damage 1620% x 5 → 1620% x 7
- Thus, the attack and additional attack hits will be decreased by 2 for PvP.


Compared to other classes, Succession Witch and Wizard require higher control proficiency in order to connect well-timed combos.
Taking this into consideration, the PvE performance of major skills such as Prime: Frigid Fog: Control, Prime: Frigid Fog: Disrupt, and Prime: Voltaic Pulse has been increased. In particular, the effectiveness of Prime: Freeze has been increased to prove more useful in powerful monster zones. Also, the freezing effect of certain skills has been updated to only applied in PvP to minimize unintended freezing effects during PvE.

Main Weapon, Succession
Prime: Freeze
◆ Changed "Freezing on hits" to PvP only.
◆ Changed PvE damage and number of hits as follows: (But, skill's PvP damage remains the same.)
◇ Attack damage 428% / 514% / 578% x 5 → 628% / 792% / 1156% x 5
◇ Extra attack damage 684% / 728% / 862% x 5 → 984% / 1204% / 1724% x 5
◇ First attack damage -20.1% in PvP, additional attack damage -24.0% → PvP damage -60%

Prime: Frigid Fog: Control
◆ Changed "Freezing on hits" to PvP only.
◆ Changed number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But, the total PvP damage remains the same.)
◇ Attack Damage 963% / 1204% / 1467% x 5 → 963% / 1204% / 1467% x 8
◇ Damage in PvP -25% → -53.1%

Prime: Frigid Fog: Disrupt
◆ Changed number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But, the total PvP damage remains the same.)
◇ Attack damage 867% / 1041% / 1322% x 5 → 867% / 1041% / 1322% x 8
◇ Damage in PvP -30% → -56.3%

Prime: Meteor Shower: Areal
◆ Changed number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But, the total PvP damage remains the same.)
◇ Meteor attack damage 1544% x 6 → 1544% x 8
- Thus, meteor attack hits were reduced by 2 for PvP.

Prime: Meteor Shower: Focus
◆ Changed number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But, the total PvP damage remains the same.)
◇ Meteor attack damage 1511% x 10 → 1511% x 13
- Thus, meteor attack hits were reduced by 3 for PvP.

Prime: Lightning
◆ Changed number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But, the total PvP damage remains the same.)
◇ Attack damage 838% / 1089% / 1257% x 3 → 838% / 1089% / 1257% x 4
◇ Extra attack damage 838% / 1089% / 1257% x 4 → 838% / 1089% / 1257% x 6
◇ Damage in PvP -40% → -58%

Prime: Voltaic Pulse
◆ Changed number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But, the total PvP damage remains the same.)
◇ Attack damage 1258% x 7 → 1258% x 10
- Thus, hits were reduced by 3 for PvP.

Prime: Bolide of Destruction
◆ Changed number of hits for the skill in PvE as follows: (But, the total PvP damage remains the same.)
◇ Attack damage 1273% x 8 → 1273% x 10
- Thus, hits were reduced by 2 for PvP.



There has been continuous feedback asking for the Dark Knight to be balanced.
After delving into the issue, certain combinations of Succession skills proved to be overpowered in PvP, so we have reduced the PvP damage of Prime: Kamasylvia Slash, and changed its connecting controls following Prime: Twilight Dash.
Though we tried our best to maintain the current characteristics of the Dark Knight, we came to the conclusion that these changes were inevitable. We ask for your understanding, especially from those who enjoy the Dark Knight.
We will continue to be diligent in checking and updating areas that require improvement and adjustment.

Main Weapon, Succession
Prime: Twilight Dash
◆ Changed the activation method for Prime: Kamasylvia Slash activated by pressing RMB during Prime: Twilight Dash.
◇ Attack after moving behind the enemy when aiming at them → Back attack after moving a certain distance
◆ Changed Prime: Kamasylvia Slash I charged damage to normal damage that comboes when pressing RMB during Prime: Twilight Dash.

