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Adventurer's Guide

Tier 5 Pet Training

Last Edited on : Jun 28, 2022, 10:05 (UTC+3)

You can now train Lv. 10 Tier 4 pets to Tier 5.

You can appoint Tier 5 pets as Alpha Pets once training is complete. When an Alpha Pet is checked out and put onto the field, all other active pets (Tiers 1 to 5) will gain an increase to looting speeds. 


For more details on pet training and alpha appointment, please refer to the following.

Tier 5 Pet Training / Alpha Appointment

1. Complete the Questline 
First complete the [Pet] Domesticated Squabbles quest in order to unlock the Tier 5 Pet Training function. 

(This quest can be accepted through the Black Spirit (/) from Lv. 60 and you can check your progress in the Quests (O) - Suggested tab / Available once per Family) 

This questline will take you to the wilds of Kamasylvia, where wise Obi Bellen, roosted in the Old Wisdom Tree, will request that you defeat the Ahib Griffon by summoning it in a designated location. Any Adventurer with at least TRI (III) Tuvala gear should be able to complete this task.  
Once you complete the questline, you will unlock the “Tier 5 Pet Training” button through Obi Bellen, which lets you train Lv. 10 Tier 4 pets to Tier 5. 


▲ Obi Bellen at Old Wisdom Tree 

2. Craft the Training Materials

To train a Tier 5 pet, you will need a “Royal Plume” which can be crafted via Simple Alchemy (L) with the following items. 

- Royal Plume’s Simple Alchemy Recipe: Growth Reagent x10, Magical Shard x40, Fine Lightweight Plume x800 


Royal Plume Crafting Details 


How to Obtain 


Growth Reagent 

Purchase from an Old Moon shop for 60 million Silver each. 


※ You can find the nearest Old Moon shop by looking for "Old Moon Manager" via Function (F8) - Find NPC in the menu. 


Magical Shard 

Use Heating (L) on "Sealed Black Magic Crystal" or other Black Magic Crystals of yellow item grade. 

※ You can find where Sealed Black Magic Crystals drop via Adventure (F5) - Monster Zone Info in the menu. 


Fine Lightweight Plume 

Use Filtering (L) with items such as Lightweight Plume, Soft Ferri Feather, and Soft Kuku Bird Plume. 

You can gather Lightweight Plume and Soft Ferri Feather by skinning Ferris and Ferricas of Navarn Steppe. 


※ You will need certain Filtering knowledge to successfully filter this plume. 

You can obtain this knowledge by completing Quests (O) - Suggested - "[Life] [Certificate] Training Paradigm." 

Once you acquire a Royal Plume and have your Tier 4 pet checked in, you can use the Tier 5 Pet Training menu to train it to a Tier 5. 

※ Once training is complete, said pet will no longer be able to use the “Exchange” function. Make sure to change a pet's appearance or skills via Exchange before attempting the Tier 5 Pet Training. 

※ Tier 5 pets do not gain a special appearance or skill after training is complete. (You can still use Pet Appearance Change Coupons.) 


▲ Training a Tier 5 Pet 


3. Appoint the Alpha 

You can appoint a Tier 5 pet from the Pet window. 

You can appoint a Tier 5 pet that is checked in as your alpha by pressing the crown-shaped icon. 


Only one alpha can be appointed at a time. You can choose another pet as your alpha through the same method mentioned above. 


▲ You can appoint the Alpha in the Pet window.

Alpha Pet Effects

Alpha pets grant the following effects. 
- When the Alpha Pet is checked out, all other active pets nearby will see a 15% reduction in loot cooldown. 
- The Alpha Pet’s Talent gains one additional level. 
* e.g.) Combat EXP +4% → +5% 
* e.g.) HP +100 → +125 
※ Special skills (Fishing cooldown reduced, gathering amount increase, etc.) are not affected. 

- Tier 5 pets do not gain a special appearance or skill after training is complete. (You can still use Pet Appearance Change Coupons.) 

* e.g.) You cannot Exchange a Tier 5 Arctic Fox to gain a Tier 5 Polar Bear’s appearance. 
* e.g.) You can Exchange a Tier 4 Arctic Fox to gain a Tier 1 Arctic Fox’s appearance. 

- You can only have one Alpha Pet checked out at a time. Other Tier 5 pets who have not been appointed as the alpha will share the same stats as a Tier 4 pet.