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Adventurer's Guide

Protty Cavern

Last Edited on : May 7, 2019, 09:32 (UTC+3)

This is where the amphibious looking Protty gather together.

Protty Ootheca, Sid Protty, Protty, Jera Protty, and Kaz Protty all live in the cavern.


You can find Protty Cavern on an island not far off the shores of Velia - Weita Island.

As long as your level and AP are high enough, a boat is all that stands between you and destroying the monsters in the cavern!

Protty Cavern

▲ Protty Cavern can be found north of Velia.



▲ Look for the entrance on Weita Island shown here.



▲ This is what the mystical Protty Cavern looks like.

Key Points



Recommended Level

Lv. 56 - Lv. 57

A little tougher than Crescent Shrine

in Valencia

Distance from town


It’s not too far from shore

User Density


Ancient Seal – Red Shard drop here



Recommended to have at least 170 AP. Relatively easy

Hunting Satisfaction


Monsters are in tight groups

so they are easy to kill.

Unique Drop

Ancient Seal – Red Shard

Rainbow Coral Ring

Adventurers gather here to get the Ancient Seal - Red Shard

Monster Types and Levels

1) Basic Information

Monsters are commonly around Lv. 59 - 60

All monsters in Protty Cavern are melee.

Others: Black Crystal Seaweed, Ocean Crystal Seaweed, Protty Ootheca


2) Special Features

- The cavern is hard to reach without a boat as it is located on an island.

- You will need a boat to return to town as well.

- Densely packed mobs make for easy killing.

- It can be easy to get lost inside, so pay attention to where you’re going!

Level/Equipment Requirements

This is the easiest hunting ground out at sea.

You just need a decent amount of AP and a boat to try this place out.

Since the island isn’t too far away from shore, a rowboat can be used for a round trip.






Lv. 56 - 57




Lv. 57 - 58




1) Precautions

There are some obstacles to get to this place as it is on an island.

You only need a horse and some potions to travel on land, but you need to have a boat ready to reach this place. Still, this isn’t too big of an issue as a rowboat is good enough to make the round trip. This is also a reason why only a few people tend to go to the cavern.

Rowboat License

▲ If you don’t own an Epheria Sailboat or a frigate, take a rowboat instead.


2) Key Locations and Hunting Routes

There are multiple floors in the cavern so you don’t worry if it seems crowded at the entrance. There are more monsters and bigger areas the deeper you go inside the cavern, so don’t fret and jump right in!


If it is somehow crowded even in the depths of the cavern, you can easily switch servers and find an open spot.  

Since this is an enclosed space, use the walls to guide you around the area. Make sure to stick to one direction so you will always be able to come back to where you started and not become lost. Keep calm and eviscerate your enemies in Protty Cavern!


Major Item Drops

Ancient Seal - Red Shard ★

Rainbow Coral Ring ★

Ancient Spirit Dust

Fragment of the Deep Sea

Essence of Abyss

Black Stone (Weapon)

Trace of Wave

Protty's Fin

[Trend] User Density

Protty Cavern is where you can get items like Essence of Abyss (used to make Frenzy Draughts), the combinable material Ancient Seal - Red Shard (used to make Tungrad Rings), Rainbow Coral Ring, and more.

There are very expensive items available here for the amount of AP that’s required to defeat monsters. Protty Cavern is a hunting ground with a similar or slightly higher difficulty compared to Crescent Shrine in Valencia.