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Adventurer's Guide

Titium Valley (Desert Fogans)

Last Edited on : May 31, 2019, 16:52 (UTC+3)

This is where the Desert Fogans decided to settle down and take root, but they have weakened due to many of them migrating to Serendia.

Still, they are in good spirit because they live in a valley with fresh water flowing through. This valley is named after the Fogan Chief, who is like their prince, Titium.



Key Points



Recommended Level

Lvl 55~56


Distance from town


Use the villa

User Density


There is a limited number of players because it’s far



Average, not too easy and not too hard

Hunting Satisfaction


There is a lot of them...

Unique Drop


Serap’s Necklace

Where do I park my mount?


Near the node manager in the valley

Area Classification


Desert (Purified Water, Star Anise Tea required)

Monster Types and Level

1) Basic Monster Information

We’ll briefly go over the monster level and the type of monsters you’ll encounter in Titium Valley.

Monster level: Mostly level 58 ~ 60
Melee: Desert Fogan Sentry, Desert Fogan Hoppity, Desert Fogan Fighter
Ranged: Desert Fogan Seer
Others: Desert Fogan Egg, Desert Fogan Statue, Desert Fogan Food Depot

Elites: Desert Fogan Chief Gatekeeper (Extremely powerful)


2) Features
- This is a desert, so have Purified Water and Star Anise Tea to cure desert illness.

- You may have difficulty locating Titium Valley at first, because it is located far south of the capital.
- It is ideal for solo/party grinding since the monster’s level is high and are clustered together. 

- Be careful, sometimes a Gatekeeper could appear, and they are much stronger than the monsters in the area.

Level/Equipment Requirements

If we were to categorize the hunting zone of Valencia to level 1/2/3, Titium Valley is a level 1. It is possible to hunt solo and in a party with the right equipment.
※    If you haven't awaken your character, add +10 to the required AP and DP.

e.g.) If it says 140~ AP and 220~ DP, try to aim for 150~ AP and 230~ DP.






Minimum Requirement

Lvl 55~56



Recommended Requirement

Lvl 56





1) Things to Look Out For

There is nothing particularly dangerous here, but the Desert Fogan Seers can be annoying. You can lose a lot of HP if you get hit by their continuous attacks from their sphere.


Sometimes you can find the Desert Fogan Gatekeeper. They have a skill that pummels attack non-stop, so you need to be extra careful if you are a playing a melee class character.


2) Hunting Spots and Route

Since they are well spread out around the entire valley, you can hunt efficiently anywhere in the area.



▶ You can make your own route around the entire valley, since there is a lot of monsters all around.

Main Drop Items

Desert Fogan’s Helmet Shards
Rocaba Shoes
Black Stones (Armor)
Black Stones (Weapon)
Scroll Written in Ancient Language
Black Magic Crystal – Precision (Weapon)
Serap’s Necklace


[Trend] User Density

Even though this place doesn’t have the best drops, it still offers a decent amount of EXP and income.


This area is large enough to hunt solo or in a party. It’s not popular because it gets lower ratings than Desert Naga Temple. There is also a chance of getting the Serap’s Necklace, so this place is loved by users that grind here for a long time.


It might be far for users that call Heidel or Calpheon home, but you will be satisfied by the EXP and silver you earn by hunting here.