Prime: Kamasylvia Slash
◆ Changed Prime: Kamasylvia Slash (I to III) damage and number of hits.
◇ Attack damage 1240% / 1475% / 1710% x 4 / 4 / 5 → 1240% / 1475% / 1710% x 6 / 6 / 8
◇ Charge attack damage 1240% / 1475% / 1710% x 7 → 1240% / 1475% / 1710% x 9 / 9 / 11
◇ Damage in PvP -5.4% → -40.8%


[Solo] Atoraxxion Thread Guide
◆ Added a guide on Threads to [Solo] Atoraxxion's main questline.
◇ "Thread's Kyvelan Hexadron" added next to the Thread you will meet during [Solo] Vahmalkea and Sycrakea main questlines.
◇ A guide to solving the Thread will be provided when interacting with Architect's Kyvelan Hexadron.
- You can find Architect's Kyvelan Hexadron only in [Solo] Atoraxxion.

Monster Zone Improvements
◆ Improved Protty Cave, Balenos Monster Zone, as follows:
Monster & Monster Zones Improvements
[Hungry] Protty - Caphras Stone drop rate has been increased by 2 times.
[Violent] Zera Protty - Caphras Stone drop rate has been increased by 3 times.
[Overlord] Kaz Protty - Caphras Stone drop rate has been increased by 5 times.
[Parasitic] Sid Protty Increased the chances of a high-level Protty or rare monster appearing significantly when attacking "Parasitic" Sid Protty.
Protty Cave Changed all Sid Protty's HP and defense.
* Parasitic, Gnawing, and Satiating Sid Protty
- Decreased the HP by approximately 93%
- Increased the defense by approximately 160%
Increased the chances of "Parasitic" Sid Protty appearing by 1.6 times when attacking Protty Ootheca.
Changed the Protty Ootheca's HP and defense.
- Decreased HP by approximately 50%
- Increased defense by approximately 140%
Changed to summon a high-level Protty from those with the most HP remaining when you target all Sid Protty and Protty Ootheca.

◆ Improved O'dyllita Monster Zone and Tunkuta as follows:
Adventurers needed to have an understanding of Tunkuta monster zones such as monsters' short pursue distance, the low frequency of potentially aggroing a monster from afar, and knowing the exact location of Ulutuka's spawn in order to navigate the zone effectively unlike other co-op monster zones.
Therefore, we have slightly increased the monsters' pursuit distance, changed monsters to immediately pursue when you attack them at range, and increased accessibility by making changes to the situation where Ulutuka's spawn was different depending on where Ulutuka's Alert was obtained. Also, you are now guaranteed to obtain Embers of Despairs as a drop when you defeat Ulutuka, so we hope you look forward to these changes.
Monster & Monster Zones Improvements
Ulutuka Improved the loot that can be obtained when you defeat Ulutuka as shown below.
- Guaranteed to receive Embers of Despair x1.
- Guaranteed to receive Turo Heart x1.
- Increased the total amount of obtainable Caphras Stones by 50%
Tunkuta Improved the movements of Turo Pike Warrior and Turo Scout.
- Improved to pursue the target after attacking from a long distance.
Improved the pursuit distance of Turo Pike Warrior, Turo Scout, and Turo Berserker.
- Increased the pursuit distance by 10%
- Fixed the issue where Ulutuka did not appear when you obtained Ulutuka's Alert outside an area where Ulutuka would normally spawn.
◇ Increased the reward amount that can be obtained when you complete the Tunkuta daily quests.
- Increased the amount of Caphras Stone that can be obtained from completing daily quests.
- Reward item: Caphras Stone x3 → Caphras Stone x5

Improved Daily Quests
* [Daily] Suppress the Strongest Ones, [Daily] Turo Scouts Who Lost Their Minds, [Daily] Unknown Stench

◆ Changed the time it takes for the thread to reset when you complete the Unacceptable Imitation thread that is located in Vaha's Storm in [Solo] Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea.
◇ Reset time 30 sec → 120 sec

Rift's Echo
◆ Changed how to summon [Season] Rift's Echo.

Before After
Monster will spawn when the party leader uses the Rift's Echo
at a designated spot.
Party members can obtain rewards.
Summon and talk to the NPC Faded Ancient Relic at a designated spot via the UI.
Register the number of Rift's Echoes according to the stage that the party leader desires.
All party members have to register the same amount of Rift's Echoes.
The party leader and all party members can obtain rewards.

