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Adventurer's Guide

Basilisk Den (Gorgo Rock Belt)

Last Edited on : May 31, 2019, 16:33 (UTC+3)

This is where the intelligent and treacherous Basilisks dwell. This region is even more dangerous, because it is surrounded by rocks.

Brave Adventurers have attempted to search for them, but only a few return.


“There weren’t any basilisks, only humans turned to stone. I want to forget everything!”



Key Points



Recommended Level

Lvl 56~57


Distance from town


Between Sand Grain Bazaar and Altinova

User Density


If you can find a good spot...



It can be hard at first

Hunting Satisfaction


It’s fun!

Unique Drop


Basilisk’s Belt

Where do I park my mount?


Depends on where you are hunting

Area Classification


Not a desert

Monster Types and Level

1) Basic Monster Information

We’ll briefly go over the monster level and the type of monsters you’ll encounter in Basilisk Den.


Monster level: Mostly lvl 52~62
Melee: Gorgo Cobra, Petrified Adventurer, Petrified Soldier, Basilisk Ambusher,

Basilisk Petrifier, Basilisk Watcher
Other: Basilisk Statue


2) Features
- There is a variety of monsters west of Gorgo Rock Belt, including the cave.

- There are human and demihuman monsters here, but the Basilisk Ambushers, Petrifiers, and Watchers are particularly strong.

- There is no need to worry about desert illness since it’s not part of the desert. 


Level/Equipment Requirements

If we were to categorize the hunting zone of Valencia to level 1/2/3, Basilisk’s Den would be a level 2. You can benefit a lot from high AP since Basilisks have high HP and DP.

※ If you didn’t awaken your character yet, add +10 to the minimum/recommended AP and DP.

For example, if you have 185 AP and 230 DP, try to aim for 195~ AP and 240~ DP.






Minimum Requirement

Lvl 56



Recommended Requirement

Lvl 57~




1) Things to Look Out For

There are a few things to note and watch out for when you hunt at Basilisk Den.

It is more efficient to hunt the demihumans Basilisks than the human monsters. They are hard to kill in groups, so get behind them to get the advantage.

The Petrified Adventurers and Soldiers can stun you so take them out first.


2) Hunting Spots and Route

There is a large group of Basilisks west of the Gorgo Rock Belt node.

They are usually in groups of 3~4, but it’s better to just pull 2 at a time. A good hunting spot this area is the cave. It has a decent number of monsters inside.



▶ There is a lot of monsters west of Gorgo Rock Belt and in the cave.


Main Drop Items

Basilisk Scale
Rough Green Crystal
Rocaba Armor
Black Magic Crystal – Assault
Scroll Written in Ancient Language
Black Stone (Weapon)
Black Stone (Armor)
Basilisk’s Piece – Ring
Basilisk’s Piece – Alignment Pin
Basilisk’s Piece – Snake Skin Belt (Combine 3 of them to make a Basilisk’s)
Basilisk’s Belt


[Trend] User Density

It might be difficult for users that just started to hunt in Valencia since the Basilisks are level 60 monsters. So, it is highly recommended to start hunting here after you take the time to grow.


There are many users above the recommended level that come here to farm items. The EXP here isn’t great; however,

Basilisk’s Den provides good income and you can collect Basilisk’s Piece – Snake Skin (combine to acquire the popular Basilisk’s Belt).


As a result, users frequently hunt at Basilisk’s Den. You’ll find a lot of users in the inner parts of, also known as ‘The Basilisk Farm’ among users.

You can always change server in search for less crowded areas if there are too many users.