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Adventurer's Guide

Crescent Shrine

Last Edited on : May 31, 2019, 16:22 (UTC+3)

The remnants of the ancient Valencia civilization can be found in the Crescent Shrine.

Although much of the ruins have been covered in sands, you can still find traces of this ancient Valenica civilization.

It is rumored that the remaining Argos Saunil still hold blood festival whenever there is a crescent moon.



Key Points



Recommended Level

Lvl 55~56


Distance from town


It’s kind of far from Sand Grain Bazaar

User Density


One of the lawless areas of Valencia



Stay alert at all times

Hunting Satisfaction


A feast consisting of monsters of all sizes.

Unique Drop


Ring of Crescent Guardian, Serap’s Necklace

Where do I park my mount?


Depends on the hunting route

Area Classification


Desert (Purified Water, Star Anise Tea required)



Monster Type and Level

1) Basic Monster Information

We will briefly go over the monster level and the type of monsters you will encounter in Crescent Shrine.

Monster level: Mostly level 57~59

Melee: Crescent Watcher, Crescent Guardian

Ranged: Crescent Follower

Other: Argos Sand Tower, Argos Obsidian Altar, Argos Obsidian Energy, Argos Artifact Repository

Special: Crescent Chief Gatekeeper (very strong)


2) Features

- Make sure to bring Purified Water and Star Anise Tea, because the Crescent Shrine is part of the desert.

- The Crescent Shrine is a popular hunting zone for high level players, because of the ‘Ring of the Crescent Guardian’ loot.

- The Crescent Shrine is one of the most lawless areas of Valencia, because users can freely PK (player killing) other users in this region.

- The Chief Gatekeeper will occasionally appear time to time. Stay alert at all times!



Level/Equipment Requirements

If we were to categorize the hunting zone of Valencia to level 1/2/3, Crescent Shrine would be categorized as level 1.5.

It is possible to hunt here with the minimum AP/DP requirement; however, we recommend that you try to get more than the minimum AP/ DP to maximize EXP acquisition.

The stronger you are, the more convenient it is to hunt.


※ If you didn’t awaken your character yet, add +10~15 to the minimum/recommended AP and DP. For example, if you have 160 AP and 230 DP, try to aim for 175~ AP and 245~ DP.






Minimum Requirement




Maximum Requirement







1) Things to Look Out For

There are a few things you have to watch out for if you are hunting at Crescent Shrine with the minimum AP/DP requirement.

The Crescent Guardian is immune to knock down effect and quite potent. It also uses a jump attack to knock down target.

If you get knocked down in an area with a lot of monsters, it can immediately result in death.

The Chief Gatekeeper will occasionally appear from time to time. If you choose to fight the Chief Gatekeeper, make sure to bring a party, because the Chief Gatekeeper inflicts massive damage and has a very high HP pool.

The Chief Gatekeeper can also summon an endless army of minions to its aid. Fighting an army of monsters and the Chief Gatekeeper at the same time can feel overwhelming even if you are in party.

However, a band of well-equipped users shouldn’t have too much trouble fighting the Chief Gatekeeper.


2) Hunting Spot and Route

Monster density is the highest around area where the pillar of rock is located.​​​​​​​


Main Drop Items

Token of Crescent

Black Stone (Armor)

Black Stone (Weapon)

Soiled Crescent Ring (Low chance to acquire the Ring of Crescent Guardian when used)

Black Magic Crystal - Adamantine

Scroll Written in Ancient Language

Ring of Crescent Guardian

Serap’s Necklace (Drops from Crescent Chief Gatekeeper)


[Trend] User Density

The Crescent Shrine is a popular hunting spot, because the monsters provide good EXP. You can also acquire the ‘Ring of Crescent Guardian’ with a fixed chance when you use the ‘Soiled Crescent Ring’ item.

Because of high user density, there is a possibility that a scuffle can break out between users. This is only a ‘possibility’ and most users will be too busy minding their own business.

The Crescent Shrine is one of the most beautiful places in Valencia. If you have time to spare, Crescent Shrine is definitely worth visiting.