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Adventurer's Guide

Pila Ku Jail

Last Edited on : May 31, 2019, 16:40 (UTC+3)

Although the exact time of Pila Ku Jail’s construction is unknown, the most credible sources seems to say it was built during the reign of Valencia’s 3rd king.
It is said to have been constructed to imprison the evil alchemist, Caphras. T
hey don’t know if Caphras died or escaped, but there is even a rumor that he has an immortal body.
However, one thing is for sure, the prisoners that had committed terrible crimes are still imprisoned there.



Key Points



Recommended Level

Lvl 57~58


Distance from town


It would be 5 stars in a different rating system, Muiquun!

User Density


Sulfur Mine or Pila Kun? That is the question…



Caphras’s Followers are scary...

Hunting Satisfaction


Why are there so many prisoners?

Unique Drop


Sicil’s Necklace, Part for Explorer’s Compass,

Map of Unknown Piece, Traveler’s Map

Where do I park my mount?


Pila Ku entrance

Area Classification


Desert, but won’t get desert illness

Monster Types and Level

1) Basic Monster Information

We will briefly go over the monster level and the type of monsters you will encounter in Pila Ku Jail.

Monster level: Mostly lvl 59
Melee: Sordid Deportee, Frenzied Executioner, Executioner, Iron First Warder, Dark Eyes Warder
Ranged: Caphras’s Follower
Other: Caphras’s Torture Device, Jail Alarm Device, Jail Miscellaneous Articles


2) Features
- It is located south of Valencia’s capital and north of Muiquun.

- Even though it is a desert area, you won’t get desert illness.
- It is huge inside and plenty of monsters fill it.


Level/Equipment Requirements

If we were to categorize the hunting zone of Valencia to level 1/2/3, Pila Ku Jail would be a level 2.

Don’t ever let your guard down! The instant you do, there is a good chance that you will die.
 ※    If you haven't awaken your character, add +10 to the required AP and DP.

e.g.) If it says 140~ AP and 220~ DP, try to aim for 150~ AP and 230~ DP.






Minimum Requirement

Lvl 57~58



Recommended Requirement

Lvl 58~59




1) Things to Look Out For

The monsters that inhabit Pila Ku Jail are all level 60 monsters.

The monsters here are quite powerful with large HP pool and high AP. Be especially careful of Caphras’s Followers, because they can get hit you for about 1,000 HP if you are unlucky.


You need to constantly move in order to stay alive at Pila Ku Jail. In previous hunting spots you could try to survive using skills with invincibility or super armor, but that is not going to work here.


2) Hunting Spots and Route

You can go anywhere if you are hunting solo, but it is better to go down to the wider area if you are in party area.


▶ It is located far south of Valencia’s capital and is extremely close to Muiquun. You can see a lot of monsters once you go through the entrance.


As a side note, be sure to take the hunting quests from the NCPs gathered near the entrance.


Main Drop Items

Warder’s Token Piece
Black Stone (Armor)
Black Stone (Weapon)
Scroll Written in Ancient Language
Part of Explorer’s Compass
Black Magic Crystal – Swiftness
Lost Piece of a Forbidden Book (Daily Quest Item)
Sicil’s Filthy Necklace (Has a low chance of procuring Sicil’s Necklace)
Sicil’s Necklace
Map of Unknown Piece

[Trend] User Density

Many users come here to hunt solo or hunt in a party after level 58. You can also make a decent amount of income with drops like, Sicil’s Necklace, Map of Unknown Piece, and Part of Explorer’s Compass.


The only problem is that you need to be over a certain level and have good equipment.

Users with good equipment can hunt here without too much trouble. If you are in a party, you can acquire good amount of EXP by going to the wide hall below to gather and hunt monsters. We recommend that you bring a wizard or a witch to your party if you want to hunt safely. It might be good for characters with evil karma to make Muiquun their main town and hunt in Pila Ku Jail.


필라쿠 감옥 내부.png

▶ The interior of Pila Ku Jail is very intimidating. ​​​​​​​