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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_TR.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Adventurer's Guide

Guild House

Last Edited on : Nov 14, 2017, 18:25 (UTC+3)

Guild House

The large houses that can have multiple workers are categorized as guild houses.

Therefore, only large towns or cities have guild houses.

They are bought through an auction, unlike the regular houses you buy using Contribution Points.

You can bid on a guild house through NPCs in each town. All your guild members can use the guild house.

Bidding on Guild Houses

Guild House Auction happens once every 2 weeks starting on Friday at 12:00 till Saturday at 12:00. Guild houses are bought using guild funds. Only guild masters can bid on guild houses.

The start of the auction is announced through in-game notices. NPCs in charge of the auction will start to accept bids for guild houses once it appears.

During the auction, you can only bid on houses in one place.

You have 3 chances to bid. It’s a blind auction so you won’t see how much the other guilds’ are bidding for them. However, a message saying ‘Your bid of [ ] Silver has been placed as the highest bid.’ will appear when you place the highest bid. So you will know if you currently have the highest bid or not.

If you win the auction then the guild fund will be removed and your guild can use the house. If you didn’t win then you can go to the NPC and collect the guild fund.

If there are guild houses that no one bid on, then the auction automatically gets extended and those houses will be available for bidding.

Guild House Maintenance

Guilds with guild houses pay a maintenance fee everyday at midnight.

The fee is automatically paid for using guild funds and it’s proportionate to the final price the house was bought with.

If your guild is running low on guild funds and in arrears, your use of the the guild house might be limited.

Arrears fees can be paid off using the guild masters’ and officers’ silver.

Guild Points can be used to improve guild houses.

Houses can be improved to allow production of different items and to expand storage.


▲ You can improve guild houses using Guild Points!

Guild House Functions

Guild Storage

All guild members can access their guild storage through the door or windows of the guild house.

Additionally, you can access it by opening the guild window while you are in a town.

Only items with ‘[Guild]’ at the start of their names can be stored in guild storage.

Guild Manufacturing & Crafting

Items required for guild crafting can only be made in guild houses.

Place materials in the guild storage by interacting with the door.

Enter the guild house then press ‘L’ and select Guild Manufacture to make items.

You can make permits and materials needed for guild crafting.

You will get Guild Activity points when you successfully make an item.

Guild Craft uses items made through Guild Manufacturing.

Only the guild master can start Guild Crafts.

Guild members can send their workers to help craft the item.

The completed siege weapon will automatically be placed in your guild storage.

Only the guild master can take it out.

All Guild members that helped craft the item get Guild Activity points.

Raising Elephants

You can raise baby elephants at your guild house (Only at guild houses in Valencia).

But first, your guild must have the skill ‘Monstrous Force’.

Materials required to raise the elephant can be bought through the Guild Shop or made though Guild Manufacturing.

You can make equipment for your elephant after getting ‘Monstrous Force Lv. 2’ and opening a level 2 elephant nursery.

Crafting Mount Parts

You can make items that recovers your elephant’s endurance if your guild has the guild skill ‘Fully Prepared’.

Guild House Permits

All your guild house information including its upgrade, stored items, and craft progress are saved even if you lose your guild house permit to another guild.

However, you’re restricted from using the guild house and cannot continue guild crafting until your guild gets the permit back.