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Adventurer's Guide

Dahn’s Gloves

Last Edited on : Jun 19, 2023, 07:44 (UTC+3)

Dahn’s Gloves

On the other side of the Great Ocean, stories talk of Go Dahn, who decided to guide humanity on a better path, secluded itself in Mount Ahshi, and eventually became its deity.


Like with the previous pieces of Slumbering Origin gear, Dahn’s Gloves can only be obtained through crafting, or by purchasing them from the Central Market, and is better than boss gloves such as Bheg’s Gloves, Leebur’s Gloves, and even Blackstar Gloves.


Due to the nature of the encounters in the Land of the Morning Light, instead of having to obtain the main ingredient to craft these gloves at a very low chance by defeating endless hordes of monsters, one can obtain it by defeating any of the bosses in the Black Shrine, according to a set probability.
◈ Crafting Materials

Dahn’s Gloves requires one of the three specific gloves below, and an item called Flame of Hongik.
There are three gloves that may be used as a crafting material for Dahn’s Gloves.


● PEN (V) Bheg’s Gloves + Caphras Lv. 10
● PEN (V) Leebur’s Gloves + Caphras Lv. 10
● PEN (V) Blackstar Helmet


Please note that reformed Blackstar equipment (Obsidian Blackstar Gloves) cannot be used.


Dahn’s Gloves Crafting 1st Material


Bheg’s Gloves

Leebur’s Gloves

Blackstar Gloves

Required Enhancement Level



Caphras Enhancement

Lv. 10


Required Caphras Stones



 After acquiring the gloves piece that meets the conditions above, you need a second material called Flame of Hongik.


The Flame of Hongik can be obtained by gathering Embers of Hongik x500 and heating them in the Processing window (hotkey: L).
Both the flame itself and the embers to craft the flame can be obtained at a low chance by defeating the bosses from the Black Shrine feature in the Land of the Morning Light, according to a set probability. The higher the difficulty level of the boss, the higher the chance of obtaining the flame or its embers.


➤ You can read more about the Black Shrine feature in the [Black Shrine (Boss Blitz)] page.

Additionally, you can also obtain the flame’s embers by exchanging Crystallized Despair x1 → Embers of Hongik x2 with Hyunyong of Nampo Moodle Village. Crystallized despair is an item obtained from defeating monsters in Elvia Calpheon.

Dahn’s Gloves 2nd Material

Flame of Hongik

◈ How to Craft

Dahn’s Gloves can be crafted through the quest [Crafting] Dahn’s Gloves, which can be obtained when you possess the items explained above. However, this quest can be accessed only after completing the Dahn’s Gloves questline.


Only characters of Lv. 56 or higher who have finished the main questline of Land of the Morning Light can proceed with this questline. These quests to unlock the crafting quest can only be done once per family.
The first quest in this questline, [Dahn's Gloves] The Name We Miss Dearly, Mihyun! can be accepted from the Black Spirit (hotkey: , ).


After completing this questline, the method for crafting Dahn’s Gloves requires you to interact with the Fox Goddess Statue in Yeowoo Cave while meeting the crafting requirements.

◈ Enhancement

Dahn’s Gloves has a total of six enhancement levels, from the initial base Dahn’s Gloves to Obliterating Dahn’s Gloves. Their stats are as below.

Enhancement Level

Dahn’s Gloves

Dahn’s Gloves

Dahn’s Gloves

Accuracy: 50

DP: 70

- Evasion: 31 (+84)

- Damage Reduction: 39 (+24)

Accuracy: 25

DP: 72

- Evasion: 38 (+109)

- Damage Reduction: 34 (+22)

Desperate Dahn’s Gloves

Accuracy: 50

DP: 73

- Evasion: 33 (+85)

- Damage Reduction: 40 (+26)

Accuracy: 25

DP: 75

- Evasion: 40 (+110)

- Damage Reduction: 35 (+24)

Distorted Dahn’s Gloves

Accuracy: 50

DP: 76

- Evasion: 34 (+86)

- Damage Reduction: 42 (+27)

Accuracy: 25

DP: 78

- Evasion: 41 (+111)

- Damage Reduction: 37 (+25)

Silent Dahn’s Gloves

Accuracy: 50

DP: 79

- Evasion: 36 (+88)

- Damage Reduction: 43 (+29)

Accuracy: 25

DP: 81

- Evasion: 43 (+113)

- Damage Reduction: 38 (+27)

Wailing Dahn’s Gloves

Accuracy: 50

DP: 82

- Evasion: 38 (+90)

- Damage Reduction: 44 (+31)

Accuracy: 25

DP: 84

- Evasion: 45 (+115)

- Damage Reduction: 39 (+29)

Obliterating Dahn’s Gloves

Accuracy: 50

DP: 85

- Evasion: 40 (+92)

- Damage Reduction: 45 (+33)

Accuracy: 25

DP: 87

- Evasion: 47 (+117)

- Damage Reduction: 40 (+31)

The enhancement material for this armor is called Flawless Chaotic Black Stone, and can be crafted by heating Hard Black Crystal, Sharp Black Crystal, Mass of Pure Magic, and Caphras Stones.
Alternatively, you can also obtain these black stones by heating Caphras Stones with Flawless Magical Black Stone.

Materials for Flawless Chaotic Black Stone (1)


Hard Black Crystal

Sharp Black Crystal

Mass of Pure Magic

Caphras Stones







Materials for Flawless Chaotic Black Stone (2)


Flawless Magical Black Stone

Caphras Stones




◈ Exchange

You can exchange both types of gloves with <Chorong Merchant Guild> Hyunyong in Moodle Village.

Quest NPC

Quest Condition

Quest Completion Reward

Moodle Village

<Chorong Merchant Guild> Hyunyong

Hand over 1 type of Dahn's Gloves.

Hand over Scorching Sun Shard x200.

Dahn's Gloves of a different type.

(equal in enhancement level)

If you want to know about other types of equipment, please check the [Gearing Guide] page.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.