※ Methods from "before" still available!
◇ Monsters that can be summoned through the "Faded Ancient Relic" NPC are from Stage 1 and 3. The recommended number of Rift's Echo per stage and AP are as follows:
Stage Number of Rift's Echoes
1 1 per party member
3 3 per party member
◇ Regardless of the number of party members, the boss's difficulty and rewards will differ according to the number of Rift's Echoes registered by an individual, so it is highly recommended to use these together in a party.
- The higher the stage, the stronger the enemy that will appear, but also the greater rewards.
◇ Changed so that Rift's Echoes do not stack in your Inventory.
◇ Changed so Rift's Fragments stack in your Inventory.
- Changed so Rift's Echo can be crafted with Rift's Fragment x5 by Simple Alchemy (L).
※ Rift's Echo is only available on Season Servers.

Skills for the Tutorial
◆ Fixed so you can now fight with the Ancient Weapons using class skills after moving to Hystria during the tutorial.
◇ Improved the following along with the changes in combat styles during the tutorial in Hystria accordingly.
- Improved so the skill guide displays during the tutorial in Hystria.
- Changed some parts of tutorial description.
- MP/WP/SP won't be consumed during the tutorial. (Some skills excluded)
- Cooldown won't be applied while using the skill during the tutorial. (Some skills excluded)


◆ Changed so the character cheers when obtaining the following items from the box while the world message shows:
◇ Inverted Heart of Garmoth
◇ [Event] Shakatu's Golden Treasures Box
◆ Changed so the character cheers when obtaining the following items from the box:
◇ Choose Your TET (IV) Manos Accessory Box
◇ Choose Your TET (IV) Manos Clothes Box
◇ Choose Your TRI (III) Manos Accessory Box
◇ Splendid Alchemy Stone of Destruction
◇ Splendid Alchemy Stone of Protection
◇ Splendid Alchemy Stone of Life
◇ Wagon Registration: Forest Path Wagon
◆ Fixed the issue of "Sturdy Forest Tread" not displaying under obtainable items within Manshaum Narc's Stone item description.

◆ Added text regarding the removal date to the following item descriptions:
◇ J's Hammer of Loyalty, Origin of Dark Hunger
◆ Changed Radiant Fairy Wings skill description text to state that up to 6 fairy skills can be obtained.

◆ Reset the cooldowns of Blessing of Fragrant Wind and Blessing of Breathing Earth items that have effects in-use.


Adjusted reward and drop rate of loot that can be obtained from world bosses Quint and Muraka
◆ Increased the obtainable amount and drop rate of loots and also included additional items in the loots that can be obtained when you defeat the world boss Quint and Muraka if you contributed more than 70% contributed damage.
World Boss Improvements
- Included Gold Bars as items obtainable from loot.
* Gold Bar 100G, Gold Bar 10G, Gold Bar 1G
- Increased the drop rate of Belongings of an Adventurer by 2.5 times.
- Doubled the amount of Mutant Enhancer that can be obtained.
- You are guaranteed to obtain a Dim Ogre Ring.
- Increased the amount of Mutant Enhancer that can be obtained by 4 times.

Shultz Guard Monster Zone Update
The Shultz Guards monster zone was rebalanced to become a 3-men party monster zone. Season items and Combat EXP were increased so that Adventurers in the season server, AP between 220 and 250, can enjoy party play. In addition, the rate of Agris Fever consumption was adjusted for season Adventurers.
In short, the number of monsters Adventurers would need to defeat was decreased while obtainable loot and EXP were increased to accommodate more Adventurers.
With this Combat EXP adjustment, we hope that Shultz Guards will become a nice stepping stone for Adventurers playing on the season servers.
◆ Revamed Shultz Guard Monster Zones in Mediah.
◇ Incresaed shop selling price of junk items from 4,520 to 11,050 silver.
※ Price of items looted before the regular patch update on December 14 (Wed) will not change.
◇ Updated monster zone to be specialized for Combat EXP and Agris Fever.
- Increased Combat EXP by approx. 400%, and Skill EXP by approx. 250%.
- Changed the number of Agris Fever points that will be consumed as follows:
* Shultz Guard Gladiator, Sniper, Armored Soldier: Consumes 15 → Consumes 8
* [Elite] Shultz Guard Gladiator, Sniper, Armored Soldier and [Shultz Guard Captain] Kunga: Consumes 15 → Changed so Agris Fever effect is not applied.
◇ Adjustd the HP and DP to an adequate level for a party of 3 Co-op combat for the applicable monster zones.
◇ Increased the following monster zones loot:
- Increased Shultz Guard Gladiator loot.
- Increased Shultz Guard Sniper loot.
- Increased Shultz Guard Armored Soldier loot.
◇ Reduced the spawning rate of [Violent] Shultz Guard Gladiator. Increased loot accordingly.
- Increased the spawning rate and loot of [Shultz Guard Captain] Kunga that spawns after defeating this monster.
- Changed so Item Drop Rate and Agris Fever effect will not be applied when defeating extra monsters that spawn in the monster zone. Increased loot accordingly.



