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Adventurer's Guide

Desert Naga Temple

Last Edited on : May 31, 2019, 16:24 (UTC+3)

This region is home of the Desert Naga, who are the ancestors of the Naga that inhabits Serendia.

Because the region is located in the heart of the desert, the Desert Naga consider their home as the cradle of civilization.

Although the Desert Naga have no intention of befriending the Humans, the Desert Naga wish to avoid war with the Humans, because of their hatred towards the Fogans.



Key Points



Recommended Level

Lvl 55~56


Distance from town


Not too far from Sand Grain Bazaar

User Density


The number one region for party hunting.



No real threat…

Hunting Satisfaction


Great monster density for non-stop hunting

Unique Drop


Serap’s Necklace

Where do I park my mount?


Near the NPC that give Desert Naga Temple quest

Area Classification


Desert (Purified Water and Star Anise Tea required)

Monster Types and Level

1) Basic Monster Information
We’ll briefly go over the monster level and the type of monsters you’ll encounter in Desert Naga Temple.

Monster level: Mostly level 53~59

Melee: Desert Naga Combatant, Desert Naga Commanding Officer

Ranged: Desert Naga Combat Monk

Other: Desert Naga Gigantic Guardian Tower, Desert Naga Statue

Special: Desert Naga Chief Gatekeeper (very strong)


2) Features
- Monsters are distributed throughout the hunting paths, because the canyon is narrow.

- Make sure to have Purified Water and Star Anise Tea, because this region is part of the desert.

- You won’t find any good items, but Desert Naga Temple isn’t too far from town and the monsters provides decent EXP.

- The Chief Gatekeeper will occasionally appear. The Chief Gatekeeper is VERY powerful. Stay alert at all times, especially if you are hunting by yourself.


Level/Equipment Requirements

If we were to categorize the hunting zone of Valencia to level 1/2/3, Desert Naga Temple would be categorized as level 1.


It is possible to hunt here with the minimum AP/DP requirement; however, we recommend that you try to get more than the minimum AP/ DP to maximize EXP acquisition.

The stronger you are, the more convenient it is to hunt.


※ If you didn’t awaken your character yet, add +10~20 to the minimum/required AP and DP.

For example, if you have 145 AP and 200 DP, try to aim for 155~ AP and 210~ DP.





Minimum Requirement




Recommended Requirement





1) Things to Look Out For

There are few things you have to know about the monsters when you hunt here.

The Desert Naga Commanding Officer has a high HP pool and is immune to knock down effect.

The Desert Naga Combat Monk’s projectiles can inflict a lot of damage if you get hit from behind.

As it is with any hunting zone, It’s a good idea to prioritize Desert Naga Combat Monks when you deal with multiple threats.


The Desert Naga Chief Gatekeeper will occasionally appear time to time.

If you choose to fight the Chief Gatekeeper, make sure to bring a party, because the Chief Gatekeeper inflicts massive damage and has a very high HP pool.

Also, if you are out of range, the Desert Naga Chief Gatekeeper will also unleash a powerful a fire breath attack. Make sure to gauge your distance when you fight the Chief Gatekeeper to avoid a fiery death.


2) Hunting Spot and Route

If you go to the west of Sand Grain Bazaar, you’ll find a NPC where you can pick up the Desert Naga Temple quest.

After you receive the quest, go further up north and you will find a location with high monster density.

That location is considered the best hunting spot in the region. ​​​​​​​


Main Drop Item
Desert Naga’s Webfoot
Rocaba Gloves
Black Stone (Armor)
Black Stone (Weapon)
Scroll Written in Ancient Language
Black Magic Crystal - Swiftness
Serap’s Necklace


[Trend] User Density

 You can get sick (heatstroke, hypothermia), because the Desert Naga Temple is part of the desert. However, the Desert Naga Temple is not too far from Sand Grain Bazaar and monsters provide good EXP when you hunt in a party.

For those reasons, the Desert Naga Temple is one of the more popular hunting zones in Valencia, especially for Rangers. The monsters are distributed in a way that benefits ranged class characters. But things can get a little dicey even for ranged class characters it you try to fight too many monsters at one time. To prevent that, we recommend that you hunt in a party consisting of diverse character classes.

In addition to good EXP acquisition and monster density, users frequently hunt here, because Desert Naga Chief Gatekeeper drops the highly sought after Serap’s Necklace. However, new users may struggle to find a good hunting spot, because of high user density.

If you plan to hunt by yourself, don’t go to the mentioned places. Go to the area next to the NPC and you'll find a cluster of monsters there. That area is a good alternative hunting spot if it is your first time at Desert Naga Temple.