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Adventurer's Guide

Hystria Ruins

Last Edited on : May 31, 2019, 16:37 (UTC+3)

The artifacts of the ancient Valencia civilization are buried in Hystria Ruins.

You can only enter Hystria Ruins by finding the ancient artifact device that appears in certain parts of the desert.



Key Points



Recommended Level

Lvl 60~


Distance from town


You can only access by using special devices.

User Density


Perhaps you are not ready yet…?



Hunt or be Hunted

Hunting Satisfaction


Best place to farm only if you can handle the difficulty.

Unique Drop

Earring material

Ancient Power – Red Shard, Black Shard

Part of Explorer’s Compass, Traveler’s Map

Where do I park my mount?



Area Classification


Desert, but you won’t get desert illness

Monster Type and Level

1) Basic Monster Information


We will briefly go over the monster level and the type of monsters you will encounter in Hystria Ruins.


Monster level: Mostly lvl 64~65

Melee: Kalqueesh, Vodkhan, Tanco, Tutuka, Tukar Balten, Elten, Tukar Burmol, Tukar Demol,

Ranged: Kalqueesh, Vodkhan, Tanco, Tutuka, Tukar Balten, Elten, Tukar Burmol, Tukar Demol

Other: Hystria Guard Tower, Hystria Watchtower

2) Features

- The only way to enter Hystria Ruin is by using a special device that spawns randomly in the desert.

- The only way leave Hystria Ruin is by going through the small exit located in the inner parts of the dungeon.

- The monsters have both melee and ranged attack.

Level/Equipment Requirements

If we were to categorize the hunting zone of Valencia to level 1/2/3, Hystria Ruins would be a level 3.

Hystria Ruins is probably the most difficult out of all the hunting zones in Valencia.

Because of the difficulty, the minimum AP/DP stats is the same as the recommended AP/DP stats. The higher your AP/DP, the easier it’ll be for you hunt here.


※ If you didn’t awaken your character yet, add +10 to the minimum/recommended AP and DP. For example, if you have 250 AP and 280 DP, try to aim for 260~ AP and 290~ DP.






Minimum Requirement

Lvl 60



Recommended Rerquirement

Lvl 60





1) Things to Look Out For

This is only place in Valencia where you’ll encounter level 64~65 monsters.

The monsters have high debuff resistance and have very high AP. In addition to high resistance and AP, the monsters’ basic attack also applies attack speed and movement speed debuff.


You may feel overwhelmed when you deal with multiple threats, because the monsters have both melee and ranged attack. Make sure to find or join a party if you plan to hunt at Hystria Ruins.


2) Hunting Spot and Route

Stay alert at all times. You’ll find a lot monsters on your tail if you make one wrong move.



▶ You’ll either enter Aakman Temple or Hystria Ruins when you go into the travel device. Your horse will die if you enter the travel device while mounted. Make sure to park your mount at a safe distance before you go into the travel device.


Main Drop Items

Hystria Ruins Fragment
Power Engine of Ancient Weapons (Daily Quest Rewards)
Black Stone (Armor)
Black Stone (Weapon)
Scroll Written in Ancient Language
Black Magic Crystal - Assault
Black Magic Crystal - Valor
Black Magic Crystal - Armor
Part of Explorer’s Compass
Upgraded Compass Parts
Traveler’s Map

Ancient Power – Red Shard

Ancient Power – Black Shard (Acquire Tungrad Earring when you combine Ancient Power)

[Trend] User Density

The Hystria Ruins is one of the least explored dungeons, because the monsters are difficult to hunt. Only a few users with good equipment occasionally visit Hystria Ruins.


However, we expect to see a gradual increase in user density as more users reach higher level. You can also acquire rare items such as Upgraded Compass Parts, Traveler’s Map, and Ancient Power – Black Shard (combine Ancient Power to obtain Tungrad Earring) in Hystria Ruins.


If you are looking to challenge yourself, Hystria Ruins is the perfect place.

히스트리아 폐허 내부.png

▶ If you are looking to challenge yourself, Hystria Ruins is the perfect place.