◆ Improved making it easier to find the quest complete location once you complete all the quests for [Maehwa Awakening] Flame of Blue Moonlight.
◆ Fixed the issue where the quest complete requirement displayed as "reel up seaweed" in [Fishing] Hauling in Discarded Glass Bottles, one of the Abelin's Triple-Float Fishing Rod questline.
◆ Fixed the issue where the quest content was abnormal for "Marni's Great Discovery - The End

Old Moon Guild's Trade Offer quest (quest to obtain PEN (V) accessories)
The PEN (V) Accessory Quest was prepared to relieve the burden of equipment for both new and seasoned Adventurers. However, the PEN (V) accessory itself is difficult and expensive to attain, so the process of reaching PEN (V) was painstakingly long. Now, 17 months after the release, we decided that it was time to shorten the process, so we doubled the reward for this quest. We hope this helps new Adventurers who have yet to attain these accessories.
◆ Updated so that you can obtain twice as much 'Burning Moonlight Black Stone Powder', a material needed to achieve PEN (V) accessories.
◇ This item can be obtained upon completing [Old Moon Guild Manager] Jetina's 'Restocking Supplies', and 'Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request' quests.
Quest Name Reward
[Daily] Restocking Supplies - Life Quests
Burning Moonlight Black Stone Powder x1x2
[Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request - Subjugation Quests
Burning Moonlight Black Stone Powder x2x4
+0 → PRI (I): x5
PRI (I) → DUO (II): x15
DUO (II) → TRI (III): x20
TRI (III) → TET (IV): x30
TET (IV) → PEN (V): Dancing Moonlight Black Stone x110
※ For +0 → TET (IV), 'Burning Moonlight Black Stone Powder' x70 is required in total.

◆ Improved the description of Naru gear enhancement in Black Spirit's Advice I and Black Spirit's Advice II quests that can be obtained when selecting Mountain of Eternal Winter as the starting zone.
◆ Added Mercenary Office conversation category to prevent Nana Margot's dream cutscene from replaying by talking to Odelphin during the [Everfrost] main questline.


◆ Updated so that music, sound effect, and cutscene volumes can be adjusted through Settings - Audio Settings
◆ Fixed the issue where the audio volume was lower than intended during certain cutscenes.
◆ Fixed the issue where objects and characters appeared abnormally during the cutscene in [Atoraxxion] Rux Maha Dehkia.
◆ Fixed the issue of the wolves' movement being abnormal when getting farther from the wolves in [Balenos] Forest Wolves cutscene.
◆ Changed so you are unmounted Heilang after the cutscene is over when being mounted on Heilang during the cutscene in Yolu's Cradle.
◆ Fixed the issue of the subtitles being abnormally displayed in [Balenos] Nightmare of Cron Castle quest cutscene.
◆ We added winter themed background music that suits the season in each village in Black Desert.


◆ Improved so Mail (B) messages that are close to expiring display in order from the top.
◆ Changed some terms at the bottom the skill guide widget so it matches the selected language.
◆ Improved so the NPC Leyla, who helps you with Season Graduation and Early Graduation, can be searched in Find NPC.
◇ You need this NPC knowledge in order to search in Find NPC.
◇ Obtain knowledge on NPC Leyla by talking to Leyla or talking to Fughar about graduation.
◆ Changed the End Game UI design to an image of Woosa.


