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Install Guide

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2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Adventurer's Guide

Season FAQ (Beginners’ Guide)

Last Edited on : Mar 3, 2021, 06:32 (UTC+3)

Did you know Black Desert has 'Season Servers?' 


Well, here, you can find a list of frequently asked questions by Adventurers that are new to the Season Servers. 



  • 1. What is good about playing in the Season Server? 
  • 2. Do Season Characters disappear? 
  • 3. Do I need to start a new character even if I have one? 
  • 4. Can I make multiple Season Characters? 
  • 5. What are Naru Gear? 
  • 6. What are Tuvala Gear? 
  • 7. Can I keep using my Tuvala Gear? 
  • 8. Do I have to finish all the quests? 
  • 9. Do I have to play in the Season Servers? 
  • 10. I bought gear from the Central Market, but I can’t equip them? 
  • 11. What is a Season Pass? 
  • 12. How do I convert Season Characters to Normal Characters? 
  • 13. Season Special Gift - What to choose?  



  1. 1. Whatis good about playing in the Season Server? 
    You can level and gear up a character quickly. 

Characters that progressed in season servers can graduate to be played in regular servers. 



  1. 2. DoSeason Characters disappear 

No, they do not. Like we mentioned above, season characters can graduate. They can graduate by completing the graduation questline or when the season server ends. 

The season characters can continue to be used as normal characters when the season server ends.  


  1. 3. Do I need to start a new character even if I have one 

You can create up to 22 characters in a family. 
You could focus on a single character and have them progress through Black Desert, but you could also choose to have a variety of characters and become more efficient at doing certain content. 
With multiple characters, you could go looking for monsters then switch over immediately to another character to gather materials. You could even be out at sea then switch over to a character to fight Kzarka then get back to sailing. 



4. CanI make multiple Season Characters? 

  1. You can only create one season character per season.  
    If you want, you can delete your current season character then create another one. 

* Note: The deleted character’s data will be completely deleted from the game. 



  1. 5. What are Naru Gear?

Naru gear are gear that will aid you in completing the main questlines of Calpheon to Mediah efficiently. 
Completing quests will grant you Beginner Black Stones, which are used to enhance these gear. Naru gear also boast a higher success rate for enhancement than normal gear. 


Once you’ve completed the Mediah Main Questline on a season character, you will be able to take your PEN (V) grade Naru gear and exchange it for PRI (I) Tuvala gear (of the same armor/weapon type) by talking to Fughar. 
Please note that Naru accessories can only be enhanced to TRI (III) enhancement levels, and they cannot be exchanged for Tuvala accessories. 


▲ 'Beginner Black Stones' used to enhance Naru gear 



  1. 6. What areTuvala Gear? 
    If Naru gear was designed to help you in completing the Main Questline up to Mediah, Tuvala gear is slightly higher-tiered gear to help you become a better adventurer.    
    You can exchange 'Tuvala Ore', which are looted from defeating monsters in certain regions of Valencia, Kamasylvia, Drieghan, and O’dyllita, for Tuvala gear from blacksmiths of capital cities, or exchange PEN (V) Naru gear for PRI (I) Tuvala gear by talking to Fughar. (Season characters only) 

You can enhance Tuvala gear with Time-filled Black Stones looted from defeating monsters in a Season Server. Tuvala gear upgraded to PEN (V) enhancement levels are comparable in power to TET (IV) boss gear, and they will help you in your adventures beyond the Season Server. 
Once a season comes to a close, you will be able to exchange one of your Tuvala gear pieces with one of the following boss gears~! 


[Exchangeable Boss Gear per Tuvala Gear Type] 

Tuvala Gear 

Boss Gear 

Tuvala Armor 

Dim Tree Spirit's Armor 

Tuvala Shoes 

Muskan's Shoes 

Tuvala Gloves 

Bheg's Gloves 

Tuvala Helmet 

Giath's Helmet 

Tuvala Main Weapon 

Kzarka Main Weapon 

Tuvala Sub-weapon 

Kutum Sub-weapon 

Tuvala Awakening Weapon 

Dandelion Awakening Weapon 

*Tuvala accessories cannot be exchanged for Boss gear. 



7. Can I keep using myTuvala Gear?  

To continue using your Tuvala Gear after a season ends, you must use a “[Season] Tuvala Gear Conversion Stone”. 
You will be given 1 Tuvala gear conversion stone per each gear type, which you must use to preserve your Tuvala gear, as only 1 piece per gear type can be saved once a season ends. 


▲ You can preserve your Tuvala gear with a conversion stone (1 per gear type) 


  2. 8. Do I have to finish all the quests?
    We recommend that you at least complete the Mediah main questline. 
    It’s a requirement for Season Graduation and an objective on the Season Pass. Also, completing these quests will reward you with much EXP and various items. 
    Additionally, Completing the Mediah main questline will also allow you to convert PEN (V) Naru gear with PRI (I) Tuvala gear. 
    Another important questline is upon reaching Lv. 56, you will be able to accept the Awakening/Succession quests. 
    Unlocking Awakening/Succession for your class will greatly empower your character, so we strongly recommend you complete them! 



  1. 9. Do I have to play in the Season Servers?
    Season characters can also play on the normal servers. 
    However, once you complete the Mediah main questline, you will need season server-only items such as “Time-filled Black Stone,” “Refined Magical Black Stone,” and “Tuvala Ore” to obtain and enhance Tuvala gear. So, we strongly recommend you play on the Season Server. 



10. I bought gear from the Central Market, but I can’tequip them?  

  1. Season characters can only equip seasonal gear and seasonal quest rewards (which aren’t registerable on the Central Market). 

Items which you can be equipped on season characters have the icon displayed below:   


▲ Check the Black Spirit icon on the upper left-hand corner of an item 



  1. 11. What is a Season Pass? 

The Season Pass offers objectives you must complete in sequence for Season Graduation. 
Completing each objective and obtaining its reward will slowly but surely help your character grow into a better adventurer. You can also purchase the “Black Spirit Pass” from the Pearl Shop (F3) to gain access to additional rewards. 


 ▲ Click on the Season Pass icon located in your inventory or at the top of the screen! 



  1. 12. How do I convert Season Characters to Normal Characters?


There are two ways to convert your Season Character to a Normal Character. 
First, is to let time do its job. Once a season ends, your character will convert automatically. 

Second, is to complete the Season Graduation questline. 
Once you graduate, you can no longer play on the Season Servers, so please keep that in mind before you go through with graduation. 

We especially recommend you graduate after you’ve enhanced your Tuvala gear to the maximum enhancement levels. 
That’s because, it is much harder to acquire items with similar performance to Tuvala gear on normal servers. 

So please note, many adventurers enhance all Tuvala gear to PEN (V) before graduating from the Season Servers! 



  1. 13. Season Special Gift - Whichto choose? 
    Many seasoned Adventurers suggest picking the gear with similar stats and fetches the highest price on the market. 

As much as these gears are expensive, getting one by graduating a season character is very efficient. 

Additionally, you can exchange the Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon for that particular piece you’ve been needing. 

A season character will only get one special gift. 
You can even opt for a previous season’s gift if you would like. 

So, if you couldn’t get the gear this season, you can make another season character in the future to get it!