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How to Delete the Data Provided at Sign Up

Last Edited on : Apr 16, 2021, 08:20 (UTC+3)

In order to use the various services (website, game, customer support, etc.) offered by Black Desert, you need to first sign up for membership.    


Signing up for membership can be accomplished through a variety of ways, including a Black Desert account, Steam, SNS account log in, or changing your SNS account log in to a Black Desert account. However, this means that the information we collect may greatly differ depending on how you signed up.

▼ Differences Between Membership Types

[Black Desert Account] 

- A form of membership where you sign up directly through the Black Desert website.  



- A form of membership that allows members to use service with a Steam account login.  


[SNS Account Login] 

A form of membership that allows you to easily log in using a different website or SNS (Facebook, Google, etc.) account. However, some services may require you to change to a Black Desert account.  


[Changed SNS Login] 

A form of membership where you change to a Black Desert account by providing additional information after logging in with an SNS account. In this case, you can log in with either the email you used to sign up for a Black Desert account or your SNS account.

For more details on what information is collected by each membership type, please refer to the table below or the [Privacy Policy].

Sign Up Method 

Collected Information 

Black Desert Account 

Email Address (Account Name), Password, Name, Date of Birth 

Steam Account 

Email Address, Password, Name, Date of Birth 

SNS Account 

Member Identification Number, Name, Date of Birth 

SNS Account Changed to Black Desert Account 

Email Address (Account Name) 

But what if you don’t want to use or manage your account any longer, or want to delete the information you provided at sign up for some other reasons?   


Then, you will need go through either “Unlink Accounts” and/or “Account Deletion” depending on your membership type to delete the information you provided at sign up. However, deleting your account will also mean that all your game data will be deleted and unrecoverable as well. Please make sure to give this plenty of thought before making your decision.   


For more information on the exact steps, please refer to the details below.

■ Black Desert Account

  1. Login to the Black Desert Support page with your Black Desert account 


  1. Selectthe [Official Website] -> [Membership Informationcategory and send us an inquiry regarding the deletion of your account. 


  1. Afterwe’ve received your replywe will send you a verification email to confirm your account deletion request.    

* The verification email will only be valid for 3 days. If you fail to verify your email, please send us another inquiry.   


  1. Oncewe’ve confirmed your verification, we will process the deletion of your account after 15 days. 

* Please note that all game data (items, characters, etc.) is deleted upon the deletion of your account and restoration/recovery of deleted data is not possible.    

* If you wish to cancel your account deletion, please send us an inquiry within 15 days.   



■ Steam Account 

  1. Login to the Black Desert Support page with your Steam account.   


  1. Selectthe [Website] -> [Membership Informationcategory and send us an inquiry regarding the deletion of a Steam account. 


  1. Afterwe’ve received your replywe will send you a verification email to confirm your account deletion request.    

* The verification email will only be valid for 3 days. If you fail to verify your email, please send us another inquiry.   


  1. Oncewe’ve confirmed your verification, we will process the deletion of your account after 15 days. 

* Please note that all game data (items, characters, etc.) is deleted upon the deletion of your account and restoration/recovery of deleted data is not possible.    

* If you wish to cancel your account deletion, please send us an inquiry within 15 days.   



■ SNS Account 

  1. Log in to theBlack Desertwebsite with your SNS account.  


  1. Click on the profile icon at the top-right to go to [My Page].  


  1. Depending on the information you wish to have deleted, please follow the steps below. 

If you wish to have all the information collected by logging with an SNS account to be deleted. 

If you wish to have all the information collected by logging with an SNS account and changing to a Black Desert account to be deleted. 

1) In My Page, click the [Link SNS Account] button on the left-hand menu. 

* Please note that you can unlink the two accounts after account change if you haven’t changed your SNS login to a Black Desert account.  

* If you haven’t changed your SNS login to a Black Desert account, you’ll need to first enter the additional information and click the [Sign Up] button to complete your account change. Afterwards, you will be able to proceed with your account deletion. 


2) Clicking on the Open ID that you wish to unlink will immediately unlink the account and delete the Open ID data.   

* Please note that by unlinking the account, you will be unable to use that Open ID to log in as its data has been deleted.  

* Once you’ve unlinked your SNS account, you will no longer be able to log in with it, but you will still be able to log in using your transferred Black Desert account.  

* If you wish to log in with an Open ID, please log in to the website with your email account and access the [Link SNS Account] menu to re-link your Open ID.  

The method is the same as deleting a Black Desert account as stated above. Please refer to the details above on how to delete a Black Desert account.  


Thank you for supporting Black Desert.