◆ Fixed the issue of the note starting point being different when trying to move the created note in the Music Album Compose screen.
◆ Fixed the issue of the Compose UI ratio going back 100% when minimizing or maximizing Music Album Compose screen.
◆ Fixed the issue of not being able to move with one click after setting up mouse movements.
◇ This setting can be found in Settings - Interface Settings - Mouse Interface - Use Mouse to Move.
◆ In the case of products in the "In Registration Queue" category of the Central Market, updates have been made so that pre-orders at a higher price than the corresponding amount cannot be done between the start of the waiting time to sale registration (for 15 minutes).
※ Until sales are registered, pre-orders can only be purchased at an amount equal to or lower than the registered sales price. In the case of weapons, items of all classes are subject to the same.
◆ The Central Market system message displayed when you've exceeded the number of Pearl Items that can be sold per week has been updated to be more intuitive.


◆ Woosa added to the character introduction page.
◆ Updated the Community page to work more smoothly.
◆ Updated UI for "Reset launcher settings" and "Reset Game UI Settings" in launch window.


◆ Changed and unified the following terms in English:
◇ Taeback → Taebaek


◆ Improved Like a Painting keyword of Atoraxxion: Yolunakea knowledge.
◆ Fixed the issue of not being able to use Ancient Spirit Light properly in certain situations.
◆ Fixed the issue of not being able to gather Truffle Mushrooms that showed up in certain locations.
◆ Fixed the issue of Musical Spirit Wall Lamp displaying abnormally in certain situations.
◆ Fixed the issue of not being able to move Old Moon Fortune Scrolls to Family Inventory.
◆ Fixed the issue of being able to use other items besides potions in the Arena of Arsha.
◆ Fixed the issue of the Arctic Fox pet skill description appearing abnormal.
◆ [Wizard] Fixed the issue of the Bloody Suit's pants appearing darker when dyed the same color.
◆ Fixed the issue of other effects, alongside those of other characters, being removed when activating 'Remove Faraway Effects' in Settings → Display Settings → Display Quality.
◆ Fixed the issue of unnatural phrasing in the description at the bottom of food/elixir auto-use window (for gamepad UI).
◆ Fixed the issue of server connection information not being properly displayed in the Party Setting window (for gamepad UI).
◆ Fixed the issue of Jordine's occasional appearance anomalies during [Everfrost] Betrayal quest.
◆ Fixed the issue of awkward phrasings in Breath Imbued Kutum Lamp and Breath Imbued Nouver Statue exchange quest descriptions.

Recent Major Updates

To help newer or returning Adventurers keep up with the latest updates, we’ve compiled a list of some of our recent major updates.

For up and coming Adventurers:
Abyss One: The Magnus
Proceed with the main questline within another world, The Magnus, and experience another side of Black Desert.

Obtain PEN (V) Boss Defense Gear and quality of life (e.g. fast travel, region-free storage) updates!
Find My Item Function
Now where did I put that item?

Fear no more! You can now search for any item in your possession via ESC - Character - Find My Item.
Monster Zone UI Revamp
Where's the best monster zone suited to my stats?

Look no further than the Menu (ESC) - Adventure (F5) and click "Monster Zone Info"!
Balenos Main Questline Renewal
The Adventurer's first home, Balenos, has had its main questline renewed.

With voice-acting and cutscenes, experience the renewed Balenos adventure today!
Artifacts & Lightstones
Artifacts and Lightstones were added. Customize your Character with Artifacts and Lightstones which can be obtained throughout your adventurers in the Black Desert world!
You Shall Now Pass! Into the Mountain of Eternal Winter
The Mountain of Eternal Winter has opened its gates to Adventurers.

Take a new or favorite character through the main questline immediately.

Adventure through a new region with newly added items and monster zones!
Progression Pass for New Adventurers
Want to earn rewards while learning about the world of Black Desert?

