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Adventurer's Guide

Cadry Ruins

Last Edited on : May 31, 2019, 16:02 (UTC+3)

The old Cadry Temple, once part of Valencia, has become a den for cultists that believe they can achieve eternal life by consuming the Black Stone’s powder.

The cults worship Kzarka and believe that one day the Lord of Corrupton will be resurrected. Rumors has it that the cults also kidnap travelers or adventurers to offer them as sacrifices to Kzarka.



Key Points



Recommended Level

Lvl 55~56


Distance from town


The rough terrain makes it difficult to travel.

User Density


Nice, we have the place to ourselves!



Stay alert at all times!

Hunting Satisfaction


It’s like hitting someone in a heavy armor…

Unique Drop

Ring, Necklace

Cadry Guardian’s Ring, Serap’s Necklace

Where do I park my mount?


As close as possible to the hunting zone

Area Classification


Not a desert




Monster Types and Level


1) Basic Monster Information

We’ll briefly go over the monster level and the type of monsters you’ll encounter in Cadry Ruins.


Monster level: Mostly level 52~59

Melee: Cadry Fighter, Cadry Armored Fighter

Ranged: Cadry Black Mage, Cadry Large Cannon

Other: Cadry Ruins Prison, Cadry Small Cannon, Cadry Summoning Stone

Special: Cadry Chief Gatekeeper (very strong), Cadry Commander (strong)


2) Features

- Purified Water or Star Anise Tea is not required, because the region is not part of the desert.

- The highly sought after item, Cadry Guardian’s Ring, is dropped here.

- Because the hunting zone is surrounded by large canyons, users traveling for the first time may find it difficult to find Cadry Ruins.

- The Chief Gatekeeper and Cadry Commander will occasionally spawn. The Chief Gatekeeper is VERY powerful. Stay alert at all times, especially if you are hunting by yourself.


Level/Equipment Requirements

If we were to categorize the hunting zone of Valencia to level 1/2/3, Cadry Ruins would be categorized as level 1. Actually, Cadry Ruins would be categorized as level 1.5 together with Crescent Shrine.

If your AP/DP value is barely over the minimum requirement, try to get your AP/DP value closer to the recommended requirement before you visit Cadry Ruins.

We are not saying that it is impossible to hunt with minimum AP/DP; however, it’ll be difficult to maximize EXP acquisition if you are not strong enough.


※ If you didn’t awaken your character yet, add +10 or +15 to the minimum/required AP and DP.

For example, if you have 140 AP and 210 DP, try to aim for 150~ AP and 220~ DP.






Minimum Requirement

Lvl 55~56



Recommended Requirement

Lvl 56






1) Things to Look Out For

Cadry Fighters uses their shield to protect themselves as they advance towards you and also use stiffness skill.

Cadry Armored Fighter can stun targets with their powerful attack and Cadry Black Mages can unleash a barrage of projectiles from all direction.

Experienced users will have no trouble dealing with multiple threats. However, inexperienced users may find it difficult to handle multiple threats.


The Chief Gatekeeper will occasionally make an appearance in the hunting zone.

If you choose to fight the Chief Gatekeeper, make sure to bring a party, because the Chief Gatekeeper inflicts massive damage and has a very high HP pool.

Also, the Chief Gatekeeper will unleash a barrage of powerful area of effect attack once its HP drops to a certain level.

Even users with high DP are at the risk of dying from the Chief Gatekeeper’s area of effect attack.


2) Hunting Spots and Route

You’ll find high monster density starting from the inner circle of the ruins and up north.

You shouldn’t have any problem hunting by yourself if you meet the recommended AP/DP requirement.


Don’t worry if your AP/DP is a few values short from the recommended requirement. You can always make or join a party to hunt at Cadry Ruins.​​​​​​​


Main Drop Items

Cadry’s Token

Black Stone (Weapon)

Black Stone (Armor)

Rosar Longsword

Rosar Blade

Rosar Shortsword

Rosar Staff

Rosar Axe

Scroll Written in Ancient Language

Black Magic Crystal - Valor

Cadry’s Piece – Blue Ring

Cadry’s Piece – Ruby Ornament

Cadry’s Piece – Obsidian Decoration (Combine 3 pieces to get Cadry Guardian’s Ring)

Cadry Guardian’s Ring

Serap’s Necklace (The necklace only drops from Chief Gatekeeper and Commander)


[Trend] User Density

Cadry was not as popular as Crescent Shrine at first. However, Cadry Ruins is quickly becoming a hot spot ever since monster population started increasing.

The Cadry Ruins is a favorite among many users for its thrill of fighting armored monsters and Chief Gatekeeper, good EXP acquisition, and for its unique drops (Cadry Guardian’s Ring and Serap’s Necklace).

As mentioned earlier, you won’t face too much difficulty as long as you meet the recommended AP/DP requirement. However, we recommend you make a party of 2 or 3 users to maximize EXP acquisition.

The bad thing about Cadry Ruins is that it’s quite far from town. But that shouldn’t be a problem as long as you can find place to stay in the villas nearby.