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Adventurer's Guide


Last Edited on : Apr 18, 2018, 13:08 (UTC+3)

Anyone can become a hero by joining the Militia!

Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon and Mediah.

Conquest War is the ultimate stage for PvP where entire guilds compete to occupy a territory.

It takes a lot of effort to reach this stage. It starts with the basics like collecting items by defeating monsters, practicing PvP, putting a plan together, then executing it as a guild.

Therefore, ‘Guilds and Adventurers that are well prepared’ have an advantage in Conquest War.

Regular guilds can participate in Conquest War but, they won’t gain much from it.

However, there is a way for you and your guild to participate in Conquest War without all the preparation.

You can apply for the Militia!

You can participate in Conquest War by getting selected to fight in the Militia.

It is no longer only ‘them’ but ‘we’ that has a chance of becoming heroes!

What is the Militia?

Militia is a team that fights in Conquest War, much like a guild.

You can participate in Conquest War without going through the various stages of preparation by joining the Militia.

e.g. Let’s say there is Conquest War in Calpheon today.

You could like or dislike certain guilds that are participating in the war.

So, you might want to help or stop a guild from winning by fighting in it yourself.

This is when you should apply for the Militia in Calpheon.

You can choose to apply for Defensive or Offensive Militia.

Once you get in, you can start fighting with little restrictions.

How do I apply?

It’s easy to apply for the Militia.

Open the ESC menu and click on the ‘Militia’ icon.

A list of regions that the Militia can participate in will appear.

You will need to pick either ‘Offensive’ or ‘Defensive’ before joining.

Once you are done, just wait till you get selected to be in the Militia

There are requirements you must meet before applying.

You must be a member of a guild, and your AP + DP must add up to 400 or higher.

Application period starts every Saturday at 7:00 PM and ends at 7:45 PM, lasting for 45 minutes.

You can check if you were selected once the application period is over.

Applications also follow a basic rule of Conquest War. You need to apply for the war in the region’s 1 server (e.g. To participate in Calpheon Conquest War, apply for it in Calpheon -1 server).

There are conditions for the formation of the Militia as well.

If at least 1 guild is fighting on both offensive and defensive side, then both Offensive and Defensive Militia can participate.

If only the defensive guild is fighting, then only the Offensive Militia can participate.

(If this is the case, then they can have up to 100 members)

Additionally, just because you applied doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to participate.

If there are too many applications on a team, only 50 members will be selected.

Each region can have up to 50 Offensive Militia and 50 Defensive Militia, a total of 100 Militia.

It doesn’t matter how early you apply because Militia is selected randomly among the applicants.

Unless the defensive guild has been occupying the region for multiple weeks.

Then the limit on the Offensive Militia gets raised by 10,

e.g. If a guild has occupied the region for 2 weeks, then the Offensive Militia can have 10 more members on top of the 50 members.

If a guild has occupied the region for 3 weeks, then the Offensive Militia can have 20 more members on top of the 50 members.

If it has been 4 weeks, then 30 more members can be in the Offensive Militia.

Please be careful when you are picking your team. You cannot apply after canceling your current application.

Finally, there must be at least 50 applicants combined in the Offensive and Defensive Militia, or the Militia doesn’t form.

Meaning, at least 50 applicants need to apply for the Militia in total for it to form.

What do I do now?

You can participate in Conquest War once you get into the Militia.

The first thing you will notice is that your family name, character name, and guild name is hidden.

You will see or in their place. This happens to all Militia members.

You will also see an icon appear above your character’s head.

The sword represents Offensive Militia and the shield represents Defensive Militia.

Once you know you are in the Militia, the ‘Assemble’ icon that will appear left of your minimap. You can click on the icon to teleport to the Militia Starting area.

The Militia icons’ colors follow the rules stated below.

Militia Icon Colors

Adventurers not in Conquest War

will see

Offensive Militia: Red / Defensive Militia: Blue

Adventurers in Conquest War

will see

Enemies: Red / Allies: Blue

Offensive Militia forms a team with the sieging guilds, while Defensive Militia forms a team with the defending guild.

If the member of a participating guild activates forced PvP mode, then they can damage other guilds’ and Militia members in their own team (their karma isn’t affected by doing this).

However, Militia cannot damage members of the participating guilds even if they enable forced PvP mode.

Once you familiarize yourself with the basic rules, it’s time to fight!

You can fight freely anywhere you want if you follow them.

Conquest War starts at 8:00 PM and ends at midnight.

However, Militia stops fighting once either the offensive or defensive team wins.

Militia’s Victory Conditions

Offensive Militia

Defensive guild’s Command Post is destroyed

Defensive Militia

All offensive guilds’ Command Posts are destroyed


Successfully defend the defensive guild’s Command Post

※  If there are two or more offensive guilds’ command posts remaining at the end the war, then the territory will be liberated (It’s the same for Conquest War).
​​​​​​​Offensive Militia is victorious even if the territory is liberated.

The offensive team includes all guilds that are trying to destroy the defensive guild’s command post.

e.g. Guild A successfully won Conquest War in Calpheon last week.

This week, Guild A is in the defensive team. All other guilds that are participating in Conquest War are in the offensive team.

If a gate is destroyed before 10:00 PM, then Guild A need to defend their command post for an additional 30 minutes.

These are the victory conditions for the defensive guild.

1. Successfully protect the outer gate till 10:00 PM

2. Successfully protect the inner gate till 10:30 PM

3. Successfully protect the command post till 11:00 PM

If Guild A fails the first condition, then it can win by fulfilling the second one. If it fails the second condition, then it can win by fulfilling the third one.

So, if both gates are destroyed, then Guild A must protect its command post till 11:00 PM.

However, if the outer gate isn’t destroyed by 10:00 PM then Guild A wins.

Defensive Militia wins when Guild A wins.

If you die as a Militia then you are given 2 options: resurrect at the closest town, and Militia Resurrection. Since Militia doesn’t have a fort or command post, they resurrect at a designated location.
However, if you die too far away from that location, then you can only resurrect at the closest town.

Intense Battles and Great Rewards!

Militia fights for a maximum of 3 hours and it feels different from previous Conquest War. It requires extreme concentration or it becomes a massive blood bath.
The sieging guilds, defending guild, and Militia will need to strategize and fight to the best of their own abilities.

All this effort is needed to taste sweet victory and to earn even sweeter rewards! Each Militia member wins 20 million silver in guild funds.
They also receive +1,000 guild activity points and 1 million silver.

Fight as the Militia to help out your guild and earn some extra silver!

※ The amount of guild funds given may change.

※ The contents of the game guide may differ from what is available in the actual game, depending on updates and content changes.