Explore the vast world of Black Desert one step at a time with the Progression Pass!
Narchillan Equipment
Equipment for new Adventurers that will help you on your journey!
Enhancement Quality of Life Revamps!
No more tedious prep for enhancements!
You can now use Black Stones to directly increase enhancement chance.
Guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear Questline
Complete the “Old Moon Guild’s New Deal” questline to earn Boss gear with the HIGHEST level of enhancement: PEN (V)!
Guaranteed PEN (V) Accessory Questline
Obtain an accessory with the HIGHEST level of enhancement through a questline that you can complete once per Family!

For combat-oriented Adventurers!
Elvia Guild Missions
Guild Missions were added to Elvia Serendia and Calpheon!

Complete these missions to help contribute to your guild's growth!
Church Buff Improvements
If you're craving that divine intervention of Attack & Defense Power and Experience buffs,

no longer will you have to run to the nearest currency exchange for Gold Bars - the church now takes Silver for the buff exchange.
Great Ocean Improvements & Easier Ship Upgrades
Great Ocean loot and item drop rates have been improved, along with new traits added to these monster zones.

Ship upgrades have been made easier, so Adventurers will have an easier time setting sail on the high seas.
Arena of Solare Preseason
3v3 PvP matches with equalized gear!

Show off your skills in the Arena of Solare! 
Elvia Calpheon
The corruption of Hadum has reached Saunil Camp, Rhutum Outstation, Gehaku Plain, Hexe Sanctuary, and Quint Hill of Calpheon.
You can obtain materials for the Godr-Ayed weapon and reforming alchemy stones from here.
Marni's Realm - Private Monster Zones
Your very own monster zone with no other Adventurers to duel!

Subjugate monsters to your heart's content in Marni's Realm.
Tier 5 Pets
Alpha pets are finally here! Train Tier 4 pets to Tier 5 and appoint them as the alpha to increase the looting speed of all active pets.
New Red Battlefield - Valencia City
A new battlefield was added to Red Battlefield PvP content.
Strategize with your team to contest capture points in this all-new battlefield mode in the heart of Valencia City!
Valencia Montser Loot Revamped
Junk loot of monster zones in the Valencia region have been revamped to be more profitable!
New Way of Obtaining Ornette’s and Odore’s Spirit Essence
New sub-materials for Ornette’s and Odore’s Spirit Essence have been added to the game
Increased Caphras Stone Drop Rates
Boost your progression with increased Caphras Stone drop rates in various monster zones!
Elvia Realm
Hadum spreads her dark influence into Serendia. Fight the fearsome and powerful monsters of Serendia’s Elvia Relam!

For Amusement-seeking Adventurers:
Mythical Feather / Royal Fern Root Improvements
The difficulty of the weekly Mythical Feather quests have been adjusted,
and the amount of Royal Fern Roots awarded from daily quests have been increased.
Adventuring and rad tunes go hand-in-hand.
Use the Marniwave to listen to a variety of music wherever you go.
Fairy's Breath / Buried Trace
Let'sGather from time to time and encounter Fairy's Breath and Buried Traces!
Earn Sharp / Hard Black Crystal Fragments!
Make sure you have a spare "Gold Key" on you to open the mystery chest that you dig up from buried traces!
Screenshot Mode Renewal
For capturing that in-game Kodak moment!
We've improved the Screenshot Mode with several new features so you can capture the best side of your characters!
Florchestra Contrabass / Marni's Instruments
The Florchestra Contrabass is capable of producing a warmer tone of sound and Marni's Instruments boast a broader range of electrical sounds as well.
Kakuo's Paw-doodle Request
Decorate your residence with Paw-doodles sketched by Kakuo, the brilliant Otter artist.
Liana's Tool Bag
Pickaxe, Hoe, Butcher Knife, Fluid Collector, and other Gathering tools can be stored in this amazing tool bag and used with ease.
Music Composition Improvements
We've made improvements to the Compose/Score window for our musically-inclined Adventurers!
Fwuzzy Alpaca
Let's go on an adventure riding Shai's cute friend, the Alpaca!

You can learn up to 7 types of skills that contain the dreams and love of the Alpaca.
New Minigame Yar!
A new card game that anyone can enjoy has been added! Play against NPCs and other Adventurers in the new minigame, Yar!
We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,
Thank you.
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