Black Desert will begin in a moment.

Install the Black Desert Launcher if the game doesn't start.

Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

The launcher will appear if it's installed.
If it doesn't, try to run your downloaded launcher.

Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_TR.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Adventurer's Guide

Hotkey Guide

Last Edited on : Jun 22, 2023, 07:38 (UTC+3)

Hotkey Guide

Want to learn about the various hotkeys that Black Desert has to offer?
Check out this guide to make your adventures as efficient as possible!
▲ You can find the above window through ESC - Information – Hotkey Menu

F1 : [Adventurer's Guide] Find suggested information and basic guides.
F2 : [Adventurer's Board] Find the latest news and a variety of helpful articles with tips about Black Desert.
F3 : [Pearl Shop] Check out items that you can purchase with Pearls.
F4 : [Beauty Shop] Customize your character’s appearance and view the Beauty Album.

Q : Sit or stand up. (While you are crouching after pressing Q, you can press SPACE to lie down!)
R : [Interact] Use for interactions, such as talking with NPCs, collecting items, and mounting.
T : [Auto-run] Auto-run to the location that you’ve designated by pressing RMB.
Y : [Challenges] Find a variety of challenges and their respective completion rewards.
U : [Alchemy Stone] Activate or de-activate your Alchemy Stone buff if you have one equipped.
I : [Inventory] Check your character’s inventory and equipped gear.
O : [Quests] Check out all the available quests at a glance.
P : [My Information] Check your character’s information, such as titles and Combat/Life stats.
G : [Guild] Check Guild Rankings or information about your Guild.
H : [Knowledge] Check all the knowledge you’ve obtained across your Family.
J : [Dye] Dye your outfit or mount.
K : [Skills] Learn skills and view skill details.
L : [Processing] Perform various processing activities, such as Chopping, Drying, and Heating.
V : [Emergency Escape] Evade critically dangerous situations.
B : [Mail] Find notices and items that were sent to your mail from Black Desert.
N : [Friends] Message adventurers that you’ve friended.
M : [World Map] Check the World Map of Black Desert.

, : Summon the Black Spirit to accept/proceed with quests, enhance gear, transfuse crystals, and more.
ESC : Open the menu window.
Enter : Open the chat window.
Tab : Sheathe or unsheathe your weapon.
Shift : Sprint.
Ctrl : Toggle your cursor on or off.
Space : Jump.
Print Screen : Take a screenshot of your entire screen (Photo mode: Ctrl + U)

* Advanced Hotkeys *
 Shift + F5 : Hide surrounding adventures in crowded areas.
 ` : Ping your location to your Guild.
 Shift + ` : Ping your location to your Party.
 Alt + ` : Choose how to ping your location to your Guild members.
 Scroll lock : Auto-move by walking.
 Caps lock + W : Walk slowly.
 Alt + [Number] : Assign your current location on the World Map (M) to a number key. Pressing the number key will display the saved location on the World Map.

* Please note that this guide may differ from the actual implementation in the game due to updates and changes in the game's content.